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== Testimonials ==

Me in Brief

About Me

I'm a web designer, graphic designer and eMarketing professional in Greenville, South Carolina and/or Boston, Massachusetts. I've been using *nix for about eight or nine years now. I started off Slackware after being compelled by friends on DarkFire IRC. This lasted quite a while until I switched to Debian and FreeBSD. I still have ongoing, loving relationship with Debian and FreeBSD. I have a few dedicated servers running CentOS 5.0. I guess I'm just a flexible guy.

I found Ubuntu about 2 years ago and also have a loving relationship with Ubuntu Linux. I use both Debian and Ubuntu for personal use (for different things, mainly Debian on my production server machine(s) at home). In the past year or so, I've been using Ubuntu mostly all of the time on my workstations (laptops and P.C.) in stable current release and development branch release full-time.

I began my activity with the Ubuntu Community in early 2007. I officially started the South Carolina US Team after much thought and talk with Eric Lank (etank, FreeNode IRC) and believe I am assisting it grow and hope to eventually get it approved into an official LoCo in May, 2008. Go Team South Carolina!

Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

Launchpad Bug Contributions

Other Wiki Contributions

South Carolina Team Items

Some of my other South Carolina Randomness

Goals For The South Carolina LoCo Team in 2008

  • Ubuntu Help the team grow in active membership and size.

    Ubuntu Help the team coordinate efforts, coordinate abilities, and achieve active members.

    Ubuntu Plan and document team happenings and upcoming events.

    Ubuntu Form official South Carolina LoCo Team Charter.

    Ubuntu Become an Approved LoCo team.

    Ubuntu Get to a point as a team where we will be able to mentor other LoCo teams.



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