Cat Proof Kubuntu Remix


A Kubuntu based LiveUSB distribution for the general public. * has extra software * has just a few scripts that make running on a liveusb even better.

The concept of cat-proofing is refining the interface so that deliberate action is required to do a task. This means tap is off on trackpads by default, and double click is brought back to it's standard good safe on state.

single clicking is very dangerous.

provide extra support for liveusb, skip the installer.

Letting the user know what is going on with the system, (turn off the splash)

speed over bling.

Contact Information

Aaron Peterson,


general public.

including people with disabilities, but I am sticking with KDE even though it is currently not accessible.


Provide a safe distribution for your data, where you can leave your computer on if you have cats, little kids, ALS


cat proof it.

develop a sanity checking shell, that simulates your command.

Collaboration Focuses

accessability kde


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