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How i got involved in the creation of the Ubuntu Quebec Team

At the end of 2005, i got sick of searching for people from Quebec interested in Ubuntu. There was the CanadianTeam and the FrenchTeam but no QuebecTeam and nothing was even close to it. So i started with the CanadianTeam, i translated their pages on the FrenchTeam's wiki. I found a few people with this approach but there was something wrong about it so i thought about starting a QuebecTeam myself. At that time i decided to wait for that. Later a suggestion from FabianRodriguez compelled me to do it; So i did, i Started the QuebecTeam with the help from DanielRobitaille, PatrickHĂ©tu and FabianRodriguez.

The web site is at: http://www.ubuntu-qc.org/, i contributed everything i did for the web site by creating what is now known as Ubuntu Drupal. It is now maintained by someone else because with my anxiety problems i could not continue the work by myself.

Magog Computer Club

I was pleased to find a computer club here in Magog. There are at least 20 people that get together every 2 to 4 week. The group is not specific to only FOSS, but does seems to consider it a priority. http://cim.aide-doc.qc.ca

About Me

I live in Magog, Quebec. I talk French and English.

I started with Slackware in 1994(more or less), floppy based installation i remember... :), one of my friend, introduced me to it.

I have an Obsessive–compulsive disorder, and no it did not stop me from learning and using Linux. In fact i think that Linux became an obsession for me.

Other Info: