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 Web-site - PT: http://flavitulinux.blogspot.pt/2014/07/flavitu-14.html

 Web-site - GL: http://flavitulinuxgallego.blogspot.pt/2014/07/flavitu-14.html
 Web-site - PT: https://flavitu.wordpress.com/
 Download last version 14.01- PT - Gl: https://flavitu.wordpress.com/2014/12/05/flavitu-14-1-lubuntu-versao-pt-gl/
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Portaro - (Portuguese) joaoteixeira1984(at)gmail.com / Blog: http://flavitulinux.blogspot.pt/; Portaro - (Portuguese) joaofilipe(at)openmailbox.org;
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## Citizens of Euro-city Chaves Verín ## Citizens of Euro-city Chaves Verín , Portuguese & Galician (Spanish) users.


In this region there was never information about Linux and SL to the people living in this region - schools, libraries, conferences, working groups, workshops... there is nothing made related to linux ... . So we are here to try make the difference...

Our symbol is one Mule - donkey because these animals help people in this rural regions (in the past) to transport all and work in the farming and social da-to-day tasks , this symbol identify one singular and "honorific" animal help people in this regions.

Contact Information


Miguelator - (Spanish);

Portaro - (Portuguese) joaofilipe(at)openmailbox.org;





The mission of project is to maintain an effort and one project with an image that can approach people to the system, that provides and give to people security and identity with this project and increase the amount of linux users on the Euro-city.


Easy to use, custom aplications, specific info and works to spread info about GNU/Linux Ubuntu.

Collaboration Focuses

Digital-Inclusion, Digital-education, Programming, Regional-Aplications, Contribute to join the Portuguese Linux users with Spanish Linux users to increase the Linux contact between these people and growth Linux knowledge and if possible make joint activities. --


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