Enhance non-latin Input (CJK)

Deliver IBus in Karmic

Has IBus been delivered? What were the users' reactions?

Enhance Font Management

review the current selection of installed fonts on the Live CD

Are we well positioned with our current selection?

Enhance Font Management

create surveys to get user feedback for our font selection

What was the outcome of this survey?

Enhance Font Management

tune the fontconfig configuration snippets in the font packages in cooperation with the debian package maintainers.

Has this happened?

Enhance Language Selector

language-pack split for Chinese

Were the Chinese language-pack split into two?

Enhance Language Selector

Enhance UI to allow for setting fallback languages, choice of input method framework and setting the desktop language to a different one than the country specific locale.

Language Installation Simplification

Remove language-support-translation-* and language-support-extra-* meta-packs

Improve l10n experience

Work with the Kubuntu community to improve KDE related translations in Rosetta

Improve l10n experience

Draft a checklist for translation teams to check for regressions when testing language-pack updates

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