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My primary interests are servers/infrastructure, community, and education.

I've been using Linux since 1994, and Ubuntu since the Warty days. I became active with the Florida Local Community Team in April of 2007, and soon after, took over leadership of the team. Since that time I've helped to organize several release parties all over Florida, organized Florida's first participation in the Global Bug Jam, participated as a subject matter expert for Canonical's Ubuntu Certified Professional and Server Training development, and generally worked to increase awareness of Ubuntu, Linux, and the Florida LoCo wherever I happen to be.

Currently I am board member of the Ubuntu US LoCo Council, a US LoCo Teams Mentor, a contributor to Ubuntu Podcast, and working on a marketing campaign for Miro (Participatory Culture Foundation).

Professionally, I am a Project Manager at the University of Florida, where I manage infrastructure and PeopleSoft projects for the ERP systems department.


  1. Florida LoCo Team Lead 10/2007 - 1/2009

  2. Florida Linux Show - 3/2008
  3. BarCamp Orlando LoCo F2F - 4/2008

  4. Folding at Home Florida LoCo Team - 4/2008

  5. Edgy,Feisty,Gutsy,Hardy,Intrepid release parties
  6. Brevard User Group Ubuntu Installfest - 10/2008
  7. Software Freedom Day in conjunction with Atlanta Linux Fest - 9/2008
  8. Ubuntu Certified Professional Training development - 1/2009
  9. Miami Global Bug Jam - 2/2009
  10. LoCo WebSite Admin/Developer - 10/2007

  11. 5-A-Day - 1/2009
  12. Contribute to UbuntuPodcast

  13. US Team Board Member 4/2009 -
  14. US Teams Mentor 4/2009 -

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    Ubuntu Complete OpenVZ suite in 10.04 LTS


Video Testimonial from Odom's Bar in Pensacola

Dan Trevino has been a leading success factor for the Ubuntu Florida Team. He is trustworthy, loyal, and has a very giving attitude. On top of that he is a great person to spend time with. He has always been there for me no matter what time of day or night I have needed his help or advice. Dan and I actually met outside of the loco team originally, playing UT2003/4 over the Internet. I used to always look forward to whenever he would join in matches, they were some fun times. Over the last couple of years since then, he has been a great friend and has motivated me to become more involved with Ubuntu as a whole (Thanks Dan!). - Chris Crisafulli (itnet7)

From the first time I found the Florida Loco online, joined the IRC channel and started a local Tampa meeting, Dan has given 110% support. He is quick to say hello on chat, the first one to jump at an opportunity to promote Ubuntu and always willing to drive the extra few hundred miles to get in front of potential Ubuntistas. Dan is one of the ultimate Ubuntu advocates. Always willing and able to take the extra step to be an outstanding community member. Dan rawks! - John Pugh

Dan is awesome! He worked very hard to make the Florida Team a success when he was running it and keeps working with Chris to take the LoCo to a whole new level. Dan has organized many release parties and install fests. He has gotten the LoCo involved with Florida Linux Show the last couple of years. He is constantly on IRC, helping out newcomers learn about Ubuntu, and encouraging them to be part of the Ubuntu community. Membership is long overdue! - NickAli

Great participation from Dan at UDS-Jaunty, look forward to working with him more! -- Jorge Castro

Dan is a great guy. He's a very positive person and one you want to have around. He has already given me a lot of great ideas and feedback for the Ubuntu SC LoCo (as our mentor). I look forward to working with him more and just getting to know him! -- CraigHuffstetler (xq)


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