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BlankOn Linux is a distribution which is targetted for schools and small to medium enterprises in Indonesia. Based on Ubuntu Upstream Package and modified for Indonesia Ubuntu User. Coming from Blank then On word


This Project is sponsored by;

  1. Indonesian Ubuntu Loco Team

  2. YPLI

  3. At version 2 Blankon has been sponsored by Unesco

Contact Information


IRC: #blankon

Mailling list:

Code Hosting: (using Bazaar and Trac)


User Forum:

Archive Package:

CD Image Mirror:

Launchpad Page:


Indonesian Ubuntu User, Business User, Education User, Small and Medium Business in Indonesia


The main focus of this derivative is to meet the requirements of Indonesian users, provide services about Ubuntu, make distro more lineweight but based at GNOME desktop


  1. Provided Lineweight Distro and easy to use
  2. Mentoring Ubuntu Indonesian user to be a Packager

Collaboration Focuses

  1. Debungging and Triagging Bug
  2. Artwork Team
  3. Documentation Team
  4. Edubuntu Team
  5. REVU Team

Team List


  1. Version 1.0 (Bianglala) Based on Fedora linux
  2. Version 2.0 (Konde) Based on Ubuntu Gutsy

  3. Version 3.0 (Lontara) Based on Ubuntu Hardy. this release have two variant
    1. Standard version

    2. Minimalist editon (lineweight)

  4. Version 4.0 (Meuligoe) based on Ubuntu Intrepid