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Clear message
  • Creating an application with Quickly
  • The Python Language (Point people to Dive into Python )
  • Building a User Interface with glade
    • - writing code to respond to signals from that UI
  • Composing Apps with Widgets
    • - creating your own widgets
  • Creating controls on the fly
  • Displaying and controlling Media
  • Storing persistant data with desktopcouch
  • Reading and writing files with Python
  • Informing the user with Indicators
    • - appindicators and windicators
  • Integrating online components (scraping web sites and reading APIs)
  • Managing your project with Launchpad and Ground Control
  • Version control with bzr
  • Sharing and publishing data on Ubuntu One
  • Sharing your application with Ubuntu Users
    • - quickly release + ppas + apt:// + - getting it ready for the software center

  • Designing a Good App (input from design team)
    • - some Ubuntu design guidelines and HIG, to explain to people some of the basics of writing an app that's usable
  • Maybe notes about choosing good variable names, making code legible, indenting, etc.