A lightweight frontend to the Piwik web analytics system, to provide a simple system to provide web statistics to Ubuland users.


There are very few web hosting systems that give a simple web analytics system. Implementing this will give us a good advantage to 'competitors' or non-believers.

Use Cases

Jono runs a small blog, he want to know how many people visit his website, but doesnt want to have to install a heavyweight stats package on his limited webspace.


The system will be implmented in two parts: A wrapper round Piwik's API (a simple class that can be easily called from other parts of the website) and a frontend, which will be integrated into the UCP (and perhaps ACP).

Code Changes

The UCP will need to be changed to link to a Piwik page which will show simple stats. No other sections of code will need to be changed (the rest will be written from scratch)

Test/Demo Plan

This should hopefully be written by alpha-three and should definately be implemented by beta-one.

Implementation Plan

The wrapper needs to be written first, then the web frontend written on top of that.

* Piwik API * Piwik API Reference * Piwik PHP API Examples


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