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OzOS is a community project driven and supported by [url=http://www.cafelinux.org/home/]CafeLinux.org[/url]. OzOS is a community project driven and supported by CafeLinux.org [url]http://www.cafelinux.org/home/[/url]



OzOS is a unofficial customization for the desktop, using the Enlightenment (E17) desktop manager, currently built on the latest stable version of Ubuntu (more precisely on Xubuntu).

OzOS is available on installable liveCDs for 2 different architectures, i386 and amd64, with a minimized number of pre-installed applications - leaving it to the user to decide which packages to install - via the included Synaptic Package Manager, the command line (apt-get) or online (via the associated "[url=http://cafelinux.org/OzOs/node/3]apt:foo[/url]" web page).

The e17 version used in OzOS is compiled directly from the latest cvs source and all updates will be done at the user's choice and always by compilation of updated code (managed by e17-cvs debian package, the core of Enlightenment on OzOS). The process can be done automatically (by clicking on an icon from menu) or run from a terminal, offering advanced control features, such as compilation by specific dates, usage of compiler flags, usage of partial/specific sections of cvs, etc.

The OzOS e17 desktop metapackage is also available as an add-on for existing Ubuntu and other Debian installations. Additional tools and utilities unique to OzOS have also been packaged as optional extras.

The OzOS desktop is NOT compatible with other installations of e17 due to the different implementation of file structures and the more up-to-date packages used by the OzOS implementation.

Contact Information

OzOS is a community project driven and supported by CafeLinux.org [url]http://www.cafelinux.org/home/[/url]

Overview: [url]http://cafelinux.org/OzOs/[/url] Download: [url]http://cafelinux.org/OzOs/content/ozos-iso-downloads-torrents[/url] Forums: [url]http://cafelinux.org/forum/index.php[/url] Further Documentation: [url]http://cafelinux.org/OzOs/content/how-index[/url]


OzOS will be of interest to experienced Ubuntu/Debian users seeking the best and most up-to-date Enlightenment desktop without the overhead and grief of the more experimental e17 applications. Newer users interested in experiencing the Enlightenment desktop may also find OzOS a more stable and better maintained implementation than a "do-it-yourself" installation of the packaged versions of e17 available via official repositories.


1) A stable, easy to configure implementation of the Enlightenment Desktop Environment on a stable and up-to-date Debian-based system.

2) A minimum of preinstalled applications with easy ways to install applications and features of the user's choosing.

3) An ecosystem of related services and user support.


Currently available as a stable Release Candidate (Version .05)

Collaboration Focuses


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