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Team Mission

There three areas that we can start collaboration with our derivatives: Bug handling, patch pushing, and developing a code base that is easily customizable.

1 Bug handling. Make our bug process as compatible as possible to ease the flow of information back and forth. This includes both triaging and automatic crash reports systems.

2 Patch Pushing. Clean up our patch system so that the Ubuntu specific bits can be identified and replaced with Derivative bits. Combine our resources on the common bits so that we can develop good patches to push upstream.

3 Customizing. Insure that for the most part we are using the same code base. There is no sense in all of us dragging around huge patch sets. Instead we should take steps to insure that a derivatives value added bits integrate closely with Ubuntu's base.

Disclaimer, I am not an employee of Canonical, Ubuntu, Linspire, or any other derivative that I am interested in collaborating with. I do not speak on their behalf or am I privy to their internal strategy. I am a guy who likes to sit in coffee shops and peck away at my laptop when I have a few spare minutes.

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