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'''TODO: ''' Introduce the team
You'll find more about who we are at [[DesignTeam/Introductions]].


You'll find more about who we are at DesignTeam/Introductions.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Ubuntu Design team to support participants in design projects, offer peer review and collaborate on producing effective and attractive user experience and artistic design.

With the help of many designers and the collaboration with upstream projects we plan to produce a team including visual, interaction, experience architect and brand designers with a strong design ethic and a desire to improve any and all programs in Ubuntu; so that users will find software easy, satisfying and delightful to use.

Out design projects will always be shared with our peers using the reusable open license to ensure equality and access to projects for all participants.

Come and join the design team!


Freenode: #ubuntu-design

Launchpad: ~ubuntu-design

Leadership contact is the Ubuntu Community Council

How to Contribute

  • We work on a project basis, with specific subteams or groups focused on improving the Ubuntu user experience in specific ways.
  • These projects are generally based around a particular user journey, which may have a focus in depth (such as "this is the user journey when playing game X", looking deeply into one application) or a focus in breadth (such as "this is the user journey when streaming music over wifi speakers", which touches lightly across multiple applications, drivers, etc).
  • Projects are often short-term, starting with sketching out a user journey, through mapping out some user experience improvements, and ending with delivering some change in the user experience.
  • The best ways to participate are either helping in the work of an existing project, or proposing a new one.
  • All materials and collabrative designs should be published on the internet with a creative commons reusable license. CC-BY-SA or CC-BY
  • We respect the Ubuntu Code of Conduct, and ask you to join with us in creating a collaborative environment that's fun for everyone.


Initial project: Game design

We are looking for a desktop game where we can contribute towards the artwork or interface design. Since this is our first project, we will start with a narrow scope and short time frame, as we work out how we will communicate and work together as a team.


Launchpad Membership Policy

We don't have formal membership requirements yet (we'll be building those with the help and guidance of the Ubuntu Community Council), but in general we expect that people who join the team are interested in actively collaborating around improving the Ubuntu user experience, and have design-related skills. Don't feel like you have to be an artist, we need a whole diverse set of skills including usability studies, documentation, testing, development, and packaging.


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