Email: <-- Removed, being that noone is able to communicate any way, why bother posting an email.

Pages that I am working on

<< Collaborate with me before moving any of my pages anywhere. Practice the 'spirit' of ubuntu, don't just preach it. >>

<< Due to the concerted efforts to actually not let me work on anything in this community, I will delete all pages and no longer make any attempts to bring content to this "Community". You clearly do not want it. >>

  • Linux Assembly Using HLA <-- Removed, being that the "Community" cannot be just that.

  • Amateur Radio <-- Removed, being that the "Community" cannot be just that.

Interests other than Linux (in no order)

^ Removed, being that noone else seems to care about *my* interests.

External Homepages

^ Removed, being I don't any other place I visited to be tainted by this "Community".


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