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Weekly Summary

  • Made CUPS broadcasting and accepting broadcasts of shared printers in DNS-SD format. This should make automatic, configuration-less availability of shared printers also working out-of-the-box of there are Macs in the network. Got a patch from Tim Waugh and debugged it to make it actually work, especially concerning segfaults and appearing and disappearing of the Avahi daemon. This fixes long-standing LP: #465916 (TillKamppeter).

  • Fixed remaining desktop-ish FTBFS (notify-osd), so that we now have all packages rebuilt for PNG and SVG optimizations. They are now as small as they can get for Natty. (MartinPitt)

  • Investigated user-admin portion of control-center 3. Unfortunately it is not as easy to split out as it used to be in 2.x; in addition it is now questionable whether we'll have GTK3 on Natty CDs in the first place, so I put back gnome-system-tools for now and defer the move to the new user admin to O. (MartinPitt)

  • An alpha version of http://developer.ubuntu.com/ went live.

  • Quickly gained a Flash template.
  • GNOME 3 PPA updates: gnome-settings-daemon, gnome-keyring, libgnomekbd, eog, nautilus, gnome-power-manager, gnome-control-center


  • A11Y investigation/prototyping

Software Center

  • Software Center version 3.1.9 was released. Includes the following:
    • New inline purchase workflow that integrates nicely in the Software Center UI

    • Reimplemented reinstall previous purchases feature per the specification

    • Further startup time improvements

    • Misc bugfixes
  • Ratings and Reviews
    • Client-side feature development continues in branch lp:~mvo/software-center/reviews
    • Server: alpha server deployment in progress



Tools and Processes

IRC log Western edition

(03:01:07) jasoncwarner: morning everyone :)
(03:01:12) kenvandine: hey jasoncwarner
(03:01:13) bcurtiswx_: seb128, kenvandine, but i reverted the changes and edited the patches without messing with magic numbers
(03:01:16) didrocks: hey jasoncwarner
(03:01:30) rickspencer3: kenvandine, hey! congrats on libgwibber, what's in this release?
(03:01:48) pitti: hey jasoncwarner
(03:01:50) pitti: oh, meeting time
(03:01:57) tremolux: 'morning jasoncwarner
(03:02:00) bcurtiswx_: oh, darn
(03:02:13) kenvandine: gir fixes, more gobject friendly and the new stream view widget
(03:02:18) jasoncwarner: pitti: sounds like a song :)
(03:02:44) bcurtiswx_: seb128, all the patched sections in 20_libindicate.patch I went and verified they made it into the files
(03:02:45) bcurtiswx_: they did
(03:03:01) pitti: bryceh, didrocks, tremolux, Riddell, cyphermox, mterry, rodrigo_, seb128, tkamppeter: meeting ping
(03:03:06) pitti: Chris Coulson seems to be offline
(03:03:10) jasoncwarner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-01-04
(03:03:10) mterry: heyo
(03:03:13) cyphermox: o/
(03:03:18) ***bcurtiswx_ steps out of the way
(03:03:22) didrocks: pitti: he's marked as being on holidays
(03:03:22) tremolux: how-dee
(03:03:46) seb128: bcurtiswx_, let me check during the meeting and update you after that
(03:03:50) seb128: hey pitti
(03:03:54) seb128: hey jasoncwarner
(03:03:55) seb128: hey everybody
(03:04:09) rodrigo_: pitti, o/
(03:04:20) jasoncwarner: Alright...first things first...happy new year!
(03:04:22) jasoncwarner: :)
(03:04:33) rodrigo_: happy new year to all, yes :)
(03:04:38) didrocks: happy new year o/
(03:04:45) mterry: yay
(03:04:52) kenvandine: gonna be a great year!
(03:05:14) pitti: is that the year of the Linux desktop, or the next one? :-)
(03:05:26) rodrigo_: wasn't it 2010? :)
(03:05:43) jasoncwarner: Ok...jumping right in ...[TOPIC] Unity
(03:05:53) tkamppeter: hi
(03:06:06) didrocks: well, I haven't done the last release maybe seb128?
(03:06:26) gandalfn left the room (quit: Quit: Ex-Chat).
(03:06:32) seb128: didrocks, ?
(03:06:42) didrocks: I saw drag and drop on the launcher landed as a christmas gift :)
(03:06:50) bcurtiswx_: seb128, OK thx
(03:06:51) seb128: oh right it did
(03:08:36) didrocks: I didn't follow the rest of previous release, being on vacation. seb128 did it. Most of the team was on holidays the past two weeks as well and we will see on next Thursday release some little b
(03:08:40) didrocks: bug fixes
(03:08:43) jasoncwarner: well, seb128 and didrocks anything else? I know it has been some time :)
(03:08:50) JanC [~janc@lugwv/member/JanC] entered the room.
(03:08:56) seb128: sorry I'm out of context
(03:09:00) didrocks: also probably a new compiz snapshot coming this week
(03:09:01) seb128: was that the unity summary?
(03:09:18) seb128: I just read all the congrats from the new year but didn't notice any topic ;-)
(03:09:23) kenvandine: seb128, yes
(03:09:24) njpatel is now known as njpatel|away
(03:09:28) seb128: ups
(03:09:29) seb128: sorry
(03:09:43) seb128: so new release got the dnd on the launcher back
(03:09:51) seb128: the places support didn't get in it
(03:10:15) seb128: we still have some race issues and stacking bugs affecting menus
(03:10:35) seb128: well we did trade off the menu stacking issue against a crash on start in the unity session
(03:10:42) jasoncwarner: :)
(03:10:47) seb128: crashes which doesn't- happen in the classic session with unity enable...
(03:10:50) seb128: yeah for races
(03:10:56) kenvandine: :)
(03:11:17) seb128: the new version got improved support for wm decorations and titles in the bar
(03:11:44) gandalfn [~nicolas@LAubervilliers-151-12-3-51.w193-252.abo.wanadoo.fr] entered the room.
(03:11:53) seb128: there was some visual improvements as well I think
(03:11:55) seb128: that's about it
(03:12:07) seb128: then everybody was off for the end of year and the uk were still off yesterday
(03:12:10) jasoncwarner: any indication if we should expect stacking bug this week? and how about places landing...during Rally?
(03:12:21) didrocks: jasoncwarner: seems we won't have it fixed this week
(03:12:39) didrocks: places landing are due to alpha2, so probably after Rally we will have something
(03:12:41) seb128: it's likely most of the work will wait next week
(03:13:01) seb128: this week will probably be mostly catchup after break, especially for people who were still on holidays yesterday
(03:13:15) seb128: we will probably not try to land an update just before everybody is travelling
(03:13:31) kenvandine: seb128, that is always so much fun though
(03:13:32) jasoncwarner: :) 
(03:13:35) didrocks: well, Thursday's release at least, as everytime :)
(03:13:40) didrocks: if not too late
(03:13:40) seb128: well, it's up to didrocks and dx really, but I would think most work will happen next week
(03:13:43) ***kenvandine ponders dbumenu gdbus upload friday :)
(03:14:03) jasoncwarner: sounds good...
(03:14:04) jasoncwarner: ok.
(03:14:06) seb128: kenvandine, you don't have to be in a plane for 10 hours, I don't care if you want to spend your saturday fixing :p
(03:14:12) kenvandine: hehe
(03:14:14) kenvandine: :-D
(03:14:18) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] Software Center
(03:14:19) seb128: kenvandine, you have no excuse and upload rights ;-)
(03:14:23) kenvandine: haha
(03:14:25) kenvandine: true
(03:14:43) tremolux: so, summary is on the wiki for Software Center
(03:15:27) ari-tczew [~ari@ubuntu/member/ari-tczew] entered the room.
(03:15:53) tremolux: release just before holiday included a much more nicely integrated purchases flow, plus further startup time improvements
(03:16:23) jasoncwarner: tremolux: ok...I've got nothing more specific other than estimate on ratings and review servers being ready? 
(03:16:26) jasoncwarner: Any indication? 
(03:16:46) tremolux: jasoncwarner: yes, it should be this week
(03:17:01) jasoncwarner: wow...awesome!
(03:17:02) tremolux: we plan to have it up and ready for testing/dev during the rally
(03:17:14) ***mterry writes ballot-stuffing bot
(03:17:15) tremolux: it's alpha
(03:17:18) tremolux: ;)
(03:17:23) jasoncwarner: saweet... :) very cool
(03:17:42) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] Kubuntu
(03:18:30) jasoncwarner: Riddell, you around for Kubuntu update?
(03:19:21) jasoncwarner: seems not..which leaves [TOPIC] AOB
(03:19:53) mterry: Xorg?
(03:20:17) jasoncwarner: we usually hit that one during eastern edition, but if bryceh is around we can get an update. 
(03:20:23) mterry: ah
(03:20:46) mterry: well, it's on the wiki
(03:21:01) seb128: it's for eastern now since all the xorg guys join that edition
(03:21:02) njpatel|away is now known as njpatel
(03:21:13) seb128: we don't have separate agendas for each editions
(03:21:28) jasoncwarner: I'll update page with eastern log later today. 
(03:21:34) jasoncwarner: Any other business? 
(03:22:05) jasoncwarner: very cool...remember to update wiki if you have not already. 
(03:22:24) cozziemoto left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
(03:22:29) jasoncwarner: Happy new year and I guess we'll see each other in a less than a week! Assuming all of the US is not snowed in ;)
(03:22:42) seb128: texas should be fine I guess ;-)
(03:22:52) jasoncwarner: well, other than being Texas ;)
(03:23:05) seb128: I was speaking for the weather ;-)
(03:23:13) tremolux: haha
(03:23:16) kenvandine: hehe
(03:23:31) ***bcurtiswx_ <3 snow
(03:23:41) jasoncwarner: thanks everyone! [END MEETING]

IRC log Eastern edition

(08:30:08) ***bryceh waves
(08:30:23) jasoncwarner: bryceh: TheMuso: robert_ancell RAOF
(08:30:27) jasoncwarner: you guys around? 
(08:30:29) jasoncwarner: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-01-04
(08:30:34) TheMuso: yep
(08:30:35) bryceh: is RAOF on vacation?
(08:30:37) patrickmw [~pwright@ip68-231-4-153.ph.ph.cox.net] entered the room.
(08:30:38) jasoncwarner: morning, bryceh
(08:30:44) jasoncwarner: bryceh: I think you are right
(08:30:57) bryceh: heh, for a change ;-)
(08:31:21) jasoncwarner: zing!
(08:31:21) TheMuso: Internal server error...
(08:31:39) TheMuso: hrm worked second ime.
(08:31:42) TheMuso: time
(08:31:42) jasoncwarner: TheMuso: refresh...the magic button!
(08:32:10) jasoncwarner: alright...we'll see if robert_ancell is around in a bit, but lets get started
(08:32:19) jasoncwarner: first off, Happy New year!
(08:32:33) jasoncwarner: I hope everyone had a great break and new year. 
(08:32:40) c_korn left the room (quit: Quit: Software you want www.getdeb.net).
(08:32:41) jasoncwarner: and I hope everyone is well rested for the rally!!!
(08:32:43) jasoncwarner: :)
(08:33:08) jasoncwarner: ok...jumping straight in...
(08:33:21) jasoncwarner: please be sure to update the wiki with your notes
(08:33:30) jasoncwarner: and [TOPIC] X.org
(08:33:36) bryceh: ok
(08:33:36) jasoncwarner: bryceh: take it away?
(08:34:14) bryceh: we're at a decision point on xserver 1.9 vs. 1.10.  RAOF and I just need to touch base and make sure we're in consensus
(08:34:38) bryceh: there were some last minute bits and pieces that slipped in for 1.10, we need to make sure it's nothign too scary
(08:35:05) bryceh: with that decided, probably next monday I guess, we'll start the mega merge of new X bits and pieces
(08:35:27) jasoncwarner: just in time for the rally..perfect ;) you guys sure do know how to plan it!
(08:35:28) bryceh: http://www.bryceharrington.org/X/Reports/ubuntu-x-swat/versions-current.html
(08:36:04) bryceh: not a lot of stuff needing merged right at the moment but I think X.org will start pumping out driver releases and stuff in the coming month or two
(08:36:23) bryceh: X.org bugs - we're in surprisingly good shape
(08:36:37) bryceh: http://www.bryceharrington.org/X/Reports/ubuntu-x-swat/totals-natty-workqueue.svg
(08:36:56) bryceh: that shows there are only 3 known bugs reported against natty that we need to do something about
(08:37:04) bryceh: one of which is just "merge new ati driver"
(08:37:24) bryceh: really nice that we're staying atop the bugs this time through.  We'll see how long that lasts
(08:37:34) bryceh: the most commonly reported issue is perhaps worth a bit of discussion
(08:37:40) bryceh: it's not really an X bug, but people think it is
(08:37:48) robert_ancell [~bob@ppp121-44-13-201.lns20.syd6.internode.on.net] entered the room.
(08:38:06) bryceh: when you make a USB LiveCD (for testing), you can create a persistent thingee, to store docs and stuff
(08:38:21) bryceh: people think that this means they can also install updated drivers, such as -nvidia and -fglrx
(08:38:50) bryceh: however, those types of drivers require changes to files outside the persistent storage area, which apparently are writable but don't persist across boot
(08:38:54) huats [~chris@ubuntu/member/huats] entered the room.
(08:39:07) bryceh: so installing -nvida or -fglrx on a USB Live environment is *not* supported
(08:39:13) mterry left the room (quit: Ping timeout: 240 seconds).
(08:39:19) jasoncwarner: is that a widespread expectation? 
(08:39:37) bryceh: we've gotten more bug reports filed about that than all other natty X.org bug reports combined, I'd estimate
(08:39:38) jasoncwarner: seems education might be the safest route on that one for now unless it is rather trivial to conjure up a solution to that
(08:40:06) bryceh: my thinking is perhaps we could have Jockey detect if it's running in a LiveCD environment and not offer to install drivers
(08:40:22) bryceh: I think that would prevent the issue for 99% of the time
(08:40:39) jasoncwarner: well, then they wouldn't get to test Unity or something ...right? maybe just a warning dialog that says 'this will not persist past this session...'
(08:40:40) jasoncwarner: ?
(08:41:00) Sarvatt: those drivers require a reboot to work
(08:41:01) bryceh: well, for -nvidia and -fglrx you *have* to reboot for the drivers to get loaded
(08:41:18) ***kenvandine is just excited to be able to run unity in virtualbox :)
(08:41:34) bryceh: ok, enough on that topic
(08:41:37) jasoncwarner: yeah
KenEdwards kenvandine 
(08:41:45) jasoncwarner: kenvandine: indeed!
(08:41:47) bryceh: last bit, I've been working on major improvements to the apport hook for xorg
(08:42:12) bryceh: and am working with the compiz/dx team to share efforts with them, which I hope will help in diagnosing unity/compiz driver-ish bugs
(08:42:24) jasoncwarner: oh, nice
(08:42:38) bryceh: jasoncwarner, ok I think that's everything for X.
(08:42:47) jasoncwarner: Great, thanks bryceh
(08:42:50) jasoncwarner: ok...
(08:42:56) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] AOB? 
(08:43:58) jasoncwarner: alright then!
(08:44:22) jasoncwarner: again, don't forget to update https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-01-04 with your notes for the week. 
robbiew robert_ancell 
(08:44:35) jasoncwarner: and, robert_ancell, happy new year!
(08:44:38) TheMuso: I'll ask on the platform list, but is there anybody here who gets into Dallas around 15:10 or so on Sunday afternoon?
(08:44:58) jasoncwarner: TheMuso: let me check my itin
(08:45:03) ***TheMuso arrives into Dallas then and would like to hook up for transport to the hotel.
(08:46:17) jasoncwarner: [END MEETING]

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