• I am a developer who has been creating software for 20 years and my roots go as far back as the old Commodore Pet 8016 where I coded my first lines in Basic. A programmer was born Smile :)

I have been involved in opensource and linux now for two years and have worked on several open source projects. The most recent (ongoing) and extensive work has been done with the Ipcop project. This is a stand alone firewall project (www.ipcop.org), I created the port forwarding page among other things and reworked the user interface to be more user friendly. I have also done some documentation for them.

I am able to work in a variety programming languages on various platforms.

I am a quick learner who learns new languages as needed, after you learn a couple, their pretty much all the same, except RPG, there is one that is very unique Smile :)

Most of my focus in the last two years has been on server based linux and only in the last six months did I start working with desktop distro's.

I am interested in getting the VPN section going in Ubuntu with a nice GUI to go with it. I have lots of experience with Ipsec VPN's and their clients from working on the Ipcop project, so I wish to take what I have learned their and bring it to Ubuntu. I will start with Ipsec, and then expand into OpenVPN as it has been asked for on the list. Currently OpenVPN is available in universe and lives in userland so it is accessible to people already.

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