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feren OS is a Ubuntu Distribution that wants to become one of the biggest of Ubuntu Distributions ever with a beautiful UI and beautiful wallpaper set as well as a good selection of Apps which will all be improved with each release. feren OS 2015.2/.3 Alpha (The latest one) is based off of Ubuntu 15.04 while future versions will be based off of later stable versions of Ubuntu as they come and go. feren OS is mainly aimed for beginner users of the OS with a simple but beautiful UI that will come with future versions of the OS.

Contact Information

Website for feren OS is at: http://ferenos.weebly.com/

Email: ferenceo@outlook.com


We aim to target the audiences of people like: Businesses, Beginners, Geeks, etc.


We aim to make a Distribution based off of Ubuntu that will not only survive long, but also provide users with a simple and familiar UI that you'll love. We also aim to make a premium distribution that is completely free of any charge...


We would like the make a beautiful Operating System with a beautiful custom Desktop Environment, Login Screen, etc...

There are concepts at: https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=FDBB94FEC377D26B!168&authkey=!AMSNU9QGxVP0Fbw&ithint=folder%2cpng

Collaboration Focuses

We would like to contribute to Ubuntu in the future once feren OS has gained enough ground in today's world in any way we can like the desktop itself, etc...