For minutes of previous meetings, please see DesktopTeam/Meeting.

Meeting Minutes


Main Meeting

  • Rick Spencer (rickspencer3) - chair
  • Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)

  • Bryce Harrington (bryce)
  • Chris Cheney (ccheney)
  • Didier Roche (didrocks)
  • Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
  • Ken VanDine (kenvandine)

  • Martin Pitt (pitti)
  • Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

Eastern Edition

  • Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)

  • Robert Ancell (robert_ancell)


  • Alberto Milone (tseliot)
  • Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)


  • Outstanding actions from last meeting
  • Partner Update
  • Kubuntu Update
  • Mozilla update
  • Audio Update (Eastern Edition)
  • Staffing
  • Performance Reviews
  • Release Bugs/Release Status
  • Review activity reports
  • Any other business


Actions from this meeting

Outstanding actions from last meeting

  • ACTION: rickspencer3 to follow up on 2010 event participation with randa and team
    • RESULT: Slipped to next week

Partner Update

  • Online Services:
    • Ubuntu One Music store is progressing, expected to land in alpha-3
    • An early version of the rhythmbox plugin taking shape, more to come soon.
    • libubuntuone, the gtk widgets for ubuntu one will be ready for lucid soon, this includes the music store and contact picker gtk widgets.
  • DX:
    • All the alpha-2 uploads are done, time to start looking at the alpha-3 milestones.

Kubuntu Update

  • 4.4 RC 1 is in, delayed due to mesa breakage but mostly compiled now
  • alpha 2 candidate images going through early smoketesting
  • kdebindings is blocking jockey. kdebindings is being blocked by upstream SIP which needs a new release.
  • kubuntu-notifications-helper waiting on MIR
  • virtuoso (for nepomuk semantic desktop) waiting on MIR security review
  • firefox KDE integration needs patches split up for mozilla acceptance

Mozilla Update

  • Still working on porting new glib functions back to libsoup
  • Will fix webkit and epiphany next, but not expecting the same amount of work or complexity

xorg status

  • pretty much all the main X.org merges are in place now. A few drivers still need updates (e.g. wacom)
  • the mesa merge in place, we've implemented the blueprint to move mesa to an alternatives system

Audio status


  • Welcome didrocks
  • 2 open positions for UNE/Desktop
  • interviewing a candidate for asac's position
  • 2 contractor positions for ayatana integration
  • 1 contractor position for mozilla - one candidate in the queue

Objective Seting

  • Due in system by end of this month
  • Plan to spend 30 to 90 minutes
  • Will discuss in 1-1 calls next week

Release Status

  • All work items have been completed or postponed, except for one xorg related item that is not tied to a release and should be done before Alpha 2 on Thurdsay

Other Business

Activity reports

Alberto Milone (tseliot)

Blueprint work:

  • desktop-lucid-xorg-proprietary-drivers:
    • Deployed the new alternatives system in time for alpha 2 by uploading update packages for:
      • libxvmc nvidia-common nvidia-graphics-drivers nvidia-graphics-drivers-173 nvidia-graphics-drivers-96 nvidia-settings screen-resolution-extra xorg-server mesa.
    • Added a utility class for alternatives in nvidia-common and adapted the logic behind driver selection to the new name schemes of the drivers.
    • Couldn't test and upload Jockey because python-kde4-dev is obsolete and the new bindings are broken without a yet-to-be-released SIP. The rest is in place for the new Jockey.
    • LP: #474917: nvidia drivers 185.xx compile into kernel 2.6.28 instead of 2.6.31 on update from jaunty to karmic
    • LP: #494166: [lucid] nvidia-glx can't work with new xorg 7.5
    • LP: #258038: Look into feasibility of using an alternatives system rather than diversions
    • LP: #200868: Added support for PolicyKit (thanks to screen-resolution-extra) so that nvidia-settings can have the permissions to write xorg.conf.

    • LP: #215876: Apply nvidia-settings configuration when the sessions starts (so as not to cause problems with compiz).
    • LP: #432172: nvidia-180-libvdpau packages both libvdpau and libvdpau_nvidia
    • LP: #417410: Please merge nvidia-settings 185.18.31-1 (main) from Debian unstable
    • LP: #505855: fixed a bug in string comparison in nvidia-common
    • LP: #317703: Add hook scripts to be run by nvidia-installer (nvidia-common)
    • LP: #506247: fixed a regression caused by the failure of the xserver-xorg-core package to remove an alternative which had been installed by the previous release of the same package.
    • LP: #505359: Add link to /usr/lib/mesa/libGL.so in /usr/lib so as not to break software that build against mesa
    • Wrote packaging documentation for the -nvidia packages (there's still space for improvement though)
    • Install /usr/lib/nvidia/pre-install and /usr/lib/nvidia/failed-install
    • Change the names of the current Nvidia drivers to nvidia-current
    • Filed bug reports about ia32-libs (currently half broken) so that it can be updated (LP: #506437) and adapted to the new alternatives system (LP: #506435)
    • Working on the release notes for Alpha 2 about Jockey and drivers in general.

Non-blueprint work:

  • Discussed xorg.conf.d quirks feature. Came to an agreement with upstream. I hope to be able to work on a 1st implemention soon.

Arne Goetje (ArneGoetje)

  • langpack-o-matic:
    • build new language packs for Lucid
    • investigated why Mozilla translations for Lucid are missing in Chinese langpacks
  • language-selector:
    • moved code from check-language-support into a separate library
    • added code to check-language-support to accept package names as arguments and only scan for those packages
  • Rosetta (preparing for langpack updates for the 8.04.4 release):
    • batch importing 691 translation files for Bosnian into Hardy on request of the guy who improved the translations outside of Launchpad
    • uploading new firefox/xulrunner templates into Hardy
    • debugging import queue related problems with the Launchpad-Translators team

Bryce Harrington (bryce)

  • Wayland packaging:
    • Ask sconklin about wayland kernel
    • Check if crack kernel has the wayland functionality needed
    • Re-test packages with the new kernel
    • Investigate needed changes to mesa
  • Increase bug totals graphs Y axis to 3000 Sad :-(

  • ask sconklin about nouveau and post-release maintenance
  • Update test machines to latest lucid. Upgrades failed.
  • Merge xterm 253-1
  • Merge/sync xorg-sgml-doctools 1.3-1
  • Merge/sync xfonts-utils 7.5
  • Merge/sync xcursor-themes 1.0.1-6
  • Merge/sync xbitmaps 1.1.1-1
  • Merge/sync x11-xserver-utils 7.5+1
  • Ensure libdrm/mesa get upgraded to final for Lucid
  • In versions_current, filter out -amd and -via, which are just dupes
  • Merge/sync -amd 2.11.6-3
  • Sponsor patch for nv driver crash/colors lp #494627
  • Finish setting up bugbot account, then plan next step
  • Investigate lp_operations breakage in launchpad. Bug filed.
  • Annual password resets work
  • Sketch out a cgi for MIR checklist
  • Touch base with Ken Edwards about hang on Intel Q57 platform for Lenovo
  • Investigate status for wacom. Still broken; unlikely to be solved by a2, so moved tasks to a3 and added a release note.
  • Sponsor upload and do SRU for bug #458545

Chris Cheney (ccheney)

  • Uploaded openoffice.org 1:3.1.1-5ubuntu2 to lucid to alleviate pressure on alternate cd, but kde is blocking it.
  • Synced up openoffice.org 1:3.2.0~rc1-1 but didn't upload yet due to bugs.
  • desktop-lucid-new-firefox-support-model
    • working on libsoup2.4

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)


  • packaging KDE 4.4 RC 1
  • packaging Amarok 2.2.2
  • packaging libdbusmenu-qt and patching KDE for it
  • testing updated strigi
  • package virtuoso
  • half a day's archive administration
  • implement translation template generation in debhelper 7. again. sigh.


  • virtuoso main inclusion review


  • alpha 2
  • review lucid goals and progres

Ken VanDine (kenvandine)

  • Fixes for libappindicator support in tomboy
  • Fixes for libappindicator support in rhythmbox
  • Fixed indicator-me mission-control-5 bug
  • Accounts UI work for Gwibber
  • Empathy papercut, edit away message dialog
  • Packaged libubuntuone
  • Packaged rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store
  • Finished and released xchat-indicator

Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)


  • Uploaded mousetweaks 2.29.5 and gnome-orca 2.29.5 to lucid
  • Uploaded at-spi 1.29.5 to lucid.
  • Tested speech-dispatcher audio patches from a community member to find that they perform well. More patches were sent with more tweaks to expose more configuratino to the user. Also received a similar patch from another community member, so need to see about merging them together if at all possible, and should have speech audio output issues fixed up by the end of next week.


  • Audio bug triaging, bugs in question are against pulseaudio, alsa userspace, and the kernel for hardware enablement.
  • Now that audio output for speech is closer to being worked out, attempted to run lucid to test common audio functionality, including 5.1 audio output tests, which users had problems with in karmic. However, various lucid gripes, such as lucid totally resetting my system at random intervals if I have a xorg.conf, and a buggy nv driver which is now fixed, held this up somewhat.
  • Further work on getting a completed patch for macmini 3,1 audio support.
  • Started going through alsa and pulse bugs to see if there are any bugs that we may have missed that are fixed, or haven't been attended to in a while.


  • As explained above, tried to get lucid going. After the nv driver was fixed, I am able to use lucid now, however if I have a xorg.conf, my system resets randomly. Need to see if a bug has been filed about that, and file one if there isn't one already.
  • Booked flights to/from the sprint.

Martin Pitt (pitti)

Assigned blueprints:

  • desktop-lucid-likewise-open-migration: reviewed/fixed Jerry's packages and sponsored; implemented
  • desktop-lucid-jockey-hotplug-support: beta available
  • desktop-lucid-suspend-quirks-halsectomy (beta available): no progress this week, needs testing
  • desktop-lucid-xorg-halsectomy: no progress this week; needs new wacom driver (Bryce's WI)
  • desktop-lucid-powermanagement-tweaks: implemented

Non-blueprint work done:

  • DMB meeting
  • Alpha-3 planning
  • Bug fixing: apport, casper, gdm, gnome-menus, udev
  • Updated to new version: devicekit-power
  • Debugged ronoc's policykit problem
  • Rewrote/refactored/improved work items tracker
  • Set up work items tracker 2.0 on macaroni
  • Speed up nautilus brasero extension loading (patch upstreamed)
  • Switched hal to dbus-activate


  • casper, likewise-open, rhythmbox

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

  • desktop updates: pygtksourceview glib pygobject gtk+ gnome-desktop nautilus gtk-engines gtkmm pygtk gnome-python-desktop libgnomekbd libgweather gnome-bluetooth file-roller gdm libgweather pidgin evince cheese file-roller gtksourceview eog gedit
  • libgnome-desktop soname transition rebuilds
  • fixed pygobject build
  • backported cairo pdf printing bug fix to karmic and lucid
  • fixed totem apport hook using a non available wav in lucid
  • stopped using libhal in evolution
  • changed the rhythmbox indicator patch to use a working icon
  • updated nautilus-sendto to not install the bluetooth .so since gnome-bluetooth does that now
  • fix libdbusmenu upgrade breakages over the weekend
  • review new indicator-me source in lucid, newed it, make indicator-applet depends on it
  • discussed indicator issues
  • sponsoring: gnome-desktop nautilus totem gnome-control-center cheese

boot speed: boot = 19 seconds, desktop 10.8 seconds (was 18.2, 11.1)

Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)

  • Vacation

IRC Logs

[16:30] <rickspencer3> team meeting time
[16:30] <ArneGoetje> hi
[16:30] <kenvandine> jcastro, i uploaded the karmic packages to the indicator-core-ppa
[16:30] <kenvandine> to match lucid again
[16:30] <jcastro> perfect!
[16:30] <pitti> o/
[16:30] <bryyce> hi
[16:30] <seb128> hey
[16:31] <rickspencer3> ArneGoetje, bryyce, ccheney, didrocks, kenvandine, pitti
[16:31] <rickspencer3> wonder who I am forgetting
[16:31] <seb128> me
[16:31] <seb128> ;-)
[16:31] <rickspencer3> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2010-01-12<<BR>> [16:31] <rickspencer3> hi seb128
[16:31] <seb128> hey rickspencer3!
[16:31] * kenvandine hugs seb128
[16:31] <rickspencer3> btw, I just confirmation of your accomedations for tomorrow night, so you are committed ;)
[16:31] * seb128 hugs kenvandine
[16:31] <seb128> rickspencer3, excellent
[16:32] <rickspencer3> ok, I am sensing that a2 is coming together, but there is still a bit of stress and folks are working hard
[16:32] <rickspencer3> so I will strive to keep the meeting short
[16:32] <rickspencer3> unfortunately, there are a lot of important topics though :)
[16:33] <rickspencer3> so, any other business?
[16:33] <rickspencer3> j/k
[16:33] <kenvandine> hehe
[16:33] <seb128> ;-)
[16:33] <rickspencer3> so randa was oof, which provides me the prefect cover story ...
[16:33] <rickspencer3> I did not *totally* forget to follow up on conference list
[16:33] <rickspencer3> oof = out of office
[16:34] <rickspencer3> don't ask me why it's not ooo
[16:34] <rickspencer3> it just isn't, pitti
[16:34] <rickspencer3> ;)
[16:34] <rickspencer3> ok
[16:34] <seb128> lol
[16:34] <rickspencer3> kenvandine, partner update?
[16:34] <kenvandine> ok
[16:34] <kenvandine> OLS: has no packages for a2, but we are starting to get things that will land in a3 into a ppa
[16:35] <kenvandine> it isn't ready for wide spread testing, but the music store is coming together
[16:35] <kenvandine> the rb plugin and the u1 widget set is in a ppa now
[16:35] <kenvandine> DX: all their packages are uploaded for a2
[16:35] <kenvandine> well, minus the one seb128 is sponsoring for me :)
[16:36] <seb128> (just uploaded your indicator-me update)
[16:36] <rickspencer3> kenvandine, why the OLS ppa? why not just straight into Ubuntu?
[16:36] <kenvandine> thx!
[16:36] <kenvandine> rickspencer3, wouldn't be good
[16:36] <pitti> (getting a little late..., so don't break it Smile :) )
[16:36] <seb128> kenvandine, check emails!
[16:36] <kenvandine> the store lets you buy, but it doesn't actually download
[16:36] <kenvandine> :)
[16:36] <seb128> (it's uploaded)
[16:36] <kenvandine> so we don't want people doing that
[16:36] <seb128> lol
[16:36] <rickspencer3> sounds like a good business to me
[16:36] <seb128> I can see that making users unhappy
[16:36] <kenvandine> it will land in lucid when it is safe :)
[16:36] <rickspencer3> but I guess customer sat suffers
[16:36] <kenvandine> that is it for now
[16:36] <kenvandine> :)
[16:36] <rickspencer3> ok
[16:37] <rickspencer3> kenvandine, any prediction when status updates from Me Menu will land?
[16:37] <kenvandine> no...
[16:37] <rickspencer3> okay
[16:37] <kenvandine> i haven't heard anything
[16:37] * kenvandine makes a note to chase people about that
[16:37] <rickspencer3> please let tedg know that I would like to see that asap!
[16:37] * rickspencer3 whip cracking noises
[16:37] <seb128> any clue when we will get notify-osd changes for lucid? do we still need the debug on?
[16:38] <kenvandine> seb128, i'll check
[16:38] <seb128> it's not nice looking and I don't feel it being useful
[16:38] <kenvandine> yeah
[16:38] <kenvandine> i agree
[16:38] <pitti> I'm fine with hte priority debug
[16:38] <rickspencer3> ACTION: kenvandine to get eta on status updtae from me menu
[16:38] <pitti> but not the red lines
[16:38] <pitti> not that I'd see any bug with their help
[16:38] <rickspencer3> ACTION: kenvandine to get eta on turning off debugging for notifications
[16:38] <rickspencer3> thanks kenvandine
[16:38] <seb128> turning debug off trivial, turning lines need changing code
[16:39] <rickspencer3> waste of time, imo
[16:39] <seb128> right
[16:39] <rickspencer3> just turn it off when we have the necessary data
[16:39] <rickspencer3> moving on?
[16:39] <seb128> just stop using that mode when we think we got the feedback we wanted
[16:39] <seb128> yes
[16:39] <rickspencer3> Riddell, Kubuntu update?
[16:40] <rickspencer3> ccheney, mozilla update?
[16:41] <ccheney> still working on libsoup ran into a weird issue with a few functions but expect to get it resolved today
[16:41] <ccheney> was a bit delayed due to needing to upload OOo last week, then found it didn't build due to kde issues
[16:42] <Riddell> ahem
[16:42] <Riddell> mesa issues
[16:42] <rickspencer3> Riddell, nice save
[16:42] <rickspencer3> :)
[16:42] <ccheney> OOo 3.2.0 rc2 also comes out this week so once the mesa issues are resolved hopefully i can get that in as well
[16:42] <pitti> reinstalling xorg-server-core helped me
[16:42] * ccheney hugs Riddell :)
[16:43] <seb128> pitti, that's probably not the same issue
[16:43] <seb128> pitti, the libglx issue is a race between alternative updates and unpack
[16:43] <seb128> pitti, that should not have effect on buildds
[16:43] <rickspencer3> ccheney, so after libsoup, are there other libraries to hack these functions onto?
[16:43] <pitti> oh, builds
[16:44] <Riddell> Kubuntu update:
[16:44] <Riddell> -4.4 RC 1 is in, delayed due to mesa breakage but mostly compiled now
[16:44] <ccheney> rickspencer3: yes need to fix webkit and epiphany as well, i think they won't be as much trouble though
[16:44] <rickspencer3> ccheney, thanks Riddell ga
[16:44] <Riddell> -alpha 2 candidate images going through early smoketesting
[16:44] <Riddell> -unknown whether KDM will start due to plymouth in alpha 2 (disappointing lack of communication here)
[16:44] <Riddell> -discovered that the mobile folks have a project called ubuntu mobile which will use KDE and plasma, talking with developers
[16:44] <Riddell> -kdebindings is blocking jockey. kdebindings is being blocked by upstream SIP which needs a new release.
[16:44] <Riddell> -kubuntu-notifications-helper waiting on MIR
[16:44] <Riddell> -virtuoso (for nepomuk semantic desktop) waiting on MIR security review
[16:44] <Riddell> -firefox KDE integration apparantly needs patches split up else mozilla won't accept them (but suse managed?)
[16:45] <rickspencer3> "don't know if KDM will start"?
[16:45] <rickspencer3> what;'s the work around, uninstall plymouth?
[16:45] <pitti> virtuoso> I saw your followup, if you disabled all the network bits it sounds a lot less scary
[16:46] <Riddell> rickspencer3: can't uninstall from a live CD, we may need to do a KDM upload which stops plymouth as a quickish alpha 2 workaround
[16:46] <pitti> kdm> plymouth disables itself on any VT change; I don't think it's specific to a particular *dm
[16:46] <pitti> gdm doesn't know about plymouth at all
[16:46] <pitti> but well, in theeeeeory..
[16:46] <Riddell> then maybe it won't be a problem
[16:46] <rickspencer3> let's see
[16:46] <Riddell> I have an ISO image to try now after the meeting
[16:47] <rickspencer3> ok
[16:47] <rickspencer3> keep us posted
[16:47] <rickspencer3> I'll get an audio update from TheMuso in the Eastern edition
[16:47] <rickspencer3> so, next
[16:47] <rickspencer3> staffing
[16:48] <rickspencer3> there's this didrocks person who joined the team?
[16:48] <rickspencer3> anyone heard of him before?
[16:48] <seb128> welcome didrocks!
[16:48] <seb128> no
[16:48] <didrocks> I love the ? ;)
[16:48] * didrocks waves
[16:48] * pitti pokes him in the ribs
[16:48] <seb128> ;-)
[16:48] <bryyce> heya didrocks, welcome aboard!
[16:48] <ccheney> hi :)
[16:48] <seb128> pitti, double the poke from me while you are at it ;-)
[16:48] <didrocks> thanks a lot ;-)
[16:48] <pitti> seb128: done
[16:48] <didrocks> seb128: he is really doing it!!!
[16:48] <seb128> pitti, thanks!
[16:49] <seb128> didrocks, I know ;-)
[16:49] * seb128 hugs pitti
[16:49] <pitti> we're knitting together UNE NextGen here
[16:49] * seb128 joins tomorrow
[16:49] <rickspencer3> chouette!
[16:49] <kenvandine> welcome didrocks!
[16:49] <didrocks> thanks kenvandine :)
[16:49] <seb128> how is rickspencer3's french working in Paris btw?
[16:50] <rickspencer3> okay, so je ne parles pas france
[16:50] <didrocks> seb128: he is improving a LOT :)
[16:50] <seb128> nice!
[16:50] <rickspencer3> so, staffing is really hot for us right now
[16:50] <rickspencer3> so, besides welcoming didrocks, we have:
[16:51] <rickspencer3> 1. two more positions like didrock's (UNE focus/Desktop generalists)
[16:51] <rickspencer3> I have some interviews set up next week, but more referals welcome
[16:51] <rickspencer3> 2. replace asac
[16:51] * rickspencer3 sniff
[16:52] <ccheney> asac: clone yourself stat :)
[16:52] <rickspencer3> there is a promising candidate in the pipeline, so stay tuned
[16:52] <rickspencer3> right, we'd need to hire like five people to "replace asac"
[16:52] <asac> heh
[16:52] <rickspencer3> also, we have some contractor positions that are shorter term
[16:53] <rickspencer3> 2 are to work on ayatana integrations, that is patch apps to make them work with ayatana desktop assets
[16:53] <rickspencer3> and 1 to work with asac and chris on mozilla backport nuttiness
[16:53] <rickspencer3> I think asac has someone in mind for that one
[16:53] <rickspencer3> the 2 ayatana ones I don't think we have anyone firm yet, but I hope to by eow
[16:53] * rickspencer3 wipes sweat from brow
[16:53] <rickspencer3> any questions about staffing?
[16:54] <ccheney> are the postings up on ubuntu.com?
[16:54] <rickspencer3> ccheney, not the contractor ones
[16:54] <ccheney> er yea i meant the permanent ones
[16:54] <rickspencer3> but the UNE/desktop ones, and the 20% of asac one
[16:55] <ccheney> ok
[16:55] <rickspencer3> please refer good folks
[16:55] <rickspencer3> ;)
[16:55] <rickspencer3> and if you are a good folk, please feel free to ping me
[16:55] <rickspencer3> ok, moving on from staffing
[16:55] <rickspencer3> bryyce, any chance you could provide a quick xorg update?
[16:55] <bryyce> sure
[16:56] <rickspencer3> btw, nice change bryyce
[16:56] <rickspencer3> ;)
[16:56] <bryyce> pretty much all the main X.org merges are in place now. A few drivers still need updates (e.g. wacom)
[16:56] <bryyce> rickspencer3, ??
[16:56] <rickspencer3> bryce = bryyce
[16:56] <pitti> what was the reason for the extra y?
[16:56] <bryyce> ah yes, I've become my evil clone
[16:57] <bryyce> pitti, someone snagged 'bryce' when I wasn't looking
[16:57] <bryyce> anyway
[16:57] <rickspencer3> by duplicating a y chromosone, prerhaps?
[16:57] <pitti> it's almost as confusing as having random numbers tailing your nick
[16:57] * pitti ducks
[16:57] * rickspencer3 grrrr
[16:57] <bryyce> heh, guess no one reads star wars novels ;-)
[16:57] <seb128> !
[16:57] <rickspencer3> anyway, xorg ...
[16:57] <bryyce> anyway, so with the mesa merge finally in place, we've implemented the blueprint to move mesa to an alternatives system
[16:57] <bryyce> which I think a few people have noticed
[16:58] <didrocks> not at all… *hum*
[16:58] <rickspencer3> bryyce, *all* done?
[16:58] <bryyce> pitti was right about the difficulty of doing alternative systems, but hopefully the issues are teething pains that will get ironed out
[16:58] <pitti> bryyce: wait until you'll get the bug reports from real-world upgrades :-/
[16:58] * pitti crosses fingers
[16:59] <bryyce> yeah
[16:59] <seb128> hate alternatives
[16:59] <rickspencer3> great news
[16:59] <pitti> but I guess they can be treated with some more force, to keep them in automatic mode
[17:00] <rickspencer3> well ... I just want users with nvidia and ati to have a working Ubuntu
[17:00] <rickspencer3> thanks bryyce (and tseliot) good job
[17:00] <bryyce> I hope it does work out for the best; if we run into major issues it's still in the cards that we could revert it before release, but I really hope we don't need to
[17:00] <bryyce> rickspencer3, thanks, I think that covers it.
[17:01] <rickspencer3> thank you bryyce
[17:01] <rickspencer3> ok, next topic is performance reviews
[17:01] <rickspencer3> these are due in the system by the end of the month
[17:01] <rickspencer3> please budget 30 - 90 minutes on your objectives
[17:01] <seb128> reviews? did we just do those?
[17:01] <seb128> oh, objectives
[17:02] <rickspencer3> (it's objectives, not reviews that are due, sorry)
[17:02] <seb128> right, sorry I got confused
[17:02] <rickspencer3> feel free to send me a draft in email, but expect to discuss at least briefly with me on the phone next week
[17:02] <rickspencer3> think about what you want to write in your next review, and think of some objectives that will help wtih that
[17:03] <rickspencer3> don't over-analyze!
[17:03] <rickspencer3> any questions about objectives?
[17:04] <rickspencer3> ok
[17:04] <rickspencer3> pitti, release status?
[17:04] <pitti> first of all, congrats to everyone, we got a2 almost done
[17:04] <pitti> http://macaroni.ubuntu.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-desktop-team-lucid-alpha-2.html<<BR>> [17:04] <pitti> with the new WI tracker the reports uncovered a few WIs which previously fell through the cracks
[17:05] <pitti> mostly because they were WIs assigned to us which were under the umbrella of a different team
[17:05] <pitti> I'd like to go through them quickly to see whether they are already done, or should be postoned
[17:05] <pitti> BTW, does everyone know that you can append #yourlaunchpadlogin to see your personal WI list?
[17:05] <pitti> e. g. http://macaroni.ubuntu.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-desktop-team-lucid-alpha-2.html#jr<<BR>> [17:06] <pitti> rick-rickspencer3 todo desktop-lucid-desktop-cloud Low support multiple types in cdimage scripts (make-web-indices ...)
[17:06] <rickspencer3> wtf?
[17:06] <pitti> is that actually relevant?
[17:06] <pitti> I thought the cloud stuff was by and large working
[17:06] <rickspencer3> I think that should be for smoser
[17:06] <rickspencer3> pitti, first approximation is done
[17:06] <pitti> it doesn't sound a2 critical to me, but then I don't really know what this WI is about in the first place
[17:06] <pitti> ok, will reassign that one then
[17:07] <pitti> ken-vandine todo dx-lucid-gtk-improvements High integrate patches in the gtk package
[17:07] <rickspencer3> put it into a3 for now, and I'll close it out if it is done or not relevant
[17:07] <pitti> kenvandine: was that the ARGB stuff or client-side deco?
[17:07] <pitti> rickspencer3: ack
[17:07] <kenvandine> both
[17:07] <kenvandine> which isn't ready
[17:07] <pitti> kenvandine: aren't these done?
[17:07] <pitti> ah
[17:07] <kenvandine> causes problems still
[17:07] <pitti> kenvandine: would you mind to postpone this then?
[17:07] <kenvandine> closer
[17:07] <kenvandine> yes
[17:07] <rickspencer3> this is the csd bug?
[17:07] * kenvandine does it
[17:08] <kenvandine> rickspencer3, csd is getting nixed for lucid
[17:08] <kenvandine> but argb is still causing some problems
[17:08] <kenvandine> bratsche, has been fixing apps for us, and i think we are close to having the core stuff working
[17:08] <rickspencer3> sounds good
[17:08] <pitti> jr todo foundations-lucid-boot-experience Essential kdm needs equivalent patches to gdm
[17:08] <kenvandine> but not ready to subject the masses
[17:08] <pitti> Riddell and I talked about this already, but for the record
[17:09] <pitti> I think this means "start kdm earlier to optimize boot speed"
[17:09] <rickspencer3> if it's not ready for the masses soon, it won't be ready in Lucid
[17:09] <pitti> i. e. take the gdm upstart start condition into kdm's upstart
[17:09] <kenvandine> pitti, can you change the milestone on dx-lucid-gtk-improvements? i can't
[17:09] <Riddell> that's not about plymouth?
[17:09] <pitti> Riddell: I don't think it's a2 critical at all, and I don't think we should squeeze it into a2 at this point; OK?
[17:09] <pitti> kenvandine: to a3?
[17:10] <kenvandine> yeah
[17:10] <pitti> Riddell: haven't read details, I don't think it's related to plymouth; gdm/kdm don't need to know about plymouth
[17:10] <pitti> kenvandine: we don't need to; just move that item to the lucid-alpha-3 section
[17:10] <Riddell> pitti: do we know who created the work item? then we could find out what it means
[17:10] <pitti> kenvandine: I can move the entire spec for clarity, though
[17:11] <kenvandine> pitti, that is what we should do, imho
[17:11] <pitti> kenvandine: done both
[17:11] <kenvandine> thx
[17:11] <pitti> Riddell: I suppose Keybuk, he's the drafter
[17:12] <Riddell> pitti: well whatever it is, it's not happening for alpha 2
[17:12] <pitti> Riddell: as long as kdm starts up, I think it's fine; I'll just move it to a3
[17:12] <Riddell> I'll poke keybuk and work out what he means
[17:12] <Riddell> KDM does seem to start up fine
[17:12] <pitti> Riddell: done
[17:13] <pitti> bryceharrington todo desktop-lucid-xorg-triaging-diagnosis High Create python class that provides access to relevant data from the log file
[17:13] <pitti> Riddell: thanks
[17:13] <pitti> bryyce: this is totally separate from the distro of course, and Apport only just started to work at all with the new kernel
[17:13] <bryyce> pitti, it's not going into the release, so I'm leaving it to work on over the next day or two
[17:13] <pitti> bryyce: I just wondered whether you actually want to work on that this week, or whether it's better suited for a3
[17:14] <pitti> depending on your other mesa/bug triaging/testing workload
[17:14] <pitti> it seems worthwhile to do early, for more efficient bug triaging (I guess?)
[17:14] <rickspencer3> all done pitti?
[17:14] <bryyce> pitti, give me one more day to work on it
[17:14] <pitti> that was it, just wanted to collect the WI stragglers
[17:14] <rickspencer3> thanks for tracking all of those work items for the milestone
[17:14] <bryyce> if it's not done by tomorrow we can postpone it, but it's a simple task, I'd like to score it for a2
[17:15] <pitti> bryyce: it's not top prio, don't worry
[17:15] <rickspencer3> note that for a3, I would like us to do whatever it takes to get under the trend line each week before the release meeting
[17:15] <pitti> perfect
[17:15] <pitti> thanks everyone
[17:15] <rickspencer3> so if we need to cut stuff, do it weekly and be prepared to discuss that in the release meeting
[17:16] <bryyce> "do it weekly"?
[17:16] <rickspencer3> bryyce, right, each week, if we are above the trend line, we address that
[17:16] <rickspencer3> this time we did it all at once at the end of the release
[17:16] <rickspencer3> we'll see how it works
[17:16] <rickspencer3> any other business?
[17:17] <bryyce> rickspencer3, question on task quantity for a3?
[17:17] <rickspencer3> bryyce, go ahead
[17:17] <pitti> http://macaroni.ubuntu.com/~pitti/workitems/canonical-desktop-team-lucid-alpha-3.html<<BR>> [17:17] <pitti> tseliot's stuff landed today and already cut a huge dent in it
[17:17] <bryyce> oh, just seems number wise there's more tasks ahead of us than behind us, wondered if we intended to balance that out
[17:17] <rickspencer3> oh man, I thought we were going for 60, and there's 84!
[17:18] <bryyce> pitti, ah good
[17:18] * rickspencer3 fumes
[17:18] <pitti> we probably need to postpone a few startup speed one
[17:18] <pitti> s
[17:18] <rickspencer3> ok
[17:18] <pitti> and replace them with hacks in the OEM image
[17:18] <rickspencer3> I'll let it be for now, and look through later
[17:19] <seb128> we will never reach login speed if we start postponing things now
[17:19] * pitti isn't proposing to postpone it now
[17:20] <rickspencer3> ok, let me talk to bryyce off line
[17:20] <rickspencer3> seems you may be a tad overbooked bryyce?
[17:20] <bryyce> could be
[17:20] <rickspencer3> if so, we'll talk and fix that
[17:21] <rickspencer3> kenvandine, maybe also
[17:21] <rickspencer3> thanks bryyce
[17:21] * kenvandine will look
[17:21] <rickspencer3> any other business?
[17:21] <bryyce> although a lot look like smallish tasks so maybe I can burn through them quick
[17:21] <bryyce> rickspencer3, thanks
=== thunderstruck is now known as gnomefreak
[17:22] <seb128> well I'm concerned about the login speed
[17:22] <seb128> but that's not a meeting thing
[17:22] <seb128> and nothing new
[17:22] <pitti> seb128: did you happen to hear from robert? does he have time to work on the panel, or should we find a plan B?
[17:23] <seb128> plan B
[17:23] <seb128> I talked to him yesterday
[17:23] <pitti> seb128: also, WDYT about landing the "start all in parallel" changes after a2?
[17:23] <seb128> he should really be doing oem work now
[17:23] <seb128> he's behind on that apparently
[17:23] <seb128> spent too much time on desktop work
[17:23] <pitti> ok; I thought that was OEM work through the backdoor
[17:23] <seb128> well he has to do gdm things for now
[17:23] <rickspencer3> is the meeting over?
[17:24] <seb128> pitti, let's discuss that tomorrow
[17:24] <seb128> the "all in parallel"
[17:24] <pitti> seb128: right
[17:24] <seb128> it doesn't really win anything
[17:24] <seb128> or not a lot
[17:24] <seb128> it trades some white space for some cpu bound limitation on the chart
[17:24] <rickspencer3> ok, all done
[17:24] <seb128> rickspencer3, thanks
[17:24] * rickspencer3 taps gavel


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