• categorization of LoCos

    • USA is like little independant countries
      • Might be nice to have an overriding group to collate information and act as focal point
    • Need to think about categorization on a per country basis
    • Country-wide contacts, state-wide contacts, city-wide contacts as required)
    • (demo of Melissa's map - consider using it on official webpage)
  • We have started with coalition of Educational teams in each LoCo. Can we use this model at Country levels?

    • If we have Educational contacts in each LoCo then we might be able to get them interested in producing further documentations which can be shared

    • What other contacts can LoCo's provide to help Ubuntu? (Like Education) We'd like to tied in LoCo resources.

      • Marketing/Press
        • Comment: Marketing team has loco contacts. Who should take the initiative?
          • We could think of the Marketing team as an upstream team. LoCo's push info to them

        • It might be ideal to have a loco marketing contact feed information on a weekly basis to the Marketing team (e.g. weekly newsletter)
        • More needs to be done with the Marketing team
        • We need a process by which LoCo teams send material upstream to newsletter/fridge/case study/etc

          • we should create a page on the LoCo wiki. e.g. how to submit news to Fridge

        • Would like to have a press contact at each loco
      • Local Ship-it? Mako says "not reasonable to support with money". But it can be done for free to avoid customs issues such as are being experienced by Brazil.
      • any others?????
  • Previously, there hasn't been a lot of contact between loco teams. e.g. reporting. It's become much better now.
    • The recent development/refinement of new and existing LoCo docs on the web has been fantastic.

    • Easy win is to encourage every LoCo to have a contacts page.

    • Jono is drafting a simple list of expecations for LoCo teams

    • Planets are a great way to establishing a direction/publishing information
    • We should define a master loco contact index on the wiki.
      • need to consider languages
    • We should probably have a second/backup contact for each LoCo in the event that the primary contact steps down


  • It helps to establish a confidence factor in Ubuntu if someone can select a country and locate local contacts with them to converse.
  • We need to find ways of getting information upstream from the LoCos.

Communication methods

  • central mailing list, loco-contacts
  • irc on #ubuntu-localteam
  • web locoteams

  • each team has their own communications methods (email, web, etc.)

Action Points:

  • Make a document about how to push success stuff upstream - Rich (Nixternal) has agreed to lead this
  • Jono to finish approval clarification document.
  • Get LoCo teams to develop their contacts panel.

  • Defer countrywide alliances until we have a bigger LoCo community in those countries. jono -- think about what happens when a leader goes AWOL.

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