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After installation, this is saved as `/var/log/installer/syslog`.
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After installation, this is saved as `/var/log/installer/partman`.

Uploading log files after an installer crash

If you wish to provide a bug report of a crashed installer it is important to also include the relevant log files. These can be found in the Live CD file system while that session is still active.

Filing a bug

The crash dialog asks you to file [ a bug under the ubiquity package]. Simply follow the instruction to add a summary and description. Please paste the traceback displayed by the crash dialog and describe what stage you were at when it crashed.

Adding an attachment

When you have entered the text and saved it you can add further attachments. Click Add a comment/attachment at the bottom of the bug webpage.


Clicking Browse will open a file browser in the home directory of the default Live CD user. Click on the disk icon to get to the base of the file system and then the var and log folders to get to /var/log.

The /var/log/syslog file

On newer systems (6.10 and 7.04) this is often the most important file and should be attached to crash reports.

After installation, this is saved as /var/log/installer/syslog.

The /var/log/partman file

If the installer crashes at or beyond the partition stage, then this file is also likely to be important.

After installation, this is saved as /var/log/installer/partman.


On 6.06, the /var/log/installer/syslog file contains the key installer logs (later moved to /var/log/syslog). If you experience errors with 6.06 we would encourage you to also try the install with a later edition and add comments about that to your bug report.


Sometimes a developer may ask you to reproduce a problem by running ubiquity --debug from a terminal, and to attach this file. It contains a full debug trace of all ubiquity's communications with debconf.

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