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Meeting Minutes


Main Meeting

  • Rick Spencer (rickspencer3) - chair
  • Bryce Harrington (bryce)
  • Chris Coulson (chrisccoulson)
  • Gary Lasker (tremolux)
  • Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)
  • Ken VanDine (kenvandine)

  • Martin Pitt (pitti)
  • Sebastien Bacher (seb128)
  • Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)

Eastern Edition

  • Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)

  • Robert Ancell (robert_ancell)
  • Chris Halse Rogers (RAOF)


  • Didier Roche (didrocks)


  • Outstanding actions from last meeting
  • Partner Update
  • Kubuntu Update
  • Release Bugs/Release Status
  • App Selection
  • Review Goals/Objectives
  • Review activity reports
  • Any other business


Actions from this meeting

Outstanding actions from last meeting

Partner Update


  • Weekly releases

  • Desktop SSO changes are in the desktop now, server changes required to use them will be deployed today
  • Include a default message in evolution, explaining how to effectively use UbuntuOne LP: #615874

    • - English only for Maverick, will get translated for Natty


  • Weekly releases

  • ido release required for indicator-sound and utouch
  • appmenu
    • Desktop menu
    • keyboard activation
  • indicator-me - adding indicator of which accounts you will be posting too
  • indicator-sound - UI polishing and mris2 tweaks for spec changes

Kubuntu Update

Release Status


UNE update

USC Update

  • Buy Something
    • Feature is working end-to-end using staging server, some UI cleanup still needed to improve the experience
    • Plan is to go live with a limited deployment before early next week with a single test item for sale for testing purposes
    • This week: Finish remaining cleanup needed before user interface freeze, further improvements to error handling
  • New Apps on a Stable Release
    • Server-based metadata and download/display of icon from the server completed
    • All basic functionality currently in-place for this feature
    • Still running from the app-review-board PPA directly, will use this until deployment of extras.ubuntu.com
    • LP team has enabled the ability to publish user-defined metadata in a PPA (LP: 613468), this is essential for server-based metadata "plan b" implementation, many thanks!
      • Feature is currently available on dogfood only, to be released at next LP update
  • UI Enhancements
    • kiwinote's great work on apt-url integration features has been merged and beta work item closed, many thanks!
  • Miscellaneous
    • Continued excellent contributions from community members; many thanks to kiwinote, and471, nzmm, devildante for their great work!
    • We are currently awaiting icons for left-panel items "For Purchase", "Independent", and "Other", will need these for UI freeze

App Selection

Review Goals/Objectives

  • Get them in today if at all possible
  • Budget 30-60 minutes max

Other Business

Activity reports

Bryce Harrington (bryce)

Chris Coulson (chrisccoulson)

  • General:
    • Completely reorganized the packaging structure for Firefox 4.0 now, after Mozilla introduced omni.jar by default. We still build an unbranded browser, but we can't just split the branding anymore like we used to, so the old packaging structure and split no longer made sense. There's a few features we had in the old packaging that no longer work in the new world though (eg, there's no support for system-wide preferences). This is work for Natty though.
    • Investigated and fixed a build issue in FF4.0 where "make install" didn't install a working browser (BMO: #588410)

    • Investigated and worked around an issue with missing information from our breakpad symbols package. The workaround is that we currently have to send a hideously oversized symbols package, which contains way more information than we really need to send. I hope to fix this properly this week so my ISP doesn't disconnect me though Wink ;) (BMO: #588129)

    • Updated NSS and NSPR for maverick (not uploaded yet though)
    • Investigating sudden increase of Firefox and Thunderbird crashers. It seems that getenv() crashes in the openjdk plugin only when moonlight is loaded first. This is ongoing.
    • Investigating why our crash reports to Mozilla aren't working. It seems that we're generating empty reports due to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/Roadmap/KernelHardening#PTRACE%20Protection. I've written a patch for google-breakpad which fixes this, and it's currently being reviewed before I apply it in Ubuntu (http://paste.ubuntu.com/483012/)

  • desktop-maverick-chromium
    • Had some discussion with Evan Martin about security maintenance / release process / crash reporting and other issues
    • Started discussion on TB mailing list regarding security updates for Chromium
  • desktop-maverick-mozilla-team-discussion
    • Reviewed new xul rdepends in archive
      • Dropped xulrunner build-depend from parole (see Debian: #594073)

      • Fixed the Gecko version requirement being too tight in instantbird, so we don't need to upload with every security update
  • Bugs
    • Fixed LP: #614039 - gnome-power-manager crashed with signal 5 in _XError()

    • Fixed LP: #570828 - gnome-network-admin on UbuntuStudio doesnt allow to configure either wired networks or wireless

    • Fixed LP: #615047 - gnome-power-manager asks for root permission to do: gnome-power-backlight-helper --get-max-brightness

  • Sponsoring
    • Sponsored LP: #529744 - When creating a new user, "Shortname" should really be "Username"

Chris Halse Rogers (RAOF)

  • Update xorg-server to 1.9 release with a couple of nice bugfixes.
  • Chased bug #595555 around the stack. Fixed a bug in xorg-server's SYNC extension, which fixes this & pushed the patch upstream. There's a related bug in gnome-session (bug #623700) which I've patched & filed upstream.

  • Fixed X crash in -ati driver caused by new SwapBuffers support (bug #617201). Discussion about the patch is continuing upstream; it really should be fixed in the DRI2 extension itself.

  • Preliminary work for FFe bug for mesa 7.9 snapshots. Linaro wants some features from the new mesa, it provides preliminary 3D enablement for new Intel chips, and may help DX out, but 7.9 isn't branched yet and is still under major development.

Didier Roche (didrocks)

Gary Lasker (tremolux)

  • Finished up server-based metadata feature and download/display of the icon from the server (while on plane to Paris Smile :) )

  • On holiday last week and week before
  • Caught up on two weeks of email and current state of software center work
  • Weekly software-center call
  • To do this week:
    • Finish any remaining cleanup items for buy-something and new-apps needed before user interface freeze
    • Move buy-something dialog to be in-line rather than as separate webkit view (LP: #618817)
      • Note this is if time allows as this is was specified only recently
    • LP: #426999 - search navigation fix for subsections
    • tzdata: prepare updates for new upstream release 2010l
    • Make travel arrangements for UDS-Natty

Jonathan Riddell (Riddell)

  • Fixing Ubiquity for maverick changes
  • Translations QA day
  • Various fixes to KDM and others in kdebase-workspace
  • Fix showing ubiquity icon on live CD
  • move bluedevil to main and onto CD
  • New qimageblitz version
  • Whole day archive admin
  • review and upload new koffice, package new koffice-l10n
  • package new dbusmenu-qt, plasma-widget-menu and qt4 patch from Aurelien

Ken VanDine (kenvandine)

  • libgwibber
    • Cleaned up some compiler warnings to get it into main
  • social from the start
    • Twitter is shutting down basic auth, and hasn't provided a feasible solution for open source clients to use their OAuth implementation.
    • Doing some research on how we can continue to support Twitter in Lucid, and all future versions
  • In getting started on account sync with desktopcouch, I uncovered some bugs causing the service to exit if it failed to find secrets in they keyring. Had to fix all the keyring handling to not only survive missing secrets but to properly prompt the user to authenticate, etc.

Luke Yelavich (TheMuso)

Martin Pitt (pitti)

  • SRU review and processing
  • apport retracer maintenance
  • bug triage
  • built maverick langpacks
  • debugged CD oversizedness, filed bug
  • fix OO.o dependencies (LP: #619858)
  • discussed migration of udev packaging with Colin
  • gnome-disk-utility bug fixing
  • gnome-power-manager bug fixing
  • langpack-o-matic bug fixing
  • media-player-info bug fixing
  • reviewed udev changes since version 151, filed FFE
  • udev bug fixing
  • prepared udev 161 test package
  • prepared udev SRU with latest keymaps
  • release management and engineering
  • release team meeting
  • reviewed and integrated usb-modeswitch (#521578)
  • translation coordination confcall
  • updated gnome-power-manager to new version
  • updated seeds and packages for better Chinese ibus support
  • upower bug fixing

Robert Ancell (robert_ancell)

  • Maverick updates: evince, vala, gexiv2, shotwell, simple-scan, gedit, libwnck, empathy
  • Investigate Cheese slowness... no progress
  • Make PolicyKit gettext patch

  • Add gir support to libgee
  • Review Rhythmbox iPod video podcast patch

Sebastien Bacher (seb128)

  • desktop updates: cheese libsoup glib indicator-sound gtk nautilus gnome-desktop papyon
  • reverted wrong libgnomekbd soname change
  • updated telepathy-glib for the new vala
  • updated gdm to fix an issue in the policy translation
  • fixed a libgnome depends issue
  • backported rhythmbox mpris updates from upstream, dropped the appindicator
  • rebuilt bamf and wncksync for a dx gio change
  • updated clutter to fix an issue in the picking change
  • changed mutter to work with the new gdk
  • updated schroedinger to the new version now that orc is available
  • review the linaro clutter changes and sponsored to maverick
  • cleaned some clutter build-depends and depends
  • unity updates: unity unity-place-files unity-place-applications bamf unity-asset-pool
  • backported an unity bug fix
  • tested unity places i18n changes, fixed an issue, backported the change to maverick
  • desktopteam tasks tracking, weekly meeting, release meeting, wiki status updates, etc
  • sponsoring: gnome-settings-daemon gnome-settings-daemon ibus gnome-bluetooth ubuntu-sso-client obexd

Till Kamppeter (tkamppeter)

  • Vacation

IRC Logs

[17:31] <seb128> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2010-08-24
[17:31] <Riddell> hi
[17:31] <seb128> rickspencer3, chrisccoulson, tremolux, Riddell, kenvandine, pitti: hello
[17:31] <rickspencer3> seb128, I think tkampeter is still on vacation
[17:32] <tremolux> hey everybody
[17:32] <seb128> ok
[17:32] <chrisccoulson> hi!
[17:32] <seb128> tremolux, welcome back from your holidays
[17:32] <tremolux> seb128: thanks Smile :)
[17:32] <tremolux> good to be back
[17:32] <seb128> so it seems we have a special guest
[17:32] <seb128> everybody welcome wendar who is joining the meeting to say hello
[17:33] <Riddell> hi wendar
[17:33] <kenvandine> hi wendar
[17:33] <seb128> wendar, hey, do you want to quickly introduce yourself?
[17:33] <wendar> Hi all
[17:33] <chrisccoulson> hi wendar
[17:33] <wendar> I'm Allison Randal, the new technical architect
[17:33] <wendar> glad to be here
[17:34] <rickspencer3> that means wendar gets to make all the decisions now
[17:34] <seb128> welcome on board wendar Wink ;-)
[17:34] <rickspencer3> Smile :)
[17:34] <wendar> thanks!
[17:34] <rickspencer3> j/k, of course
[17:34] <rickspencer3> seriously ...
[17:34] <seb128> waouh
[17:34] <wendar> (all the decisions, hah!)
[17:34] <seb128> oh, I though I could get holidays now
[17:34] <seb128> not fair Wink ;-)
[17:34] <kenvandine> no holidays for seb128 Smile :)
[17:34] <rickspencer3> Technical Architect is about helping to "make the hole more than the sum of the parts"
[17:35] <seb128> I think you mean "whole"?
[17:35] <wendar> that too Smile :)
[17:35] <seb128> Wink ;-)
[17:35] <seb128> rickspencer3, we were sort of trying to raise there, not to dig :p
[17:36] <bcurtiswx> Pun intended?
[17:36] <rickspencer3> seb128, well, ok
[17:36] <seb128> sorry, it has been a long week Wink ;-)
[17:36] <rickspencer3> awesome attention to detail
[17:36] * kenvandine notes it's tuesday...
[17:36] <rickspencer3> lol
[17:36] <seb128> in any case welcome to wendar, I'm sure we will enjoy working with her
[17:36] <rickspencer3> maybe we should get to work before this gets too much worse?
[17:36] <seb128> let's get moving
[17:36] <seb128> indeed!
[17:36] <kenvandine> welcome wendar, look forward to meeting you at UDS Smile :)
[17:37] <and471> seb128, rickspencer3, get first impression of a professional team XD
[17:37] <and471> *great
[17:37] <seb128> I don't think we have items from last week
[17:37] <seb128> kenvandine, partner updates?
[17:37] <kenvandine> sure
[17:37] <kenvandine> starting with U1
[17:37] <kenvandine> the desktop sso bits should be uploaded for the desktop
[17:38] <kenvandine> but needs a server rollout to use them
[17:38] <seb128> they were talking about api changes in the dbus interface yesterday
[17:38] <seb128> do you know what's going with that?
[17:38] <kenvandine> seems to have a couple things broken
[17:38] <kenvandine> i got the impression that was in
[17:38] <kenvandine> i'll confirm with josh
[17:38] <seb128> there was no sso update for 5 days
[17:38] <kenvandine> ok, i'll check
[17:38] <seb128> thanks
[17:39] <kenvandine> he said yesterday it was all in
[17:39] <kenvandine> but didn't talk about the api change
[17:39] <kenvandine> moving on
[17:39] <kenvandine> evolution default U1 message will be english only for maverick, and get proper translations in natty
[17:39] <seb128> not exactly
[17:39] <kenvandine> oh?
[17:39] <seb128> we will not have proper translations with langpacks
[17:39] <kenvandine> you mean "not proper"
[17:39] <seb128> dpm will organize translations in the wiki
[17:40] <seb128> and we will get an update with inline translations for what we get
[17:40] * dpm gets on to that
[17:40] <seb128> yes sorry
[17:40] <kenvandine> ok
[17:40] <seb128> "no proper"
[17:40] <kenvandine> Smile :)
[17:40] <kenvandine> moving on to DX
[17:40] <seb128> dpm, thanks
[17:40] <kenvandine> appmenu updates with desktop menu support and keyboard accelerators
[17:40] <kenvandine> hopefully this week
[17:40] <kenvandine> jcastro, Smile :)
[17:41] <kenvandine> # indicator-me - adding indicator of which accounts you will be posting too
[17:41] <seb128> hum
[17:41] <seb128> that seems a feature to me
[17:41] <kenvandine> seb128, you OK'd that yesterday Smile :)
[17:41] <seb128> I was going to say "make sure you have a ffe bug"
[17:41] <seb128> Wink ;-)
[17:41] <kenvandine> ok
[17:41] <kenvandine> will do
[17:42] <seb128> but in principle it should be ok
[17:42] <seb128> thanks
[17:42] <kenvandine> # indicator-sound - UI polishing and mris2 tweaks for spec changes
[17:42] <dpm> seb128, no worries. I'll create the wiki page tomorrow, Matt Griffin sent me the final text already
[17:42] <kenvandine> and unity updates as well
[17:42] <seb128> dpm, thanks
[17:42] <kenvandine> i think that is it for DX
[17:42] <seb128> didrocks if you read me, come back! Wink ;-)
[17:42] <seb128> we miss you Wink ;-)
[17:42] <seb128> kenvandine, thanks
[17:43] <asac> lol
[17:43] <seb128> does anybody has questions or comments on the dx updates?
[17:43] <seb128> asac, I'm just saying that because I got the unity updates to do while he's not there
[17:43] <seb128> Wink ;-)
[17:43] <seb128> but we miss him as well Wink ;-)
[17:43] <seb128> ok, seems no comment or questions
[17:43] <seb128> thanks kenvandine
[17:44] <pitti> kenvandine: is there any hope for the nautilus ribbon?
[17:44] <pitti> (for u1)
[17:44] <seb128> oh, one question
[17:44] <seb128> pitti, it's only in the xdg dirs now
[17:44] <seb128> which is only like 6 directories
[17:44] <pitti> *phew*
[17:44] <seb128> I guess it's an ok compromise
[17:44] <pitti> it still shouldn't be in "Videos", but at least that's much beter now
[17:44] <seb128> pitti, well that's an xdg dir
[17:45] <pitti> if you actually start syncing your 200 GB videos, you aren't going to have a functional internet connection in the next 3 months..
[17:45] <seb128> ie music, photos, videos, documents, etc
[17:45] <seb128> that's a valid point, maybe open a bug about it?
[17:45] <pitti> no chance for simply having a button in the toolbar?
[17:45] <seb128> I would like that as well
[17:45] <pitti> seb128: I mentioned that very prominently in the existing one, but I can also create another one if you think it'd be helpful?
[17:45] <seb128> kenvandine, ^ can you check specifically with them?
=== seif is now known as seif_
[17:45] <kenvandine> i'll check
[17:46] <kenvandine> but not optimistic :/
[17:46] <seb128> pitti, well for the "video should be out of the dirs having the banner"
[17:46] <seb128> I would like to keep the current one about the banner itself
[17:46] <seb128> not start discussing there which folder should be handled differently
[17:46] <pitti> seb128: WFM
[17:46] <seb128> thanks
[17:46] <rickspencer3> kenvandine, who "owns" this decision
[17:47] <kenvandine> john leah i think
[17:47] <rickspencer3> don't forget that we can revert a change if we think it's truly damaging
[17:47] <kenvandine> yeah
[17:47] <rickspencer3> but feature freeze is soon
[17:47] <kenvandine> well the having the banner there or not...
[17:47] * rickspencer3 goes to talk to john leah
[17:47] <kenvandine> it's past
[17:47] <rickspencer3> I meant "Visual Freeze" sorry
[17:47] <kenvandine> ah
[17:47] <kenvandine> yeah
[17:48] <seb128> rickspencer3, kenvandine: thanks
[17:48] <seb128> let's follow up on that after meeting and move on
[17:48] <seb128> Riddell, hey
[17:48] <seb128> Riddell, kubuntu update?
[17:48] <Riddell> hola
[17:48] <Riddell> - some ubiquity changes done but not the change of control flow needed for maverick, evan is looking at it now, not much time if we get stuck on this
[17:48] <Riddell> - kdebindings has a patch which fixes pykde issue but smoke does not comile, will look at building package without smoke on arm
[17:48] <Riddell> - milestoned bugs tagged kubuntu http://tinyurl.com/33p7vu3
[17:48] <Riddell> - 3 milestoned bugs currently, none critical (I expect this to rise after beta)
[17:48] <Riddell> - lots of upgrade testing needing doing
[17:48] <Riddell> - ubuntuone-kde FFe expected before beta
[17:48] <Riddell> - Translations QA day held, no major problems but some more bits to check/clear up here
[17:48] <Riddell> - FFe expected for new Amarok version after beta, and mpris2 support from agateau
[17:50] <seb128> Riddell, do you have any estimation of how much work the ubiquity design change will require?
[17:50] <seb128> Riddell, is evan going to do the work or just helping there?
[17:51] <Riddell> it's mostly the fiddly stuff about when debconf gets run and the install stuff, evan says he's looking at it and he knows it better than I do so hopefully he'll get it sorted
[17:51] <Riddell> but he's got other bugs to do as well before the freeze so it's not certain
[17:52] <seb128> ok
[17:52] <seb128> let's see how it goes
[17:52] <seb128> does anybody has comments or questions about Kubuntu?
[17:53] <seb128> ok, seems not
[17:53] <seb128> thanks Riddell
[17:54] <seb128> we don't have didrocks for the UNE update but I can do a quick status update there
[17:54] <seb128> unity got updated with a load of bugfixes last week
[17:55] <seb128> they are still working on the touch changes though so that didn't late yet
[17:55] <seb128> it should be ready for thursday this week
[17:55] <seb128> after that the unity team should be full speed on fixing issues
[17:55] <seb128> ok
[17:56] <seb128> does anybody has questions about UNE?
[17:56] <seb128> (we will discuss banshee by default in the app selection item in a bit)
[17:56] <seb128> ok, let's move on
[17:56] <seb128> tremolux, hey, welcome back
[17:56] <seb128> tremolux, software-center update?
[17:56] <tremolux> hiya \o
[17:56] <tremolux> yep
[17:57] <tremolux>
[17:57] <tremolux> Buy Something: Feature working end-to-end using staging server, small UI improvements still needed, plan is to go live with a limited test deployment by early next week
[17:57] <tremolux> New Apps: Custom metadata and server-based icon support added, all features in place now, LP metadata publishing update done, running from PPA currently until extras.ubuntu.com is deployed
[17:57] <tremolux> UI Enhancements: kiwinote's apt-url integration has been merged, a great feature and great work from kiwinote, many thanks!
[17:57] <tremolux> General: Many awesome contributions and continued excellent work these weeks from our community USC teammates; many thanks to kiwinote, and471, nzmm, devildante!
[17:58] <seb128> ok
[17:58] <kiwinote> probably worth pointing out that s-c now handles deb file installation instead of gdebi by way of major-ish changes
[17:58] <tremolux> lots of details, any questions?
[17:58] <tremolux> kiwinote: indeed
[17:58] <seb128> tremolux, the extras.ubuntu.com, any news about it?
[17:59] <seb128> we have work items assigned to i.s
[17:59] <tremolux> seb128: I have not checked since I returned, I will check today
[17:59] <seb128> who is tracking those?
[17:59] <seb128> thanks
[17:59] <seb128> those items are beta ones, it's getting late
[17:59] <tremolux> that change will be under the covers are fairly straightforward to make, once the archive is in place (that's the good news)
[18:00] <tremolux> seb128: agreed, I'll get the status on it
[18:00] <seb128> ok
[18:00] <seb128> thanks tremolux
[18:00] <seb128> status update
[18:00] <seb128> http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/maverick/canonical-desktop-team-ubuntu-10.10-beta.html
[18:00] <seb128> we are behind for beta
[18:01] <seb128> but most remaining items are infrastructe, bug tracking or documentation
[18:01] <seb128> http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/maverick/canonical-desktop-team.html is on shape
[18:01] <pitti> chances are that I won't get to doing the apport/gpu one; too much other stuff to do, I'm afraid
[18:01] <seb128> I'm going to do a quick round or remaining items
[18:02] <seb128> let's start with pitti since he mentioned his remaining item
[18:02] <seb128> pitti, is that something the x guys are counting on?
=== njpatel_ is now known as njpatel
[18:02] <pitti> this one sounds rather complex, and I'm not very familiar with the freeze handling
[18:02] <seb128> pitti, it seems an improvement in the bug reporting flow but I'm not sure how much they need it
[18:02] <pitti> seb128: I don't think so; it'd give us better bug reports, but it's not a dependency of something else, I think
[18:02] <pitti> RAOF would know, of course
[18:03] <seb128> we have lived without it before we can do another cycle without it
[18:03] <seb128> pitti, can you check with raof what he wants to do and change the target as appropriate?
[18:03] <seb128> it can as well be next cycle now I guess
[18:03] <pitti> seb128: yep, can do
[18:03] <seb128> thanks
[18:03] <pitti> I'll talk to him tomorrow morning
[18:03] <seb128> chrisccoulson: hey
[18:03] <chrisccoulson> hi!
[18:03] <seb128> pitti, danke
[18:03] <seb128> chrisccoulson: you have 2 remaining items
[18:03] <seb128> pyxpcom
[18:04] <chrisccoulson> yeah, that ones pretty easy now
[18:04] <seb128> what are the news about this one?
[18:04] <chrisccoulson> debian has it packaged, although the packaging is mostly incompatible with our xulrunner packaging in ubuntu
[18:04] <seb128> is it required for other things? how much work would it be to package?
[18:04] <seb128> do you still plan to land it in maverick?
[18:05] <chrisccoulson> i'm not sure whether we want it really. it's pretty much unmaintained upstream, and we are going to start transitioning to xul2.0 pretty much as soon as natty opens
[18:05] <seb128> ok
[18:05] <chrisccoulson> so, it will probably end up disappearing again after 1 cycle Wink ;)
[18:05] <seb128> can you just drop it from the tracking and set as postponed?
[18:05] <chrisccoulson> yeah, sure
[18:05] <seb128> thanks
[18:05] <seb128> what about the other one? firefox translations?
[18:06] <chrisccoulson> i suppose that one should be quite an easy one to do, i just need to find the right person to ask
[18:06] <seb128> ok
[18:07] <seb128> that doesn't need any change to ubuntu so you still have some time for it until next week
[18:07] <seb128> chrisccoulson: thanks
[18:07] <seb128> the IS items have been mentioned before
[18:07] <seb128> I've moved didrocks's oneconf item to maverick but oneconf will be for next cycle now
[18:08] <seb128> I will check that with didrocks when he's back
[18:08] <seb128> tremolux, hey again
[18:08] <chrisccoulson> i still need IS to do something for me too Wink ;)
[18:08] <seb128> tremolux, you still have one item for quickly integration
[18:08] <tremolux> yes, I have one item to add new-apps metadata support into quickly
[18:08] <tremolux> it should not be difficult to do, but I would need didrocks to coordinate of course
[18:08] <seb128> tremolux, I guess there is no hard requirement to get that for beta since quickly is not in the default installation
[18:09] <rickspencer3> tremolux, maybe mterry would pick that up for you?
[18:09] <seb128> tremolux, should we move that back to maverick rather than beta now?
[18:09] <tremolux> rickspencer3: sure, that'd be very cool
[18:09] <tremolux> seb128: ok, I'll do that
[18:09] <seb128> thanks
[18:09] <rickspencer3> tremolux, will you ask him please?
[18:09] <tremolux> rickspencer3: sure will
[18:09] <rickspencer3> thanks man
[18:10] <seb128> thanks tremolux
[18:10] <seb128> kenvandine, hey again
[18:10] <tremolux> sure, thanks guys
[18:10] <kenvandine> hey
[18:10] <seb128> kenvandine, you have one item about desktopcouch, is that new?
[18:10] <kenvandine> account sync?
[18:10] <seb128> yeah, I somewhat didn't notice it last week when reviewing the list
[18:10] <kenvandine> sort of... that is syncing accounts for gwibber with desktopcouch
[18:11] <seb128> is that to get account syncing back in gwibber?
[18:11] <kenvandine> yeah
[18:11] <seb128> how is that one going?
[18:11] <rickspencer3> look, it's mterry ^
[18:11] * rickspencer3 applauds
[18:11] <seb128> hey mterry!
[18:11] <kenvandine> barely... i started working on it last week and found a ton of gwibber bugs with keyring handling
[18:11] <kenvandine> got them all fixed by friday night though
[18:11] <kenvandine> i need to get back to it
[18:11] * mterry waves
[18:12] <kenvandine> once i get the oauth/twitter thing worked out
[18:12] <seb128> hum
[18:12] <kenvandine> hey mterry
[18:12] <mterry> Hi, teammates! Smile :)
[18:12] <seb128> it's getting late in the cycle
[18:12] <kenvandine> i know...
[18:12] <seb128> when is the timeframe for the twitter changes?
[18:12] <rickspencer3> mterry, don't get me in trouble with your current manager!
[18:12] <kenvandine> twitter/oauth has to be fixed by the 31st
[18:12] <seb128> urg
[18:12] <kenvandine> getting turned off :/
[18:12] <seb128> timing is nice making your life easy
[18:12] <mterry> rickspencer3, you know this is logged, right? Smile :)
[18:13] <seb128> nice -> not
[18:13] <rickspencer3> ooops
[18:13] <kenvandine> yeah... i know!
[18:13] <seb128> kenvandine, ok, good luck then with those, let me know if you need help
[18:13] <kenvandine> Smile :)
[18:13] <seb128> thanks kenvandine
[18:13] * pitti ^5s mterry
[18:13] <mterry> Smile :)
[18:13] <seb128> ok, other remaining items are X ones, will be for the eastern meeting
[18:14] <seb128> I've moved the wayland spec from beta to maverick and idem with the gpu hang one
[18:14] <seb128> since those are ppa work and bug triage
[18:14] <seb128> ok
[18:14] <seb128> any comment on the status update before we move to the next itme?
[18:15] <seb128> ok, seems not
[18:15] <seb128> let's move on
[18:15] <tremolux> just want to get in mine: hey mterry!! \o/
[18:15] <seb128> rickspencer3, the app selection item is yours?
[18:15] <seb128> rickspencer3, do you want to lead that part?
[18:15] <rickspencer3> seb128, yeah
[18:16] <rickspencer3> sorry, talking about the U1 thing on another channel
[18:16] <seb128> ok
[18:16] <rickspencer3> so, for app selection, I think that perhaps
[18:16] <rickspencer3> we've slowly made some changes to our plans, as is normal
[18:16] <seb128> do you want me to go over the choices?
[18:16] <rickspencer3> however, I wonder if we've communicated them effectively
[18:16] <rickspencer3> seb128, perhaps we could list out what was planned, and what actually happened for the next meeting?
[18:16] <seb128> we did for the chromium one I think
[18:17] <rickspencer3> and then send a summary
[18:17] <seb128> ok
[18:17] <seb128> I can do that
[18:17] <rickspencer3> well, we said chromium would be in main, but now I'm not so sure
[18:17] <rickspencer3> thanks seb128
[18:17] <pitti> if there's a way we can avoid it, please let's
[18:17] <seb128> right, we basically decided to not go for chromium in main this cycle
[18:18] <seb128> banshee is getting really late
[18:18] <seb128> it's for UNE only but they still didn't land the udev port
[18:18] <rickspencer3> so, my only point is that we've accrued some changes to plan, and I think some extra communication regarding those changes would be good
[18:18] <pitti> (on that note, banshee was finally ported to udev \o/)
[18:18] <seb128> so it's still not default
[18:18] <pitti> seb128: oh, it's in trunk now
[18:18] <jcastro> it's in trunk, it's just not in a release
[18:18] <seb128> pitti, right, but no tarball before next week which is 3 weeks after ff
[18:18] <pitti> *nod*
[18:19] <pitti> just sayin'
[18:19] <pitti> don't misinterpret me as pushing for it Smile :)
[18:19] <seb128> it's the sort of change we would like to test early rather than late
[18:19] <seb128> Wink ;-)
[18:19] <seb128> it would be no for desktop at this stage but let's see for UNE next week when didrocks is back
[18:19] <rickspencer3> I think sticking with a single player in both editions would be good
[18:19] <rickspencer3> oops, did I say that?
[18:19] <seb128> rickspencer3, thanks for raising the item, I will do the status update
[18:19] <rickspencer3> thanks seb128
[18:19] <seb128> rickspencer3, hehe Wink ;-)
[18:20] <pitti> rickspencer3: yes sir!
[18:20] <rickspencer3> my next one is easy, while I have you all here
[18:20] <seb128> rickspencer3, the review item is yours as well
[18:20] <rickspencer3> we're supposed to have our goals in the HR system signed off by me by end of the week
[18:20] <seb128> doh, I totally forgot about that
[18:20] <rickspencer3> please do in today or tomorrow at the lastest and add goals
[18:20] <rickspencer3> please budget 30-60 minutes MAX
[18:21] <pitti> oh argh
[18:21] <rickspencer3> since no one responded to my email, I assume there are no questions Smile :)
[18:21] <seb128> I've no clue what I want to do next cycle Wink ;-)
[18:21] <pitti> * fix all bugs
[18:21] <pitti> * conquer the world
[18:21] <kenvandine> hehe
[18:21] <pitti> * buy seb a beer
[18:21] <pitti> is that enough?
[18:21] <seb128> lol
[18:22] <seb128> did we get an email about that? I know I saw it mentioned somewhere
[18:22] <seb128> anyway will try to do that
[18:22] <rickspencer3> pitti, perfect!
[18:22] <rickspencer3> seb128, I'm done, thanks
[18:23] <seb128> thanks rickspencer3
[18:23] <seb128> I think I'm done as well
[18:23] <seb128> any other topic?
[18:23] <kenvandine> one thing
[18:23] <jcastro> I have a post-gavel announcement
[18:23] <kenvandine> jcastro, go for it
[18:23] * kenvandine was filling in for jcastro
[18:23] <kenvandine> Smile :)
[18:23] <jcastro> just some encouragement to participate in http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com/
[18:23] <jcastro> http://meta.ubuntu.stackexchange.com/questions/257/i-am-an-existing-ubuntu-community-member-how-does-stackexchange-work\
[18:23] <jcastro> I even made a guide!
[18:24] <jcastro> that's all I've got!
[18:24] <Riddell> what is it?
[18:24] <seb128> thanks jcastro
[18:24] <seb128> kenvandine, ?
[18:24] <jcastro> It's a place to answer people's questions about Ubuntu, it's in the 2nd link.
[18:25] <kenvandine> seb128, nm... jcastro had asked me to mention that
[18:25] <kenvandine> but he is here Smile :)
[18:25] <seb128> ok
[18:25] <seb128> on a similar note vish asked if we could review pending sponsoring requests or hunderpapercut fixes this week
[18:25] <seb128> ie to get the pending string changes, ui cleaning etc in before the freeze starts
[18:26] <seb128> so if you have some time for that that would be appreciated
[18:26] <seb128> that's all from me there
[18:26] <seb128> thanks everybody!


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