CoreBiz is developed by the Linux Information Systems AG from Munich, Germany and based on Ubuntu. Its primary purpose is to be an user friendly distribution which helps to spread Linux in enterprise IT environments. In addition, CoreBiz is the basic "framework" for all CoreBiz products.

CoreBiz can be enhanced by various product packages, such as the CoreBiz Backup or Terminal server and therefore aims to be a replacement for Windows (AD) servers. In addition, CoreBiz is able to communicate with Active Directory and therefore it is very suitable for soft migrations from Windows to Linux.

Because of not having any license fees (CoreBiz is free for our customers!), CoreBiz is very affordable in comparison to other operating systems (and connected commercial Linux service).

Basically every company or private individual being interested in having an open and transparent IT environment which is not expensive at the same time might be interested in CoreBiz Linux.

Contact Information


Blog: Please feel free to contact us.


Private individuals (e.g. CoreBiz Client edition) Small and middle sized companies


Our main goal is to spread the word of open source software and its advantages. In addition we want to achieve the same bandwidth of features and positive aspects like the Windows (AD) Server does - just with software from the oss communities.


CoreBiz is existing since 2002 and already achieved to be an adequate replacement for Windows servers. In the following years we aim at providing new features, such as better cluster and virtualization support or improved terminal services.

Collaboration Focuses

We already work very close with communities all over the world and help to organize workshops + other events. In the future we will also continue to submit feature requests, bug reports and code to Debian/Ubuntu projects if we think that also other people will benefit from them.



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