This page defines the user stories for the Playing Music experience in Ubuntu.

User stories define how this experience should behave, and the expected functionality of the software implementing the experience. A typical experience will have many user stories.

Heuristic evaluation

Tested with Ubuntu Hardy beta by MatthewPaulThomas.

Playing music

Double-clicking a song began playing it, as expected. It wasn’t obvious how to pause the playback, as there was no “Pause” button, no “Pause” menu item, and pressing the space bar didn’t work. After a while I realized that I needed to click the “Play” button again ().

It was also difficult to see the current volume level — it was represented by tiny lines in a small volume icon in the top right corner of the window ().

volume-low.png volume-full.png

Clicking this icon revealed a slider for actually changing the volume. The playback volume lagged severely (about 1.5 seconds) behind the volume I specified using the slider (). I could not find any quick way of muting the playback, short of pausing it completely ().

It was possible to set a playlist to repeat or shuffle by clicking the “Repeat” or “Shuffle” buttons respectively. But the hover effect on these buttons made it impossible to tell whether I’d clicked them successfully, without moving the pointer off the button each time ().



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