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DavidGiard is a New Ubuntu Activist looking forward to becoming an Ubuntu Member. Most of is work is done in the Local User Group of The University of Sherbrooke (http://www.gulus.org) and in the CanadianTeam.

I am currently working to find financing for the http://gulus.usherbrooke.ca mirror which will soon contain an updated Ubuntu Mirror. While i'm writing this, we are still in the process of creating/downloading/updating an Ubuntu Mirror, but it should be completed soon.

I may be new to Ubuntu, but i'm not a Linux Newbie, i have been using Linux since 1994.

Recent Ubuntu Work:

Other Info:

  • E-Mail: <swe3tdave AT gmail DOT com>

  • GPG: E3FB8B2E
  • Irc: swe3tdave