I'm 16 years old from Switzerland, doing an IT-Apprenticeship in Swiss Federal Parliamentary Services, Berne

The Essential-stuff :]

eMail: neuenschwander@dev.erased.ch

IRC: Freenode | #ubuntuusers-devel | #ubuntu-motu | Nickname: DanielN

Servers I'm playing with

Compaq box running Ubuntu Hoary, used as:

The Bio-stuff

Since I was 9 or 10 years old, I started with Computers. (Mostly tried to run DOS games under Win 3.11, without success Wink ;) ) Later in time I began to create websites and a bit later I discovered PHP, which was (and still is) my first love script-language Smile :) Working with Windows XP, I tried to discover GNU/Linux with some test installations (Mandrake, Fedora). I read about Ubuntu at News-pages, so I've bought a second Harddisk for my workstation, to run Ubuntu. It's my absolutely main OS now.

The Ubuntu-stuff

I'm trying to train my packaging skills .. Looking for a free MOTU-job Wink ;)

Current Packages:

* when 1.0.23-0ubuntu1

A simple calendar-script written in Perl.

Also helping with Cxx-transition where I can.

Tell me your stuff, finding good software to package is difficult :>


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