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Whenever I have the time, I also drop by [[http://askubuntu.com|Ask Ubuntu]] to see if I can help anyone. Whenever I have the time, I also drop by [[http://askubuntu.com/users/30589/roadmr|Ask Ubuntu]] to see if I can help anyone.

Daniel Manrique (roadmr)

About me

I've been a Linux user since 1995, starting with Slackware, then Red Hat, then Debian and Ubuntu. I appreciate Ubuntu's hardware support, friendliness and ease of use, but I'm equally comfortable using the command line to bang out cryptic commands most people don't understand.

Most of my professional experience has been in ISP and server administration environments: installing/configuring Linux servers and daemon software for web, email, databases and whatnot. However I have used Linux for everything, from desktop systems to home routers, to enterprise network bridges, to virtualization hosts/guests. I know about web standards and design, HTML, CSS, and some Javascript. I also enjoy programming, and I'm fluent in C, Ruby, Python, Perl, Java and PHP. I know a little Objective-C.

Prior to Ubuntu, my involvement with the Linux and Free Software community included stuff such as:

  • Translation into spanish for the LyX Document Processor, collaborating with Alejandro Aguilar Sierra (back in the 1990's).
  • Compiled and maintained the Mexico City Linux User Group's FAQ document (this was back in the 1990's).
  • Authored the "X Window System Architecture Overview HOWTO" for the Linux Documentation Project. This document is slightly outdated.

  • Active in the Mexican Linux User Group mailing list, usually answering questions from beginning Linux users.
  • I like helping people on Stack Overflow.

  • A long-time Wikipedia user, I've authored a few articles and helped fix stuff overall.

I also have a blog where I mostly rant but occasionally I post something of technical interest.

Contact details


I've been using Ubuntu since 2009 (when I migrated away from Debian). I opened a Launchpad account pretty early on to report on some problems I was having.

I happen to work for Canonical (since January 2011), on the Hardware Certification team as a certification engineer.

My efforts within Ubuntu have mostly focused on bug reporting and helping the OS developers with triaging by performing the tests they require. I 've also done work on the tools that the Hardware Certification team uses to test and certify hardware.

As a result of bugs we've found during testing, I've contributed some code to the Ubiquity installer, the Casper LiveCD environment (also here) and GNU WGet.

I'm also very involved in development and bug-fixing for the checkbox extensible testing tool, which is the testing client used for the Ubuntu Friendly community hardware testing program among other things.

I have done some work with translations for Ubuntu, mainly in Spanish.

Whenever I have the time, I also drop by Ask Ubuntu to see if I can help anyone.

I've done some work, mainly on testing and reporting related to my laptop (Samsung QX410), which works mostly OK except for the keyboard which needs a trivial patch to the udev rules, and the touchpad, for which I did some investigating and pitched in on the upstream bug report (alas, I'm not that good, I couldn't fix it).

As a member of the Ubuntu Friendly Squad, I've been quite involved in the Ubuntu Friendly program from its inception.

I'm also a member of Ubuntu's Bug Squad and Bug Control teams, where I help with general Ubuntu bug triaging whenever possible.


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