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 * mozilla - security  * mozilla
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  * armel crashes - reviewed patches and upstream commits and found the missing ones. Now tbird works. Upload coming.

For minutes of previous meetings, please see DesktopTeam/Meeting.

Meeting Minutes


Main Meeting

  • Rick Spencer (rickspencer3) - chair
  • Alexander Sack (asac)
  • Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)

  • Bryce Harrington (bryce)
  • Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
  • Ken VanDine (kenvandine)

  • Martin Pitt (pitti)
  • Sebastien Bacher (seb128)
  • Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)
  • Tony Espy

Eastern Edition

  • Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)

  • Robert Ancell (robert_ancell)


  • Chris Cheney (calc)


  • Outstanding actions from last meeting


  • Everyone should have travel booked for Sprint
  • Desktop Summit starts eow, this week, who's going?

Status Updates

  • Partner Update
  • Kubuntu Update
  • Release Bugs/Release Status
  • Review activity reports


Actions from this meeting

  • ACTION: kenvandine to investigate mozjz linkage and ABI/API policy
  • ACTION: kenvandine to work with asac regarding white listing of U1
  • ACTION: All - look out for paper cuts mail each week, and fix on if possible.
  • ACTION: rickspencer3 to review how paper cut effort is working for the team in two weeks.
  • ACTION: awe to review Audio spec and to comment on volume scaling

Outstanding actions from last meeting

Partner Update

Kubuntu Update

Xorg Update

  • Merge Status:
    • Mostly waiting on upstream releases at this point.
    • 12 packages need merge/sync, out of 92 updates since Jaunty
    • 7 packages have upstream releases but not yet in Debian
    • -fglrx and -nvidia completed PPA testing. Now in Ubuntu.
    • mesa, xorg merges are done and in git; will be uploaded Tuesday-ish.
    • A new xserver RC is available. Will be merged soonish.
    • git snapshots of xserver, -ati/KMS, & -nouveau/KMS are in PPAs

  • X.org in Karmic is working well
    • 2069 total open X bugs, down 38 since last week
    • KMS on -intel is now on by default; relatively few bugs being reported
  • Blueprints: All Karmic blueprints complete

Release Bugs/Release Status

Any other business

Activity reports

Alexander Sack (asac)

  • mozilla - firefox 3.5 transition
  • mozilla
    • thunderbird security update final testing/rollout
    • armel crashes - reviewed patches and upstream commits and found the missing ones. Now tbird works. Upload coming.
  • ModemManager

    • getting mbm code merged into upstream modemmanager
    • verify mbm merge with hardware
    • debug modemmanager crash when using manual registration; suggest fix upsream
  • NetworkManager

    • investigating build failures; found broken libtool library shipped by
      • libgudev; fixed.
    • backport libgudev to jaunty for NM ppa
    • create trunk packaging branch for NetworkManager, and rebase/port/drop 0.7.1 patches

    • work on NM daily build using fta ppa-scripts (not yet finished)
  • Misc
    • fighting with identi.ca being broken - which felt like a firefox regression.
    • some code review for MIRs

Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)

Bryce Harrington (bryce)


  • 100papercuts: 2hr work. submitted a couple patches, closed several
    • non-papercuts as invalid, noted on several needing design decisions.
  • PDX get-together downtown Portland, Friday


  • Uploaded fixes for several -nv bugs
  • Fleshed out script to generate -intel upstreamed bugs report
  • Blogged about xorg-edgers and bug improvement
  • Merged latest versions of -nvidia and -fglrx.
  • Bulk mailed -nvidia, -fglrx, and -intel bug reporters to re-test;
    • closed a bunch of bugs, followed up on others.
  • Proposed renaming -nvidia to simplify future package maintenance


  • Flight arrangements for Dublin

Chris Cheney (calc)

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)

Ken VanDine (kenvandine)

Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)

Martin Pitt (pitti)

Karmic spec drafting: all approved

Karmic feature work:

  • desktop-karmic-automagic-python-build-system:
    • completed upstream build system for all interesting file types, fixed lots of bugs
    • version 2.2 with current feature set uploaded to sid and karmic
    • completed test suite for existing features
    • converted Apport and Jockey to DistUtilsExtra.auto, both as proof of concept, and to simplify their build system ("diffstat: 144 removals, 12 additions" Smile :-) )

  • desktop-karmic-symptom-based-bug-reporting: no progress this week
  • hal deprecation: No progress this week

  • gnome-panel speedup:
    • discussed with Vincent Untz at LinuxTag; we have the same goal and approach

    • no development progress this week; this will be attacked after above three, since this does not have rever

se dependencies

Other work done:

  • Bug fixing: apport, udev, devicekit-power, hal-info, jockey, pkgbinarymangler
  • Defined my goals for 9.10 cycle
  • Discussed gnome help stripping with Julian; seems this is now a realistic target for Karmic \o/
  • Figured out how to build a single kernel module (i915) with a patch; documented at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelCustomBuild

  • Reviewed ubuntuone packages on revu
  • Spec reviews/approvals
  • Tested new gdm; uncovers major bug in g-power-manager, but works fine otherwise

Merges: mine are all done


  • hdparm, pm-utils, pycairo, xen-3.3, xscreensaver
  • Reviewed, not uploaded: compiz-fusion-plugins-main

Robert Ancell (robert_ancell)

  • Prepared for application for Ubuntu membership
  • Package updates/merges:
    • fast-user-switch-applet
    • gnome-nettool
    • xscreensaver
    • gucharmap (x2)
    • glade
    • yelp
    • libwnck
    • xsane
  • Fixed bugs:
    • Set "open" animation to Glide 2 (compiz, papercut, LP: #195737)
    • Cannot resize window taller than screen (inconsistent with metacity) (compiz, LP: #221698)
  • Compiz bug triaging

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)

  • foo2zjs: New upstream version, merged Debian's changes, added cups and cups-client dependencies for automatic update of existing print queues.
  • gutenprint: Merged Debian's changes
  • splix: Merged Debian's changes
  • pnm2ppa: Apport hook added (The TB finally set up my upload permission for it)
  • foomatic-filters, foomatic-db-engine: Packaged the new 4.0.2 release, removed the upstream fix patches, added cups and cups-client dependencies for automatic update of existing print queues.
  • Merges from Debian completed with above uploads.
  • Updated an Intrepid box to Jaunty (Printing from digikam got finally fast)
  • Tested setup of HP Color LaserJet CM3530fs MFP, no issues, but PC-controlled scanning and faxing seems not to be supported by hardware (real network device)

  • Printing bug triaging

Tony Espy (awe)


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