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David W

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San Diego, CA USA

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Darkwing Duck

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DarkwingDuck on irc.freenode.net

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About Me

Hello all, I'm David. Currently I'm a student and a member of the US Navy in San Diego, CA. My currently running OS is Kubuntu Karmic Koala. I am Married with three kids and my dream is to help other understand the wonderful world of open source.


My mission with Ubuntu is to push the idea of Open Source and Ubuntu to everyone I can. This is done with talking with people at school and work. I am also tried some more unique ways of getting the idea out there. My netbook has a vinyl skin promoting Ubuntu. Another way I am helping is trying to write tutorials that cater to the non technical user. Ubuntu is known for its ease of use and the ability to get some of the jobs done that most heavy users would normally deem simple may not be so simple to the new or non-technically minded users.

My short term goals is to become a BeginnersTeam member.

Future goals are to become a Ubuntu member as I continue to use and support Gnome and a Kubuntu member as I use KDE daily and am starting to write more and more documentation and support for Kubuntu.


California LoCo Team

I am currently a member of the CaliforniaTeam and am working with them to spread the mission of Ubuntu and variations across the state of California.

Ubuntu Beginners Team

I am currently a padawan in the BeginnersTeam and I am loving it. Learning and helping others further their knowledge in Ubuntu and Linux in general. As part of the BeginnersTeam I am a member of the IRC Focus Group


I am currently on the testing team for the all new Kubuntu Netbook Edition. It is an amazing netbook UI built with KDE's NetbookPlasma Interface.

I have also started writing the documentation for Kubuntu.


I am a member of SpreadUbuntu and the MarketingTeam. With these two I help spread the word out about what Ubuntu is and not just as an OS but, as a way of thinking in the computing world.


I am currently the Primary Maintainer and Senior Manager of the Ubuntu Document Storage Facility. This is a project that was started and run back in the day by compiledkernal

It is back and growing once again and I am please to be the Senior Manager of the UDSF


I am cruising through the Ubuntu Forums doing anything I can to help people. Not only am I able to help others but, I am also able to learn a lot be finding out new ways to do things.


I have now known David for some time now and believe that he is quite the guy. He definitely knows his way around Linux/Ubuntu and is always available for a kind word. When he's in the IRC, he makes himself available to everyone, whether they are an extreme user with a question, or a new user looking for guidance. In whatever he path he takes, he has my full support. -- zkriesse


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