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At the end of 2005, i got sick of searching for people from Quebec interested in Ubuntu. So i found the CanadianTeam and i started to translate their pages on the FrenchTeam's wiki. Later a suggestion from FabianRodriguez compelled me to do something i new i had to do; Start the QuebecTeam. So i did(With the help from DanielRobitaille, PatrickHĂ©tu and FabianRodriguez).

The web site is at: http://www.ubuntu-qc.org/, i contributed everything i did for the web site by creating what is now known as Ubuntu Drupal.

I was pleased to find someone in my very small corner of the universe that actually want to work on creating a group here in Magog. He managed to put 20 people together very fast and they now have montly meetings. The group is not specific to only FOSS, but does consider it a priority. http://cim.aide-doc.qc.ca/reunions.html

About Me:

I live in Magog, Quebec. I talk French and English.

I started with Slackware in 1994(i think), one of my friend, introduced me to it. It was still text-based floppy install.. Ah the old days.. Anyway, i have been using Linux since that day.

Other Info: