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{{{break=top, modprobe ata_generic all_generic_ide=1 {{{break=top, modprobe ide_generic all_generic_ide=1


This page describes how to debug issue with IDE harddrives, CDROM and DVD drives.

Chances are that if you have newer hardware and are running a newer distribution, you are using the ata_piix module.

Debugging procedure


  • On power on, press 'Escape' to get the Grub boot menu
  • Add the following kernel command line parameters at the end

{{{break=top, modprobe ide_generic all_generic_ide=1 }}}

  • To do this press e to edit then go down to kernel and press e again. When done adding press ESC to go back and then b to boot with this option.


To make this persistent you can edit the grub config file as root such as gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst


Also see:


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