Netbook Launcher to Unity

Purpose of that page

Have an easy migration path from netbook launcher to unity in the UNE session.

The context

* There is an ubuntu-netbook-default-settings package containing some gconf settings in /usr/share/gconf/une/ * netbook-launcher is no more needed as replaced by unity.

  • its startup file is in /etc/xdg/xdg-une/autostart

* maximus is no more needed either.

  • its startup file is in /etc/xdg/xdg-une/autostart


The first idea of implementation was unity to provide 2 transitional packages to replace netbook-launcher and maximus. However, some people seems still to be interested into netbook-launcher, and other wants to use maximus even in the desktop or other session.

side note

* ubuntu-netbook will depend on unity and all needed dependencies. Installing unity for UNE isn't the issue. * ubuntu-netbook-default-settings will be updated with ubuntu-unity-netbook-default-settings content to start unity in the UNE session (no autostart desktop file for it) * the only matter is what to do with "old components?"

Different solutions

Solution 1

  • move netbook-launcher and maximus desktop autostart file back to /etc/xdg/autostart
  • unity will be started in the UNE session, and netbook-launcher/maximus won't
  • issue: netbook-launcher/maximus will be started in the GNOME session (as in pre-lucid) and we eventually screw up the user GNOME session (this doesn't happen in a new UNE install as they won't be present) as they will start there.

Solution 2

  • do the previous thing, and make some autofoo on update-manager to remove netbook-launcher and maximus on lucid -> maverick upgrade if netbook-launcher installed.

  • issue: some people will be angry about removing components, but seems the more logical thing to do

Solution 3

  • unity to provide netbook-launcher and maximus transitional packages. The transition will be done by itself and no more netbook-launcher/maximus on the upgraded installation (same complaints as before)
  • reupload netbook-launcher and maximus under other name with a .desktop file in /etc/xdg/autostart

Solution 4

  • move .destkop file to /etc/xdg/une-legacy/autostart and create a "une-legacy session" (and setting) community driven for people still interested in netbook-launcher
  • people who will upgrade will be transitioned to UNE, will have their GNOME session, and this UNE-legacy session for components not removed.
  • new people installing maverick will only have unity and GNOME session.

Solution 5 (LaserJock)

  • Create new GDM session for non-Unity, new -settings package, gconf settings dir, and /etc/xdg/*/autostart dir.
  • people who upgrade will be transitioned to UNE (Unity) via ubuntu-netbook and ubuntu-netbook-default-settings packages. The new -settings package will not be installed so no legacy session by default.

  • new people installing Maverick will have only Unity and GNOME GDM sessions.
  • Additional proposals for community transition:
    • Rename netbook-launcher to something less generic so as not to confuse people and to establish a break between official UNE and legacy apps.
    • Provide some overall project branding (for GDM Session, -settings package, etc.) via a new project name.
    • Clean up Launchpad teams so that community members can join development teams for netbook-launcher, liblauncher, maximus, go-home-applet, window-picker-applet, and webfav.

Solution 6

Let users have a netbook classic interface which looks and works like the version in Lucid.

I honestly have never felt so repelled as using Mavericks new netbook interface. why does it need to be visible always? Obviously because of this the items are now to small to be able to display text. and whats the deal with individual programs getting prominent positioning in the stupid bar especially programs a lot of us do not want to use. if its a menu it should have items but its not its a dock with menus in some parts of it. Its a piece of junk thats what it is and the final straw was not being able to get a terminal up.

  • i'm sure there are people working on ubuntu to deliberately sabotage ubuntu.

Obviously they are very proud of the stupid bar because they want me looking at it constantly! why can't my browser open full width any more. Lucid has a menu that is designed , that can even work with a touch screen mavericks netbook interface is worse than windows CE or windows mobile.

proud of this are you?

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