<AlanBell> Hi I am Alan Bell, leader of the UK LoCo and do other bits and bobs. I am interested in helping the design team use Free tools because they are more awesome than the alternatives.

<antdillon> Hi, I'm a member of the webteam here at canonical, mainly develop front-end code but work backend if I need to. I am not a designer, I'm a developer.

<charline_> I'm Charline Poirier, currently the acting head of design as well as the user research programme lead. I tend to look at design from the users' point of view and its impact on users.

<cjohnston> Chris Johnston works on several community websites, he's the project lead for the LoCo Team Portal and, and is heavily involved in Summit as well.

<doctormon> I'm Martin Owens, originally a programmer with media skills, I've moved over the years into design, art and production workflows.

<jasox> I am Jasmin Rahimic, student of IT in Bosnia. I am interested in ubuntu development and design. I don't have a lot of design experience.

<MacSlow> Ola... I'm Mirco Müller (member of Canonical's DX-team, did NotifyOSD... now working on unity) I'm here to help and mentor anything technical and guide community people about best practises for asset/artwork flow designer->engineer.

<mainerror> My name is Octavian Damiean. I've started as a web-designer and moved to mobile applications design. I'm involved in the Q&A platform Ask Ubuntu and am generally very interested in design and user experience.

<mhall119> My name is Michael Hall, I'm a web developer for Canonical ISD, as well as community web projects such as Summit and LoCo Team Portal. I'm not a designer, but I am a consumer of the product of designs both from the Canonical design team, as well as community designers. It's my goal here to bring the two sets of designers together, to communicate and work collaboratively to improve the quality and quantity of design products available for Ubuntu.

<oreneeshy> Hello I am Oren Horev, I do interaction design in the unity team. I am interested in developing a community process that will focus on experience journeys rather then UI behaviours.

<sladen> Paul Sladen, I am a techie on the Canonical Design Team (basically a glorified lab technician). Poke me about fonts/packaging/bugs/artwork that isn't published yet.

<thorwil> Thorsten Wilms, allround-designer. Reponsible for a few ubuntu related logos, like the one for spreadubuntu. I'm very interested in interaction design and design methods/processes.

<wendar> I'm Allison Randal, years ago I worked as designer. Most of my time is development/packaging these days, but I still do the occasional book cover or graphic piece for my slides.

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