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  • Martin Pitt (chair)
  • Ken Wimer
  • Ted Gould
  • Loïc Minier
  • Jonathan Riddell
  • Michael Vogt
  • Sebastien Bacher
  • Matthew Paul Thomas
  • Mirco Müller


  • Scott James Remnant (on holiday)

Meeting minutes

  • Mirko asked about best practice for handling patches and was worried about having large Ubuntu patches; general opinion was that we should apply and upload our patches immediately instead of blocking on upstream to incorporate them. Unless patches touch/change a lot of user configuration, we can always replace them with a different solution from upstream.
  • Martin asked for some HW specific testing of Jockey. Mirko offered to test it on his nVidia box, Michael will test it with fglrx.
  • We can now officialy start to ask Matthew for UI reviews, such as for jockey. The recommended method is to mail him or open and assign a bug to him.
  • We recently got another request to update app-install-data-commercial for the new parallels package in the partner archive. Michael will handle this, but eventually the ISV team should be able to update it themselves to optimize the process.
  • update-manager currently does a bad job with pointing out how much and long a package is supported. Since we enable universe/multiverse by default, we get a lot of complaints from users that we don't maintain software in universe after the release. We should use germinate to determine the support status for main (1.5/3/5 years) and provide ubuntu-cve integration into update-notifier so that the user gets warned if he has a universe package installed (or is about to do so) which has known open security holes.
  • We ran trough the hardy spec list and talked about specs which are behind schedule; the ones which are blocked on external actions/teams were converted to action items, see below.


  • Michael: talk to Colin about using germinate to determine length of package support (3/5 years, 18 months)
  • Michael: mail u-devel@ about improving u-n to warn about universe packages with known security holes
  • Seb: talk to Scott for updating pppoeconf-gui spec status for the feature provided by gnome-system-tools
  • Ted: talk to Scott and Mark about screensaver-review; this is currently way too underdefined for getting it into hardy

Activity reports

Ken Wimer

  • Last two days of sprint spent discussing long term ideas for and up to 10.4
  • Answered quite a few emails from the artwork team and such, discussed Hardy video with Gerry a bit
  • Helped Jonathan pick a wallpaper for Hardy Kubuntu, discussed this with author, etc.
  • Worked on panel icons (see attached), created bzr repo, launchpad package (human-panel-icons). Decided that the ideas for the update icons are crap, going to redo them.
  • Looking into fixing a bug in gdm (the missing hibernate icon). Decided that we cannot simply add the current hibernate icon from the desktop as it does not fit style-wise. Played around with the idea of replacing all the gdm icons to match those from the desktop.

Ted Gould


  • screensaver-review

    • Talking with Debian maintainer about how to split up packages.
    • Looked at updated Debian package and made a small patch to get it compiling with new GTK+
    • Started looking at a configuration backend for hacks
  • about-this-computer

    • Working with jriddle on learning QT for the front end
    • Got a UI review from Matt, some minor updates
  • exit-strategy

    • Officially pushed to Hardy+1
  • cleanup-audio-jumble

    • Talked with pitti, I've got a list of applications to look through.


  • Ubuntu Live talk proposal submitted.
  • Brainstormed ideas for the future desktop. Need to follow up to
    • start to solidify ideas.
  • Vacation planned: March 24-27
  • As of noon PST Jan 30 I was all caught up on my e-mail (no
    • seriously). So if you sent me an e-mail before then, I lost it. I'm considering never connecting to the mail server again, I

      know there will be more Smile :)

Loïc Minier


  • Pursued discussion on shuffling avahi / dbus init scripts with mbiebl; tested new dbus upstream release; will do the dbus init scripts reordering once this release is uploaded (as requested by mbiebl)
  • GNOME updates; notably:
    • modules from 2.21.5 2.21.90
    • resynced libbonobo and brasero with Debian
    • copyright fixes for the new libsoup2.4
    • cheese


  • Worked on new upstream releases of pigment / elisa / pigment-python; worked with upstream to get the hildonization patches I received from Phil Normand merged upstream: Hildonization is now detected and enabled at runtime, nothing to configure: yay \o/
  • Worked on misc bugs and fixes in UME and with Moblin upstream before the Intel delivery
  • Reviewed hildon-desktop changes by Bill
  • Started a moblin-media update (which itself is ready) but blocked on the status of moko which has been forked in an incompatible manner; reported to the UME and Moblin lists
  • Looked into how we should repack our tarballs with pitti
  • Discussed patch systems and usage of bzr branches with people at the sprint; also discussed an approach for updating to Hildon 2.0, splitting our changes in logical patches, and the state of the various modules; should soon end up in the wiki
  • console-setup backport of fixes as pointed out by Colin; gained us some seconds boot time


  • Sponsoring / mentoring / reviewing, notably cheese
  • Paid a visit to Solutions Linux today during lunch, ended up discussing with many Ubuntu folks, Debian folks, Canonical folks, and more. I "tested" our Ubuntu-FR community asking how I could contribute to Ubuntu, to GNOME, to UME and the responses were very decent in a friendly atmosphere! The Canonical booth seemed to have a regular amount of visitors
  • Applied for core dev
  • Discussed SRUs with misc people as triggerred by the trolling on Planet GNOME
  • Admin stuff (for the move, expenses for the sprint etc.)
  • As announced, I also switched manager, and am now reporting to Scott

Globally very happy with the pace of progress for the week before the sprint, the sprint, and this week.

Jonathan Riddell


  • Alpha 4 testing
  • system-config-printer applet working and included in Alpha 4
  • Testing and discussing Adept 3 which mornfall has suddenly started work on
  • Testing Konqueror updates for new flash and backporting for SRU (complex, took about a day)
  • E-mail catchup after travel (about half a day)
  • testing, some fixes and packaging desktop-effects applet for compiz setup in KDE
  • Improved KDE 4 integration, the way its .desktop files are setup is now sane


  • KDE 4 seeds waiting on new seed format


  • Alpha 4 testing
  • KDE 4.0.1


  • No milestoned bugs
  • kubuntu-hardy-kde4: Good progress, good community participation
  • kubuntu-hardy-catchup: Good progress, great community participation

Michael Vogt

After the distro sprint last week I was sick two days (Tuesday, Wednesday) this week, so there is not too much to report.


  • successful dapper->hardy upgrade test including dbus applications (avahi, hal, network-manager, etc)

  • add code to compare installed packages, /etc and the file list of a fresh install of hardy and a upgrade
  • upload update-manager-core to dapper-proposed and add sru verification instructions
  • add various quirk handlers from edgy/feisty/gutsy to the

    dapper->hardy upgrade code


  • updated app-install-data-ubuntu for alpha-4
  • added hardy support for ubuntu-jeos-builder
  • sponsor popularity-contest upload from ember

Martin Pitt

This report comprises the past two weeks, including the distro sprint last week.

Hardy spec assignments

  • policykit-integration: implemented; fixed a bug in CK today
  • restricted-manager-rewrite: jockey is the new name, it's functional, in hardy, and in the default install. Some smaller features and broadcom wifi handler still missing, but bzr trunk made some more progress already. Testing and feedback heavily appreciated!
  • hardy-reducing-duplication: db4.5, neon26, gcc-3.{3,4} kicked to universe; gcc-4.1 is still needed for linux on hppa, powerpc, and ia64 ports; any chance to get rid of this, too?
  • partition-management: not started, low-prio spec

Unfixed milestoned bugs

  • 177141 (restricted-manager not on CDs, alpha4): unknown reason (germinate? cdimage?); after discussion with Evan I moved jockey to main, so that's hopefully worked around for alpha4 (will verify tomorrow with the new dailies)
  • 174128 (dhcp3 debconf question during upgrade, beta): no time yet
  • 22623 (CD-ROMs not mounted with UTF-8, beta): no time yet
  • 177072 (AUDIODEV should be exported when using pulseaudio, final): no time yet


Released on Monday at the sprint, yay! Did a post-mortem discussion and preparations to hand off future hardy point releases to Steve.

Other things which may interest the team

  • Fought with Gtk# and C#, and managed to add a target directory selector to F-Spot, which should fix 90% of people's griefs (including mine) about it being unusable for custom and existing photo collection structures.
  • Documented translation workflow in Ubuntu


  • First Hardy langpacks, set up automatic updates uploading
  • DWCIU for X.org regression (#183969), which finally got me to update the procedure in the wiki and announce it; firedrill in the near future would be appreciated!
  • Set up IRC proxy to compensate for spotty IRC presence at the sprint; overnight backscroll isn't as scary as I anticipated, so I'll just keep it.

Sebastien Bacher

* GNOME 2.21.90 packaging

* sponsored GNOME updates

* archive admin work

* uploaded the new nautilus-gio in hardy after discussion at sprint, comforted it was a good choice upstream has been porting lot of desktop components to gvfs recently and there is not so many bugs on launchpad

* started looking at login speed, that seems to be an issue for quite some users since gutsy and still there in hardy

* bug triage and nautilus bug day

* random discussions during the sprint

Matthew Paul Thomas

Done: Attended the distro team sprint.

  • Completed distro team induction tasks.
  • With Ted Gould, reviewed "About This Computer" interface.
  • Discussed hardware database test program with Marc Tardif, and mailed him a list of UI suggestions.
  • Helped Arne Goetje with designing rudimentary font fallback configuration interface.
  • With Matt Zimmermann, Scott James Remnant, and Ted Gould, discussed ubuntu.net.
  • With Michael Vogt, reviewed UI for Ubuntu release-upgrader, and mailed him a list of UI suggestions.
  • With Brian Murray, reviewed Ubuntu bug-reporting guidelines. The guidelines can be made more concise when their Launchpad

    presentation is improved. <http://launchpad.net/bugs/186588>

  • With Matthew Garrett, discussed ExitStrategy specification and filled in implementation details.


  • With Oliver Grawert, discussed the problem of over-large windows on the Classmate PC. Suggested that he assign bugs to me for redesigning them.
  • Began reviewing Thorsten Wilms' review of the Ubuntu installer.
  • Ubuntu 10.04 planning with Ted Gould, Mirco Muller, Ken Wimer, and Michael Vogt.


Mirco Müller




  • fixed patch for "browser by default for ipod-/mtp-devices"


  • package shelf-plugin for compiz
  • 10.04 conceptual design with Ted, Matthew, Michael, Ken, Scott
  • get familiar with usplash (and brought up idea of stuffing a stripped Xorg into the initrd)


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