The design team need good tools. There are a range of excellent Free and Open Source design tools out there, but some features could be improved upon to make them much more fit for purpose than the proprietary options. This page is a wishlist of features that would make Free design tools so awesome that the other options are not worth considering.

  • Real time co-editing of vector graphics
    • Etherpad is great for co-editing text documents and svgedit is a rather fine SVG vector graphics editor. It would be great to plumb these together so that XML SVG fragments get passed about over the etherpad real time protocol so multiple people can work on the same vector design.
  • A GUI sketching tool with Ubuntu widgets
    • Pencil is great, it has the nice sketchy GUI templates and specific GUI templates for generic GTK components and windows XP widgets. It would be nice to have a template set for Ubuntu designs, so a window frame with buttons on the left, a lens widget, the launcher, indicator menus etc.
  • A GUI sketching tool in the Ubuntu repositories
    • Pencil works fine as a Firefox extension, but the standalone option is dependent on xulrunner which was dropped from the repos. A standalone package would be good.
  • An easy workflow from sketching a design to sharing that design read only on a blog for comment
    • Pencil has some good export templates as HTML, it would be good to have a very short workflow to publishing these in a blog of some form.
  • A card sorting tool
    • This is to allow user experience testing, users sort keywords on cards into piles and you can examine how they associate things together to design discoverable user interfaces.
  • More on-screen measurements
    • The compiz Resize Info plugin is great, but it would be good to have more tools such as overlay guide lines, on screen rulers etc.

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