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 * Attempted Ubuntu Touch port for Nexus 5X, had better luck [[https://wiki.ubports.com/wiki/UBports-Development-Information|documenting the process]] than [[https://wiki.ubports.com/wiki/Nexus-5X-Developer-Information|completing it]].  * Attempted Ubuntu Touch port for Nexus 5X, had better luck [[https://github.com/ubports/wiki.ubports.com/blob/master/UBports-Development-Information.md|documenting the process]] than [[https://github.com/ubports/wiki.ubports.com/blob/master/Nexus-5X-Developer-Information.md|completing it]].

Dalton Durst (UniversalSuperBox)


Wisconsin, USA






me at daltondurst.com

UBports Email

dalton at ubports.com


unisuperbox on freenode






83F0 54EE 8EEB 129F E82D BC9D 3954 6435 3699 3243

About Me

Open Source software and infrastructure enthusiast. If it exists, I want to document it. Frequent flyer with Python. I dabble in chatbots and monitoring.


Ubuntu Touch


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I have had the joy of working with Dalton since we both joined the UBports Community around the same time in mid 2016. He has been incredibly engaged and initiated multiple projects that proved to be very good ideas. Among his regular contribution to the UBports blog, the Q&A and the Ubuntu Touch and Halium documentation, he has proven invaluable to the community management team. He has shown incredible talent at resolving conflicts in the community. His contributions to defining many implementation details of Halium and his recent successes in porting show that he is also a skilled developer. -- neothethird 2018-01-27 23:04:57

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