Derivatives (like Guadalinex) are pointing out some issues to make Ubuntu derivating process easier. Ideas, fixes and code from derivatives is interesting for "mother ubuntu" as well.


Improve feedback from Ubuntu derivatives.

Use cases

  • Spanish government needs an specific distro with specific requirements. Government uses some resources to generate a Gnu/Linux distribution based on Ubuntu. For example, Guadalinex. Guadalinex developers have to work on generation system, branding, extra development, ...
  • University X need a special distribution. University X developers has to work on generation systems, branding, extra development, ....
  • Many small organizations just want to change artwork, firefox home page and distro titles.
  • In Spain there are dozens of examples that organization Y needs special requirements and make his own distribution.


The scope of this specification is improvements we can make to

  • generation system
  • DerivativePolicy doc




  • Clarify derivation process so the efforts of a distro could help in the development process (also known as feedback)
  • Create a "derivation guidelines/points" everybody interested in make a derivate should follow.
  • There is already a guide when to derive at DerivativeDistroHowto.

What needs to be done

  • Easier derivative generation system
  • Documentation about some dark points (Generation system, ...)
  • How to configure derivatives distro: using dpsyco, recompiling packages, ...
  • Coordination between BTS's: How can the derivated distro notify fixed bugs.
  • Feedback of new developed apps
  • Avoid Hardcoded strings (Gnome Panel - About Ubuntu)
  • Coordinate upgrades and backports to save double efforts
  • Establish an official information channel between Ubuntu and Derivative projects, in order to avoid double efforts.


Outstanding Issues

BOF Agenda

  • changing lsb_release: keep the id and change the description
  • changing artwork (branding)
  • handling of additional repositories on top of the one of Ubuntu (epoch, pining,). Having a separate repo

  • creating a communication platform (mailing list) for derivates
  • DerivativeTeam:

  • Create a common way of changing /etc configurations
  • Hardware support when basing off older versions
  • Allow derivates of derivates (e.g. branding for universities or companies)
  • In essence, use the same solutions for the same problems in all the derivatives.
  • Are we going to work in an horizontal way between derivates or in a vertical way with Ubuntu? Maybe both.
  • Documenting of how to use seeds to generate meta-packages.

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