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Methods and processes for releasing updated Ubuntu 6.06 CD images to correct (at least) installer bugs.


At the time of writing a week after the release of Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, several installer issues have already arisen which are known to affect many users and which generate enormous numbers of bug reports. (This is not too surprising since we released a completely new installer frontend.) Part of long-term support for this release should include a means to correct installer bugs, which involves re-rolling CD images.

Use cases

  • Joe tries to install Ubuntu 6.06 LTS on an XFS root filesystem, only to find that Ubiquity crashes obscurely without either informing him of the problems with GRUB on XFS or falling back gracefully to LILO.
  • Niamh tries to install Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, but forgets to format the target root filesystem. Ubiquity crashes obscurely rather than informing her of this problem.
  • Ciaran plays with the Desktop CD a bit before starting the installation; among the things he does is to try to install some package which fails to configure properly. Undaunted, he starts the installation anyway. Unfortunately, the installer crashes while installing language packs.
  • Bridget is installing Ubuntu 6.06 LTS on a old system at home two years after release, but doesn't want to have to spend hours downloading the security updates to the majority of installed packages that will probably have been released by that point. She would much rather have an updated CD image which she can download using the high bandwidth available to her at work.
  • A security issue is discovered in the installer and needs to be corrected. (Typically this can and should be worked around in some more-or-less appropriate package's maintainer scripts, but updating the installer as well is preferable.)




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