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== Acessibility == == Accessibility ==

There are a number of arguments that you can pass on the kernel command line that affect the way the Desktop CD and installer function.


  • Section B.2.2 of the installer-guide discusses preseeding the answers to debconf questions as kernel command line options. The format for this is component/question=answer.
  • url= or file=/path/to/preseed.cfg: Grab and use a preseed file from the specified location.


Note that these are discussed in more detail at UbiquityAutomation.

  • preseed/early_command=/path/to/ run the specified script before starting the installer.

  • debug-ubiquity: Pass -d to ubiquity which enables debug mode. Communication with debconf is written to /var/log/installer/debug.

  • automatic-ubiquity: Pass --automatic to ubiquity which enables automatic mode. Questions that have been marked seen will be skipped and pages of the interface that ask no questions (because they are all skipped) will not be shown. Implies only-ubiquity (see below).

  • only-ubiquity: Run ubiquity in a stripped down environment (no GNOME).

  • noninteractive: Run ubiquity with the noninteractive frontend on VT1, do not start X.


  • access=v1: enable lesser visual impairment support.

  • access=v2: enable moderate visual impairment support.

  • access=v3: enable support for blind users.

  • access=m1: enable minor motor difficulties support.

  • access=m2: motor difficulties - pointing devices.

  • braille=ask: enable braille support.

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