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About Me


I live in the United States, south east Pennsylvania, with the little woman, and my sweet little one. My hobbies, in no particular order, include computers, sailing, skiing, practical pistol shooting and woodworking. (Most of which I don't have time for anymore Wink ;-) )


I work as a programmer, mostly in Java, for a truck leasing firm. I began programming in 1974, on an IBM 360, and have worked with COBOL, PL/I, 360 assembler, FORTRAN, Pascal, Java, and, of course, HTML and Javascript. And just getting started on PHP.

My Microcomputer History

I was around when the head of IBM asserted that world wide computer consumption might achieve, maybe, five computers. When the ARPANET was new, and the smallest machines were them new fangled mini-computers, like PDP's. When Motorola came out with a CPU on a chip that would allow creation of a computer so small, it would fit, not in a room, but on top of a desk (No?, really?, how could it get THAT small?)

  • Bought an Apple, when they were Apple's
  • First microcomputer OS was UCSD, with Pascal (cross platform, worked on Apple's and PC's) (working with IBM made me leary of proprietary OS's)
  • Bought a PC, when there was only one kind
  • Started with Suse, in the early '90's
  • Mucked about with Mandrake for about a decade
  • Registered my domain and created my website. (which is not actively maintained at this time ;-( )
  • Actually started learning about linux when I started my home LAN, in the early '00's
  • Switched to Ubuntu with Dapper, and try to keep up to date Wink ;-)

  • Currently have a home LAN, with three workstations, laptop, ipcop firewall, mythbuntu fe/be, fileserver and backupserver (just about right for two adults and a 4 year old Wink ;-) )

  • I do Windows, if you pay me Wink ;-)

Current Computer Focus


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