Weekly Summary

  • Natty Alpha 1 released!

  • Patch Pilots from Desktop This Week: chrisccoulson, bryce (6 sponsored), robert-ancell, themuso, kenvandine

  • We have a large number of packages in Natty that don't build, please help out: http://udd.debian.org/cgi-bin/ubuntu_ftbfs.cgi

  • aptdaemon port to gtk3.0/pygi now landed in natty; this included a new upstream version 0.40 which has a slightly different API, so the reverse dependencies might need some porting (MartinPitt)

  • language-selector port to gtk3.0/pygi now landed in natty; please test (MartinPitt)

  • Tried to fix gir-repository, but it's broken beyond repair in Natty; worked on eliminating some of the remaining reverse dependencies, but more work needed here. (677382) (Martin Pitt)

  • work-items tracker: implement bug list based work items, as per request from Canonical Design team; first report is online (MartinPitt)

  • First language pack set for natty uploaded, translations are opened now; Firefox 4.0 not yet included (MartinPitt)

  • Some package rebuilds to reduce changelogs and PNGs; unfortunately the savings were more than eaten up by the extra Python 2.7 modules that we now ship (MartinPitt)

  • GNOME 3 PPA updates: gnome-control-center, gnome-bluetooth, gnome-settings-daemon, gsettings-desktop-schemas, gnome-keyring, seahorse (in progress)
  • pulseaudio package for Maverick in ubuntu-audio-dev PPA: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-audio-dev/+archive/ppa/

  • we have now an ubuntuone-control-panel package which will replace ubuntuone-preferences functionalities

  • Quickly and Quickly Widgets 11.03 have landed in natty, adding lots of neat changes and an alpha of the submitubuntu command to get your package into extras.ubuntu.com.

  • libindicator package builds for gtk2 and gtk3 have been uploaded, dbusmenu will come this week.
  • appindicator and libindicate have FTBFS problems because of the additional python version, introspection changes, and they need updating to build for gtk3 still
  • Updated HPLIP (HP's printer drivers) to version 3.10.9 (TillKamppeter).

  • Got nearly all of our Ubuntu patches on system-config-printer upstream, system-config-printer will soon be switched to the new 1.3.x generation (TillKamppeter).

  • Got the new Poppler-based pdftoraster feature-completed by upstream developer Koji Otani in Japan. Will replace the Ghostscript-based pdftoraster soon, working around Ghostscript's problems with resources and performance (especially if the input comes from Cairo) (TillKamppeter).

  • Workqueue graph: Made lines clickable and linked to the respective bug queues. Also added current #'s, and other tweaks to make it more readable. We're finding this graph a handy tool for staying atop incoming bug flow. (BryceHarrington)

  • GNOME updates and merges on Debian continued in natty
  • indicator-applet got ported to dbus, the vinagre and tomboy applet stopped being built (libbonoboui usage cleaning)
  • dbusmenu, libindicator and appindicator gdbus ports will land this week (DX Team)

  • Ubuntu One: desktopcouch fixes promised last week have been blocked by another bug which prevented testing, should be cleared up now and uploaded this week.

  • desktopcouch fixes promised last week have been blocked by another bug which prevented testing, should be cleared up now and uploaded this week.
  • Work started on implementing support for the Unity global menu in Firefox (and Thunderbird), and is progressing well (chrisccoulson)


  • New unity release and dependencies (nux/bamf) on Tuesday 30th November for alpha1

  • We decided to not do the Thursday release on the 2nd December to let people reporting issue from the alpha1 live session with apport without having "outdated packages" message from it.
  • Still a lot of bugs coming and fixing them little by little, but weirdly not a lot of crashers? If unity crashes for you, please report it!
  • Adding a bitesize tag to some bugs. jcastro and jono blogged about it. Already some people have made nice contribution! Thanks to them Smile :) Do not hesitate to enroll as well: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bugs?field.tag=bitesize (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/Bitesize)

  • Coming soon: you will find intellihide for the launcher, lot of nice small fixes in both unity and compiz (like session handling \o/), new gnome-session system.

Software Center

  • Startup performance
    • More great progress this week with an additional 30%+ improvement in startup time on reference hardware

    • Also includes general performance improvements with dramatically faster listviews and searches

  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Software Center 3.1.3 and 3.1.4 released, includes performance improvements mentioned above plus bug fixes and other improvements

  • Coming soon: Improvements to the purchase experience


  • Began rebuilds of wayland packages for natty PPA. Still a couple packages left to do. (BryceHarrington)

  • Implemented functionality to synaptics to allow overriding scaling of touchpad to match monitor (if touchpad and monitor aspect ratios are wildly off, this produces undesirable results). Solves several reported bugs. (BryceHarrington)

  • Reviewed Ubuntu Xserver patches. We were carrying several patches which had been reviewed upstream, but not committed to trunk. Resubmitted them upstream (ChrisHalseRogers)


Western edition

(03:00:31 AM) kenvandine: :)
(03:00:33 AM) seb128: ;-)
(03:00:41 AM) jasoncwarner1: seb128: morning!
(03:00:45 AM) jasoncwarner1: hi everyone
(03:00:53 AM) didrocks: hey
(03:01:01 AM) seb128: hey jasoncwarner1
(03:01:17 AM) jasoncwarner1: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2010-12-07
(03:01:49 AM) jasoncwarner1: lets see. 
(03:01:50 AM) tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
(03:01:52 AM) tkamppeter: hi
(03:02:02 AM) pitti: chrisccoulson, didrocks, tremolux_, Riddell, kenvandine, mterry, rodrigo_, tkamppeter: meeting ping
(03:02:05 AM) pitti: no cyphermox
(03:02:09 AM) mterry: hihi
(03:02:10 AM) ***kenvandine waves
(03:02:18 AM) tremolux_: heyo
(03:02:18 AM) seb128: pitti, he's at a conference yesterday and today
(03:02:28 AM) pitti: hm, we should get back the attendees list to the report template
(03:02:33 AM) rodrigo_: hi
(03:02:34 AM) Riddell: gosh, meeting time
(03:02:45 AM) seb128: pitti, right
(03:03:07 AM) jasoncwarner1: [ACTION] put back attendees list in meeting template. 
(03:03:10 AM) jasoncwarner1: is that about right? 
(03:03:36 AM) pitti: thanks
(03:04:06 AM) jasoncwarner1: Ok, want to start with reviewing actions from last week. 
(03:04:56 AM) jasoncwarner1: I only see one. It looks like it I didn't put it in the 'ACTIONS' summary. And it was for me. :P
(03:05:01 AM) jasoncwarner1: jasoncwarner to negotiate evo-couchdb dropping with U1 team, and automagic installation via u1-control-panel 
(03:05:15 AM) pitti: ah, that was on my list of things to ask
(03:05:16 AM) kenvandine: jasoncwarner1, how did that go?
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(03:05:59 AM) dbarth_ [~dbarth@81-65-157-127.rev.numericable.fr] entered the room.
(03:06:15 AM) jasoncwarner1: Rick actually took it and had the conversation before I could. I am to have a follow up conversation this week and I'll let you know about that conversation. 
(03:06:58 AM) kenvandine: ok
(03:07:25 AM) ***jasoncwarner1 scanning last weeks meeting. 
(03:07:36 AM) jasoncwarner1: I don't see any other actions that didn't make it. did I miss something? 
(03:08:08 AM) seb128: seems we should have a conversation about the conversation you will have about the conversations the other guys had ;-)
(03:08:18 AM) rickspencer3: hey jasoncwarner1,  mvo, tremolux_ I don't see any ratings and reviews work items in a2?
(03:08:26 AM) rickspencer3: was there any planned progress there?
(03:08:29 AM) didrocks: seb128: are you sure about your conversation? :)
(03:09:03 AM) seb128: ;-)
(03:09:04 AM) seb128: hey rickspencer3
(03:09:22 AM) tremolux_: rickspencer3: yes, there will be additional UI work that has recently been spec'd
(03:09:35 AM) tremolux_: rickspencer3: but a lot of the work is server-side currently
(03:09:47 AM) rickspencer3: ok
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Richie rickspencer3 ricotz Riddell 
(03:10:28 AM) dbarth_ [~dbarth@81-65-157-127.rev.numericable.fr] entered the room.
(03:10:29 AM) seb128: jasoncwarner1, pitti: did we stop the meeting?
(03:10:51 AM) jasoncwarner1: morning rickspencer3. I'll put an action to follow up on those. I want to keep the meeting going. 
(03:11:11 AM) rickspencer3: sorry to interupt, didn't see you were in the meeting
(03:11:20 AM) jasoncwarner1: [ACTION] BP for ratings and reviews -> jasoncwarner and tremolux_
(03:11:28 AM) tremolux_: cool, thanks
(03:11:46 AM) jasoncwarner1: [TOPIC] partner update
(03:12:08 AM) ***kenvandine takes the mic
(03:12:29 AM) kenvandine: U1 has some nice desktopcouch fixes, but they couldn't test them because of another couch bug
(03:12:32 AM) DavidLevin left the room.
(03:12:40 AM) kenvandine: which has been fixed now, so should land in tomorrows release
(03:13:21 AM) kenvandine: DX, the big focus for this week is landing as much of the gdbus changes in the indicator stack as possible
(03:13:29 AM) kenvandine: before tedg goes on vacation
(03:13:51 AM) kenvandine: as well as getting the FTBFS fixes, with the GI changes and new python version
(03:14:00 AM) kenvandine: that is all i have
(03:14:12 AM) didrocks: kenvandine: is it the desktopcouch issue that makes couchjs crashing a lot (and then oneconf…)?
(03:14:12 AM) seb128: is ted on vacation until end of year then?
(03:14:20 AM) kenvandine: didrocks, yes
(03:14:33 AM) kenvandine: well, the couchdb bug that was causing
(03:14:36 AM) kenvandine: seb128, yes
(03:14:41 AM) seb128: k
(03:14:43 AM) DavidLevin [~DavidLevi@ool-44c53b4d.dyn.optonline.net] entered the room.
(03:14:48 AM) kenvandine: so he will dump a bunch of changes on us and leave :)
(03:14:50 AM) seb128: will we get any indicator updates before end of year then?
(03:14:54 AM) kenvandine: we will hate him in 2011
(03:14:56 AM) kenvandine: :)
(03:15:00 AM) rodrigo_: :)
(03:15:04 AM) kenvandine: just want we land this week
(03:15:11 AM) kenvandine: s/want/what
(03:15:15 AM) seb128: I need to check with you where we stand but that can be after the meeting
(03:15:22 AM) kenvandine: yeah
(03:15:53 AM) jasoncwarner1: Ok...
(03:15:56 AM) jasoncwarner1: [TOPIC] kubuntu update
(03:16:31 AM) Riddell: hi
(03:16:37 AM) Riddell:  * Alpha 1 out, no major problems
(03:16:37 AM) Riddell:  * KDE SC 4.6 Beta 2 packaging now in progress, release and natty upload expected tomorrow
(03:16:40 AM) Riddell:  * KDevelop 1.1.1 packaged but won't actually build i natty, doesn't work with KDE Platform 4.6 yet
(03:16:43 AM) Riddell:  * Amarok 2.4 beta packaged
(03:16:46 AM) Riddell:  * KOffice beta packaged
(03:16:48 AM) Riddell:  * Qt now building on ARM, ARM breakage now becoming aparant further up the stack (libgrantlee currently broken)
(03:17:21 AM) Sir_Konrad [~Sir_Konra@unaffiliated/sir-konrad/x-6204516] entered the room.
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(03:18:19 AM) Sir_Konrad [~Sir_Konra@unaffiliated/sir-konrad/x-6204516] entered the room.
(03:18:22 AM) jasoncwarner1: very cool. Riddell , any feedback on a1 yet? that has KDE 4.6 right? 
(03:19:02 AM) Sir_Konrad left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer).
(03:19:09 AM) Riddell: jasoncwarner1: yes it was, but I didn't set up our normal feedback page so I've not spotted much in the way of comments
(03:19:34 AM) jasoncwarner1: ok. :)
(03:19:37 AM) jasoncwarner1: [TOPIC] X update -> eastern edition
(03:19:39 AM) Riddell: I've not heard of any problems
(03:19:47 AM) Riddell: which is usually the best thing for alpha 1 :)
(03:19:56 AM) jasoncwarner1: fair enough!
(03:19:58 AM) jasoncwarner1: [TOPIC] Unity update 
(03:20:21 AM) didrocks: New unity release and dependencies (nux/bamf) on Tuesday 30th November for alpha1
(03:20:22 AM) didrocks: We decided to not do the Thursday release on the 2nd December to let people reporting issue from the alpha1 live session with apport without having "outdated packages" message from it.
(03:20:25 AM) didrocks: Still a lot of bugs coming and fixing them little by little, but weirdly not a lot of crashers? If unity crashes for you, please report it!
(03:20:34 AM) didrocks: (actually I got a crash after writing that)
(03:20:41 AM) didrocks: (but it wasn't because of unity directly :))
(03:20:46 AM) didrocks: Adding a bitesize tag to some bugs. jcastro and jono blogged about it. Already some people have made nice contribution! Thanks to them  Do not hesitate to enroll as well: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bugs?field.tag=bitesize
(03:20:50 AM) rodrigo_: report it! :D
(03:20:50 AM) didrocks: Coming soon: you will find intellihide for the launcher, lot of nice small fixes in both unity and compiz (like session handling \o/), new gnome-session system.
(03:20:54 AM) didrocks: rodrigo_: already done :)
(03:22:02 AM) rodrigo_: should we also report hardware setups where it doesn't work?
(03:22:26 AM) didrocks: rodrigo_: ubuntu-bug unity should report what's needed
(03:22:37 AM) didrocks: so use apport please :)
(03:22:38 AM) ***kenvandine hugs apport
(03:23:09 AM) rodrigo_: didrocks, well, when running it, I just get a black screen, with a mouse, so would running ubuntu-bug in that situation peek the correct stuff?
(03:23:18 AM) sabdfl [~sabdfl@ubuntu/member/sabdfl] entered the room.
(03:23:21 AM) didrocks: there is a page about how to report bugs for new contributors: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity
(03:23:40 AM) didrocks: rodrigo_: just run that in your ubuntu classic session
(03:23:44 AM) rodrigo_: ok
(03:24:04 AM) didrocks: the list of plugins won't be accurate, but well…
(03:24:08 AM) didrocks: (compiz plugins)
(03:24:44 AM) jasoncwarner1: Thanks, didrocks
(03:24:51 AM) pitti: didrocks, seb128: should we enable apport by default again?
(03:25:06 AM) didrocks: yw jasoncwarner1
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(03:25:38 AM) didrocks: pitti: I have a lot of crashers (not unity ones), so I'm quite unsure about the state if we will be overwhelmed or not
(03:26:42 AM) didrocks: pitti: right now, I'm pointing people having crashes and not apport enabled to that wiki page so that they enable it, it's an additional comment on launchpad, but it seems to work
(03:26:43 AM) seb128: pitti, I'm not a a fan of doing that early
(03:26:50 AM) jasoncwarner1: can you turn apport on for a specific package (unity in this case)?
(03:26:55 AM) seb128: if we had a crash db out of launchpad that would be nice
(03:27:00 AM) pitti: seb128: right, me neither
(03:27:09 AM) seb128: but that's impacting on launchpad now
(03:27:15 AM) didrocks: pitti: btw, it's enabled in the CD, I think it's wanted?
(03:27:19 AM) pitti: didrocks: correct
(03:27:28 AM) pitti: you can report them from the live system
(03:27:43 AM) didrocks: pitti: that's why I hold on updating unity, thinking people will try and report in that case
(03:27:54 AM) didrocks: (and same rationale for compiz)
(03:28:05 AM) seb128: jasoncwarner1, no
(03:28:21 AM) didrocks: so, it's either it's all in a good state (I have almost nothing bothering me using unity full time) or that nobody is trying alpha1 :)
(03:28:22 AM) seb128: jasoncwarner1, it could probably be made but I don't think we can enable it for one source only
seb128 seiflotfy 
(03:29:15 AM) jasoncwarner1: seb128: ok. would be nice in this case, but probably not a generally useful feature ;)
(03:29:22 AM) jasoncwarner1: ok..thanks
(03:29:27 AM) pitti: didrocks: or everyone thinks "this crash is so common that everyone, including the devs, must have it"
(03:29:55 AM) pitti: seb128: well, we can hack it, but a proper solution would take a bit more effort
(03:29:57 AM) didrocks: pitti: maybe… right. So please, test it, use it! :)
(03:30:03 AM) pitti: I have nothing against a hack
(03:30:09 AM) pitti: if it'd help
(03:30:13 AM) didrocks: pitti: I think the current apport state is fine, it's easy enough to ask people activating it
(03:30:18 AM) rodrigo_: or they're not even testing it, I've seen many people on irc asking how to get their classic session back
(03:30:25 AM) pitti: didrocks: *nod*
(03:31:11 AM) didrocks: so yeah, I'm using unity full time and I love it :)
(03:31:11 AM) jasoncwarner1: when does apport tend to get turned on by default again? A2? 
(03:31:21 AM) pitti: I think after a2
(03:31:29 AM) kenvandine: i love it... but miss places and dash :)
(03:31:32 AM) seb128: jasoncwarner1, right, around a2 usually
(03:32:24 AM) jasoncwarner1: ok...works for me. thanks :)
(03:32:33 AM) jasoncwarner1: anything else didrocks? 
(03:32:50 AM) pitti: kenvandine: I miss gtimelog :)
(03:32:56 AM) didrocks: jasoncwarner1: that's it for me :)
(03:33:03 AM) jasoncwarner1: awesome, thanks
(03:33:04 AM) jasoncwarner1: [TOPIC] Software-center 
(03:33:11 AM) tremolux_: you bet
(03:33:13 AM) tremolux_:  * Startup performance:  more great progress this week with an additional ~30% improvement on reference hardware (Dell Mini 10)
(03:33:13 AM) tremolux_:   * See http://people.canonical.com/~mvo/software-center/mini10-startup/startup-times.png
(03:33:13 AM) tremolux_:  * Ratings and Reviews:  ISD planning server-side alpha deployment, client-side UI spec'd at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareCenter/RatingsAndReviews
(03:33:13 AM) tremolux_:  * Released Software Center versions 3.1.3 and 3.1.4, includes latest performance optimizations plus misc fixes and improvements
(03:33:14 AM) tremolux_:  * In progress: Improvements to the purchase experience
(03:33:18 AM) hoonteke left the room (quit: Quit: Leaving.).
(03:33:29 AM) tremolux_: so, we are getting faster, it's nice
(03:35:25 AM) tremolux_: (that's all for software-center)  :)
(03:35:37 AM) jasoncwarner1: very cool. Thanks tremolux_
(03:35:41 AM) cdbs [~bilal@ubuntu/member/bilalakhtar] entered the room.
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(03:35:47 AM) tremolux_: jasoncwarner1: welcome
(03:36:04 AM) jasoncwarner1: pitti: am I missing any categories if we move to AOB? 
(03:36:19 AM) pitti: release status?
(03:36:39 AM) jasoncwarner1: thanks :)
(03:36:44 AM) jasoncwarner1: [TOPIC] release status
(03:36:56 AM) pitti: Alpha-1 work items were almost all done; 4 stragglers, moved to alpha-2.
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(03:37:12 AM) dbarth_ [~dbarth@81-65-157-127.rev.numericable.fr] entered the room.
(03:37:19 AM) pitti: http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/natty/canonical-desktop-team-natty-alpha-2.html is getting behind a tad, but nothign too worrysome yet
(03:37:30 AM) pitti: .. except that now begins the holiday season, which will put us off track
(03:37:39 AM) pitti: and we have quite a large number here
(03:37:57 AM) pitti: of course didrocks alone owns 1/4 of them, so I'm sure it'll be alright :)
(03:38:03 AM) bryceh: heh
(03:38:26 AM) pitti: we fixed 6 RC bugs in the last 2 weeks, and only 3 are on the current release team radar
(03:38:28 AM) pitti: so great progress here
(03:38:54 AM) pitti: only one (bug 637827) will require serious work, the other two are well underwsay
(03:38:56 AM) ubot2: Launchpad bug 637827 in indicator-appmenu (Ubuntu Natty) (and 4 other projects) "Firefox and Thunderbird (XUL) menus don't appear in the global menu bar (affects: 30) (dups: 5) (heat: 136)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/637827
(03:39:07 AM) didrocks: pitti: I'll survive :)
(03:39:16 AM) pitti: (as usual, the full thing is on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/ReleaseStatus)
(03:39:20 AM) pitti: questions?
(03:39:33 AM) pitti: didrocks: please let me know early when you get into difficulties :)
(03:40:02 AM) didrocks: pitti: well, most of them are easy and small. Oneconf ones can be postponed if needed :)
(03:40:13 AM) seb128: pitti, well, if you don't count the dx items our team count seems ok
(03:40:25 AM) seb128: as didrocks was saying without oneconf he should be alright
(03:40:41 AM) didrocks: seb128: but I really want it this cycle :)
(03:40:45 AM) seb128: we can postpone the telepathy-indicator againif required
(03:40:54 AM) didrocks: so, will fight to get it done on time ;)
(03:40:55 AM) seb128: so we have quite some margins
(03:40:58 AM) pitti: seb128: right, but same thing wrt. holidays
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(03:41:28 AM) seb128: let's see how it goes
(03:41:33 AM) hggdh [~hggdh@ubuntu/member/hggdh] entered the room.
(03:41:35 AM) jasoncwarner1: and don't forget that this list doesn't really include our "make unity awesome" overarching bp ;)
(03:41:39 AM) dbarth_ [~dbarth@81-65-157-127.rev.numericable.fr] entered the room.
(03:41:54 AM) jasoncwarner1: ok. 
(03:41:58 AM) jasoncwarner1: pitti: anything else? 
(03:42:03 AM) pitti: I'm done
(03:42:08 AM) jasoncwarner1: thank you!
(03:42:09 AM) jasoncwarner1: [TOPIC] AOB 
(03:42:10 AM) pitti: oh, one thing
(03:42:23 AM) pitti: it seems our weekly report is a little thin
(03:42:23 AM) seb128: jasoncwarner1, well, quite some people have 0 items on that iterations
(03:42:30 AM) pitti: only 3 people added to it
(03:42:41 AM) seb128: right, I didn't do that yet
(03:42:47 AM) seb128: doing it now
(03:42:52 AM) jasoncwarner1: thanks, pitti, that was my AOB ;)
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(03:43:59 AM) jasoncwarner1: anything else? 
(03:44:03 AM) seb128: not from me
(03:44:08 AM) kenvandine: not from me
(03:44:42 AM) jasoncwarner1: [END MEETING] Thanks everyone. I'll update with eastern edition later today. 

Eastern edition

(08:31:13 AM) jasoncwarner1: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2010-12-07#preview
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bratsche-afk bryceh 
(08:31:49 AM) jasoncwarner1: RAOF: robert_ancell: TheMuso: bryceh
(08:31:56 AM) jasoncwarner1: ready for meeting? 
(08:31:59 AM) RAOF: Morning.
(08:31:59 AM) robert_ancell: yup
(08:32:08 AM) RAOF: Ooh, 9am.
(08:32:12 AM) ***RAOF puts down the X pipe.
(08:32:20 AM) TheMuso: Hey folks
(08:32:41 AM) jasoncwarner1: morning everyone!
(08:32:55 AM) jasoncwarner1: I hope no one is flooded right now ;) 
(08:33:05 AM) TheMuso: not here, its quite wram already actually.
(08:33:08 AM) TheMuso: warm
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(08:33:42 AM) jasoncwarner1: well then, we can get started. 
(08:33:54 AM) jasoncwarner1: Don't forget to update the link above with your summary. 
(08:34:02 AM) chrisccoulson: hi!
(08:34:07 AM) chrisccoulson: i might sit in on this one ;)
(08:34:19 AM) jasoncwarner1: [TOPIC] Action Item review 
(08:34:51 AM) robert_ancell: -1 for adding back attendance list
(08:34:57 AM) jasoncwarner1: -1? 
(08:35:06 AM) jasoncwarner1: k, we can discuss later. :)
(08:35:10 AM) robert_ancell: I can't think what audience needs it, and it's easily worked out by reading the log
(08:35:26 AM) robert_ancell: ok
(08:35:33 AM) jasoncwarner1: [TOPIC] X update
(08:36:18 AM) RAOF: The merge window for Xserver 1.10 is/has closing/closed.
(08:36:52 AM) RAOF: There's been somewhat of a merging frenzy, most of which is pretty benign.
(08:38:00 AM) RAOF: RandR 1.4 support with per-crtc pixmaps is a bit scary, though.  We're waiting for the dust to settle before determining whether to move to 1.10 for natty.
(08:38:09 AM) RAOF: (A week ago, 1.10 was a sure thing ☺)
(08:38:31 AM) bryceh: RAOF, have you looked at those randr patches yet?
(08:38:35 AM) bryceh: (I've not)
(08:39:23 AM) RAOF: I've skimmed them; much of the changes *are* benign (adding an optional extra hook for drivers which want to do modesetting in one go).
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(08:40:30 AM) RAOF: But the crtc-pixmap bit is... dangerous.  But from my understanding is opt-in (ish) by the compositing manager.
(08:41:18 AM) bryceh: so as long as compiz doesn't get updated to start using it, maybe we're ok
(08:41:40 AM) RAOF: If we were using it it *would* fix compiz on large multi-head systems with low max texture sizes.
(08:42:02 AM) RAOF: No more “I plugged in a monitor and desktop effects turned off”.
(08:42:08 AM) bryceh: perhaps that would be worthwhile ppa juice
(08:42:20 AM) RAOF: Mmmm.
(08:42:36 AM) bryceh: Regarding bugs - there are 6 X bugs reported against natty on our plate - http://www.bryceharrington.org/X/Reports/ubuntu-x-swat/totals-natty-workqueue.svg
(08:43:00 AM) bryceh: so far, we've been doing pretty good at pounding bugs out as they appear on that chart
(08:43:46 AM) bryceh: (the 3 nvidia/fglrx bugs may be related)
(08:44:54 AM) jasoncwarner1: ok...anything else you guys wanted to add? 
(08:44:55 AM) 92AABQDRE [~jason@cpe-74-67-80-60.stny.res.rr.com] entered the room.
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(08:45:34 AM) jasoncwarner1: Unless I'm missing a category (possible) we jump right to 
(08:45:38 AM) bryceh: jasoncwarner1, nothing from me.  last week was patch pilot for me, and mostly doing bug work and arsenal script fixing beyond that
(08:45:41 AM) jasoncwarner1: [TOPIC] AOB ?
(08:45:43 AM) hyperair [~hyperair@ubuntu/member/hyperair] entered the room.
(08:45:44 AM) RAOF: We'll probably want to upload a mesa 7.10 RC/snapshot in the not too distant future, I think.
(08:45:53 AM) RAOF: But that's not this week :)
(08:46:53 AM) jasoncwarner1: TheMuso: robert_ancell ? any other business you guys want to update? 
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(08:47:10 AM) SirNeo [~sirneo@unaffiliated/sirneo] entered the room.
(08:47:16 AM) TheMuso: Not from me.
(08:47:19 AM) robert_ancell: Just a reminder to have a look at the FTBFS list: http://udd.debian.org/cgi-bin/ubuntu_ftbfs.cgi
(08:47:19 AM) bryceh: for packaging we're mostly in sync with debian/upstream - http://www.bryceharrington.org/X/Reports/ubuntu-x-swat/versions-current.html.  That chart will start getting busy once new xserver hits I bet.
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(08:47:57 AM) jasoncwarner1: If not, only thing I wanted to say was that I got a short 'bitesize' bug list for unity. 
(08:48:09 AM) jasoncwarner1: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bugs?field.tag=bitesize
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(08:49:06 AM) jasoncwarner1: ok. sounds like we are out of topics to discuss. Don't forget to update summary
(08:49:10 AM) jasoncwarner1: Thanks everyone
(08:49:14 AM) bryceh: thanks
(08:49:18 AM) jasoncwarner1: [END MEETING] ;)

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