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 * Improve Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded for MID (Mobile Internet Devices) use.  * Improve Ubuntu Mobile for MID (Mobile Internet Devices) use.

About Me

  • General all around Computer and Electronics Geek.

    Started playing with computers in the early 1970's with an IBM 360 mainframe, then on electronics training and day to day repairing radios and radar devices though out the rest of the 70's. Started playing with microcomputers in 75-76 creating software in ASM and BASIC on the Apple ll, TRS80 and others. In the beginning of the 80's I formed a computer consulting company that developed Interactive Laserdisk applications -- Stuff that later became known as Interactive Multimedia. Lots of fun that, did over 200 of them over the years, mostly in "C" with some ASM device drivers. CP/M, MS-DOS only no MS-Windows.

    Started playing with Linux in the mid 90's and co-founded the BALUG (Bay Area Linux Users Group) with David Sifry and Art Tyde. Worked for Linuxcare back then before it got crazy. Moved on to Arizona to work at DevelopOnline where we used Linux as a back end to enabeling remote access to embedded hardware, kind of fun but then came along the dark days of 911. Following that cash ran out, no financing to be had, so the company closed and I went on to play in the embedded Linux space creating devices that tracked School Buses, and also functioned as remote connect DVR's on-board the buses.

    Now as luck would have it I work for Canonical (in Sept 2007) still working on Linux, somewhere between embedded and Netbooks space. Working on the Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded variant of Ubuntu. Hard to get better then this, the cutting edge, Mobile Internet Devices, and other things in the small device arena. I happen to think that this area is going to explode with devices given some time.

Contact Me

  • Email: <david DOT mandala AT SPAMFREE canonical DOT com>

    Freenode IRC Nick: davidm

    LP: davidm


Package License Review

I will be reviewing the following packages to verify the license and copyright files:

Future Plans For Ubuntu

  • Improve Ubuntu Mobile for MID (Mobile Internet Devices) use.
  • Improve package license information so it accurately represents the source code in the package and so it can be machine read, making it easier to audit what licenses are in use.
  • Work on submitting changes into Ubuntu and Debian that should be. Currently there are packages in need of license cleanups that I am working on.


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