Jason Corfman, aka Corfy

Email: <computers AT corfyscorner DOT com>



I live just east of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. I have been an Ubuntu/Kubuntu since October 2005 (Breezy Badger), but before that I was a Debian user (3.1 Sarge, which was then "testing"). It was a while before I completely made the switch from Windows to Linux, though. It took me until Dapper Drake before I made Linux my primary OS, and by Edgy Eft, I was using Linux nearly exclusively at home. I used to prefer KDE over GNOME, but I have made the switch to GNOME.

Officially, my main contribution I have made to the open-source community is I am one of the few moderators for the "unofficial" User's Forum, located at I took some programming classes in college over 10 years ago, but the only language we worked with was Pascal, which doesn't do me a whole lot of good now, and I have forgotten most of what I knew, anyway. But I do my best to spread open-source software to anyone who will listen to me.

I am also the secretary of the Board of Directors for the Central Indiana Linux Users Group (CINLUG).

I usually am found online under the username "corfy". This is true of the Ubuntu user forums, on, and in the Ubuntu IndianaTeam. But I am sometimes found under the username of jkcorfy (usually when a site requires six character username or corfy is already taken).



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