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 * E-Mail: <david AT mlinux DOT ca>
 * Professional Web Site: http://en.mlinux.ca/
 * Personnal Web Site: http://swe3tdave.com/
 * E-Mail: <swe3tdave AT ubuntu DOT com>


At the end of 2005, i got sick of searching for people from Quebec interested in Ubuntu. So i found the CanadianTeam and i started to translate their pages on the FrenchTeam's wiki. Later a suggestion from FabianRodriguez compelled me to do something i new i had to do; Start a QuebecTeam. So i did(With the help from DanielRobitaille, PatrickHétu and FabianRodriguez).

The web site is at: http://www.ubuntu-qc.org/, most of my contribution to Ubuntu is on the QuebecTeam/WebAdminLog and of course, i am the new owner of the Loco-Drupal Developpement Team: https://edge.launchpad.net/~loco-drupal-dev. I also took over the Loco-Drupal project: https://edge.launchpad.net/loco-drupal. For me it is a way to put my work on ubuntu-qc.org back to the community.

I the near futur i think it would help a lot if they're was an easy way to find and talk to Ubunteros from my area(as well as any other areas...). As for what i see for the futur, i think we need to find a way to promote local projects, i was thinking about creating a fundation in Quebec, to enable people to give money to local projects, and of course it would really help to be able to give back tax receipts.

About Me:

I live in Sherbrooke, Quebec. I talk French and English.

I started with Slackware in 1994(i think), one of my friend, introduced me to it. It was still text-based floppy install.. Ah the old days.. Anyway, i have been using Linux since that day.

Other Info:


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