Opening Computer Drop Off - Refurbishing and Recycling Center

Computer Drop Off - purposeful computer recycling -

a brief and continuing history of Computer Drop Off

Computer Drop Off started with a trip to New Orleans on Monday February 20, 2006

I had gone to a slide show / film presentation at Southern Oregon University put on by the o2collective and Common Ground Relief spokesman Sakura Kone on February 15th. Their show presented the devastation that still existed 5 months after hurricane Katrina. It was obvious to me that what ever help I could offer would be welcome. The detailed illustrated story of my 5,000 mile trip is on the site

The trip to New Orleans reinforced my desire to open a refurbishing / recycling center with the added purpose of delivering more computers to the new friends I had made in February. In the first days after the hurricane, former Black Panther and community activist, Malik Rahim opened a relief center in his front yard - providing food, bottled water and medical supplies to his neighbors. Thus began Common Ground Relief . While my first deliveries were to Common Ground, I couldn't help bet see there are many, many schools still waiting to open. Getting computers to schools in New Orleans is currently Computer Drop Off's main purpose.

Saturday March 18th marked the unofficial opening of Computer Drop Off. Space 9, Talent Mini-Storage (Oregon). An e-mail message sent to a small list announced CDOs grand opening the following Saturday. While the response was somewhat modest, the following Monday we learned a large mail-order company in Medford urgently needed us to receive 22 computer towers and 7 monitors to help facilitate their remodel. Eight days later we took delivery of 33 fully functional computer towers donated by a local institution of higher learning. In three short weeks we had already outgrown our first home.

Space 169 Talent Mini-Storage. Completed units on the top shelf, second shelf and floor have units waiting for refurbishing. All functioning computers brought to CDO have their hard drives erased and Ubuntu Linux installed. Microsoft Windows is just too expensive and stealing from Mr. Gates is not an option. Linux is free and the Ubuntu version of Linux is easy to install on a wide variety of computers and very easy to use. Anybody familiar with MS Windows or Macintosh OS X would find it similar in use. Web browsing with Firefox, Full Microsoft Office compatibility with Open Office and a full array of programs make Computer Drop Off refurbished computers 'Ready to Go'.

Earthday! CDO primary partner Forrest E. pictured at our display table at Ashland Oregon's Earthday Celebration, North Mountain Park, April 22. We talked to many people about our project and handed out information to over 300 visitors.

Computer towers are brought to my house and Ubuntu Linux is installed in the evenings, after my 'day job'. A labor of love. (Truth is... I get to touch a LOT of computers and my wife puts up with losing her kitchen table and still thinks I'm a hero ; - )

To date (June 22, 2006) we have 40 finished Ubuntu computers and 32 more to build. Donated equipment continues to arrive. We are formulating plans to deliver 50~60 complete and fully functional Ubuntu computers to New Orleans this August.

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