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  • Scott James Remnant (Keybuk) - chair
  • Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
  • Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)
  • Loïc Minier (lool)
  • Martin Pitt (pitti)
  • Michael Vogt (mvo)
  • Mirco Müller (MacSlow)

  • Sebastien Bacher (seb128)
  • Ted Gould (tedg)
  • Jono Bacon (jono)


  • Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) - unknown
  • Pedro Villavicencio Garrido (pedro_) - unknown


  • 5-A-Day
  • Team Reporting
  • Review activity reports
  • Any other business


Keybuk reminded everyone that they should be participating in the 5-A-Day effort led by the community team. The aim is to touch five bugs a day, not necessarily fix (though that would be nice). kwwii is exempt since artwork follows a different process and MacSlow is exempt for the time being since he's concentrating on 8.10 work.

Team Reporting

seb128 raised the question of the community TeamReporting process whereby each team provides a small number of bullet points highlighting work that the team has done in the past month. jono joined to clarify the process.

Since this co-incides with the Canonical Monthly Report, Keybuk will handle the formality of chasing for input and ensuring the wiki is updated; each team member should add to the DesktopTeam/ReportingPage wiki page any highlights.

Activity reports

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)


  • Package KDE 3.5.9
  • Draw up list of UDS specs
  • Package Qt 4.4 tech preview
  • Creating, testing KDE 4 CDs, poking Soyuz developers, now --><-- this close

  • Discussing and working on default settings package for KDE 4 desktop
  • Merging libraries used by Adept from Debian
  • Preparing for packaging tutorial at FOSDEM, our packaging documentation needed quite some revision
  • Packaging KOffice 2 Alpha 6
  • Qt security fix
  • Kubuntu meeting (three new members)
  • system-config-printer-kde polishing (still quite a lot of polish to go)
  • archive admin (new queue zero achieved after a full day)

next week:

  • Alpha 5

No milestoned bugs

Kenneth Wimer (kwwii)

  • fixed gdm bug #29986, made source package
  • added wallpaper for testing, made source package.
  • fixed one pixel bug in new wallpaper, made new source package
  • worked on next wallpaper for testing...coming sometime very soon, once the reaction from current wallpaper are in.
  • discussed OOo icon repo's with calc. The basis is ready, still waiting for mixed Human and Tango repo to present to community artists.
  • spent hours looking for gdm icons only to learn that they are built into the binary package and not in an icon theme. Thanks go to ogra for solving this Smile :-)

  • looked into changing bits of gdm for 8.04.
  • made pdf presentation of UI stuff (attached, but not finished yet).
  • put human icon refresh ideas into bzr and launchpad. Worked with community on getting wiki page started.

Loïc Minier (lool)


  • Started looking for tickets for Prague, but still holding off in case I would attend FOSSCamp
  • Quite a lot of sponsoring reviews/comments
  • Still affected by not having Internet at home; deeper issues keep coming up and being escalated; ETI seems to be in 10 / 14 days


  • Syncs from Debian, GNOME updates
    • Hickups on the *mm packages which required a new cdbs version: I should have built them on Ubuntu but thought the changes were under the control -- pitti did a cdbs merge which fixed the mess;
    • libgnomemm implied a package rename which came a bit close to the alpha; this rename might also have created issues for people upgrading all the way from breezy and relying on the old ABI of libgnomemm from breezy for some local packages for example; perhaps something which we should handle as part of the upgrade process ("your system has very old unsupported packages" or "these local packages might create issues")?
  • Heated discussion on the topic of the distro patches landing from Debian into Ubuntu which add up with the Ubuntu distro patches and enlarge the delta with upstream further; the problematic patch which triggerred the discussion is now close to being merged upstream, but this overall concern should be discussed at UDS and probably translated into a patch acceptance policy (this could work nicely if Debian would gain a similar policy too); some ideas:
    • dropping/disabling patches added by Debian when these are considered too intrusive during merges; I'd like this process to consider the technical usefulness of the patch though as Debian is also an upstream for us and can produce both useful and dangerous patches
    • requiring at least some form of upstream support for the nature of the change before merging a non-trivial patch
  • Filed bugs at upstream (Debian) and Ubuntu concerning the lack of support for Launchpad of debreaper and requesting its removal from Ubuntu for now; the tool duplicates the functionality of apport for Ubuntu, so this is minor, but the bug reports sent from Ubuntu towards the Debian BTS were annoying and sending them to ubuntu-users@ seemed ugly

Martin Pitt (pitti)

Hardy spec assignments:

  • restricted-manager-rewrite: First cut of KDE implementation landed in trunk and hardy, thanks to Martin Bohm. This needs lots of UI polish still, though.
  • hardy-reducing-duplication: no progress last week
  • partition-management: got usplash fsck integration working for root fs, too; this is now all that I committed to for Hardy, partition relabeling is a target of opportunity

Unfixed milestoned bugs:

  • 174128 (dhcp3 debconf question during upgrade, beta): no time yet


  • spent more than two days on NEW, MIR reviews, and other bits of the FF rush
  • Fixed scanners to work again in hardy \o/ (I got a scanner recently)
  • reviewed and Arne's language-support split branch, spent some time on bug fixes, uploaded the lot
  • Gave a developer week session about patching packages (I'll have another one tomorrow afternoon)
  • Set up 5-a-day, gave some feedback to Daniel, who improved it right away (thanks, Daniel!); works nicely for me now

Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt)

Michael Vogt (mvo)


  • UI improvements (as suggested by mpt)
  • be more relaxed about keeping translations if we run without a network and just upgrade from CD
  • make the pre-requists fetching more reliable (and add some tests)
  • lts->lts upgrade meeting with the support team

  • deal with packages in "reqreinst" state in update-managers recovery mode and offer to kill them
  • upgrade testing
  • fix time displayed since last (apt-get) update
  • remove code duplicaton in confirmChanges() and make the message clearer


  • better keybindings and descriptions in gnome-keybinding-properties
  • generate schema files for plugins-main and extra
  • work on the session plugin (testing, minor fixing)
  • prepare updated compiz with session plugin (not uploaded yet, pending on ok from the release-team)
  • new libcompizconfig
  • force "number_of_workspaces" to 1, compiz uses viewports and mixing workspaces<->viewports is the way to confusion

  • tested glxclip (the possible workaround for dri windows) on a ati system and got broken screen content (intel works fine with the plugin)
  • fix the 1px invisilbe window border that eats mouseclicks


  • add GetIndexes() getAll argument to python-apt to support apt-get --print-uris style querries

  • add support for reqreinst state to python-apt


  • updated app-install-data for alpha-5
  • updated command-not-found-data for alpha-5
  • tried to update translated package descriptions, but rosetta gave me a hard time


  • review/sponsor packagekit universe upload
  • sponsoring (f-spot, fonts, ..)
  • various bugfixes
  • helped to get python-central into shape again for alpha5 and uploaded some bugfixes
  • discuss what to do about the http_proxy environment and sudo
  • improve "Replaces" handling in gdebi


  • prepared fosdem (next weekend)
  • prepared packaging training in london (mon-thu)

Next week:

  • fosdem
  • packaging training in london

Mirco Müller (MacSlow)

  • needed to redo packaging gnome-control-center with libcompizconfig-support as a new version of g-c-c was uploaded before my initial version of g-c-c was considered for upload-sponsorship
  • working on profile-support in g-c-c with newer libcompizconfig (ongoing)

  • asked for help with scale-, expo- and zoom-icons for wncklet's tooltip on ubuntu-art mailing-list, no reply yet will have to draw them myself :/
  • reply to bug-report regarding complains about tooltip-size on launchpad (LP: #192232, milestoned-bug), handed over newer version of libwnck for upload-sponsoring fixing most of the issues mentioned in this bug-report, also CPU-load delaying popup of tooltip is fixed



  • travel-preparations for training in London at Millbank office and trip to FOSDEM
  • solaced community-folks regarding further requests when work on sparkle continues

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

  • usual desktop updates
  • lot of bugs triage
  • desktop bugs fixing and backporting svn changes
  • worked with alex on some gvfs issues
  • discussed gdm LANGUAGE use with upstream
  • fought with bzr to do a simple package rebuild, we really need to have a standard way and make things easier there
  • IRC session about contributing to the ubuntu desktop team
  • subscribed to 5-a-day

Ted Gould (tedg)


  • about-this-computer: Finished packaging and a patch to gnome-panel.



  • Feb 18 was a holiday
  • I'll be in Boston next week for training. That means Mon-Wed I'll probably be more difficult to get a hold of, and when you do I'll be UTC-5 instead of UTC-8.
  • Planning travel for UDS and Boston.
  • Vacation March 24-27


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