Actions from previous meeting

Actions from this meeting

  • pitti to ask Jason about how moving the meeting an hour early would work for him

Weekly Summary

  • Mentored Clint Byrum (SpammapS) for ubuntu-sru, he's an official reviewer/approver now. (pitti)
  • Released Quickly 11.04, the final version for natty (mterry)
  • GNOME3 PPA starting to get 3.0.0 (ricotz, robert_ancell, rodrigo)
  • LibreOffice: (Bjoern Michaelsen)

    • 3.3.2 backports done (Maverick/Lucid)
    • much more tests enabled in LO (for 3.4.X and onwards)
    • upstreamed lomenubar (in can now be build as an experimental feature directly in LO)

Partner update


  • libunity:
    • New API for setting urgency on launcher icon bug 747677

    • Remove API for setting emblem on launcher icon bug 747311


  • Music store
    • Setting amazon referral ID in banshee bug 745194

    • Notify user when there is no MP3 support bug 733327


  • New unity release in double time: foundation on Thursday evening, and unity on Friday morning
    • Hilights form the week:
    • team-wide effort to fix the signals not being well disconnected. Most of them are done, still some to track. When we will be able to deactive the unity plugin in ccsm without any signal crash, we will be sure we are in a reasonable state.
    • some design refinement, you probably noticed that the bfb now turn blue on urgent, the shadow below the launcher
    • Also, the "bfb hover" effect changed by default, think to unity --reset to be at the latest tweaks and values!
    • Some alt + F2 love as well by a contributor (support ~ and apps are launched from the home directory)

As usually, the full list is at: https://launchpad.net/unity/+milestone/3.8.2

  • After some discussion on the MT support, we was able to refine our process around what can be
    • merged in trunk.
  • So, we have less crashers but still too many of them, we start to hunt them one by one and make them all die!
  • Compiz release coming soon (in a few hours or tomorrow morning), that should kill the latest stacking issue, some grid fixes, tcl/tk applications crashing and fglrx support.

Software Center

  • Released Software Center version 3.1.25, includes 20+ bug fixes
  • Bug fixing continues



IRC log Western edition

pitti   hello everyone
kenvandine      :-D
 *      kenvandine waves
ricotz  seb128, alright, i will bump the version in the ppa then
seb128  ricotz, also I would like to make sure we do split the binary the same way as debian do
seb128  ricotz, so better to do it next cycle the same way they did it
smspillaz       didrocks: was my branch ever merged to include the changes to gtk-window-decorator into unity-window-decorator ?
smspillaz       seems it wasnt
smspillaz       its too late now, the diff is too large
ricotz  seb128, ok
 *      Sweetshark reporting in
smspillaz       I guess for O would be nice
seb128  pitti, it's time! ;-)
didrocks        smspillaz: yeah, let's focus that for O
mpt     tremolux, hey, ivanka is having a really weird time with USC after installing latest Natty from scratch
smspillaz       didrocks: though it sucks because that branch had some nice changes
seb128  mterry, glade3 3.8 available if you want to do the update
tremolux        mpt: really?  what's happening?
pitti   whoa, is this thing on? *tock* *tock*
mpt     tremolux, trying to install anything from Main she gets "Available from the 'main' source", and "Use This Source" doesn't work.
mterry  seb128, oh nice, yeah, I'll put that in queue
seb128  thanks
mpt     tremolux, then apport says USC closed unexpectedly, but refuses to report the bug, because software-center "is not a genuine Ubuntu package"
 *      pitti gets a load of backscroll, aah! netsplit?
seb128  rodrigo_, tomboy 1.6 for you if you want to do the update for natty
tremolux        mpt: what??
rodrigo_        seb128, yes, assign the bug to me
tremolux        mpt: woah
seb128  rodrigo_, there is no bug but I can open one if you want
seb128  hey pitti
kenvandine      hey
chrisccoulson   hi!
mterry  hello
Riddell hi
 *      Sweetshark re-reporting in
pitti   ok, so let's dive right in with the partner update
pitti   kenvandine?
kenvandine      sure
Laney   seb128 rodrigo_ can you wait for debian for tomboy? (sorry to interrupt the meeting)
rodrigo_        Laney, yes, I can
Laney   :-)
seb128  Laney, why? we have u1 diffs anyway
kenvandine      DX has a couple things
rodrigo_        right
kenvandine      New API for setting urgency on launcher icon bug 747677
ubot2   Launchpad bug 747677 in ubuntuone-control-panel "[FFE] Need API to set urgency from background process" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/747677
kenvandine      Remove API for setting emblem on launcher icon bug 747311
pitti   kenvandine: about the urgency API thing, I'm surprised that this comes up so late
kenvandine      the new API will be used by U1
mpt     tremolux, bug 751628
kenvandine      but if anyone has issues with the removal of the emblem API, please scream loud now
tremolux        mpt: thx, I'll look at it
kenvandine      ok, moving on
kenvandine      U1
kenvandine      a couple things with the music store
kenvandine      Setting amazon referral ID in banshee bug 745194
kenvandine      Notify user when there is no MP3 support bug 733327
kenvandine      all expected this week
kenvandine      that is all i have
kenvandine      questions/comments?
pitti   kenvandine: isn't that exactly what indicators etc. tried to remove?
kenvandine      yeah, explanation is in the bug report
didrocks        pitti: this is a design request
kenvandine      basically only way to set the urgency is by launching the control-panel
ubot2   Launchpad bug 747311 in unity-foundations "Launcher - Remove the capability for Launcher icons to be overlaid with emblems" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/747311
ubot2   Launchpad bug 751628 in software-center "Can't install from software centre: "this is not a genuine ubuntu package"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/751628
ubot2   Launchpad bug 745194 in banshee "Proxy redirect for Amazon referral codes" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/745194
ubot2   Launchpad bug 733327 in libubuntuone "[UI FFE] Notify user of missing MP3 support" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/733327
kenvandine      and we need u1-syncdaemon to be able to do it in the background
kenvandine      wow, ubot2 is a bit slow today :)
seb128  bryceh is in the eastern edition for a while
pitti   ah, I was hoping to discuss libcairo
pitti   anyway, back to unity
seb128  I don't think there is lot to discuss
pitti   didrocks already put in the unity report to the wiki page, thanks! anything to discuss there?
didrocks        yeah, and you can read it without any lag ;)
didrocks        so, for the incoming compiz, there is a FFe waiting:
ChrisCoulson    \o/
didrocks        https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/744104
didrocks        pitti: if you can handle it…
didrocks        then, nothing else that already reported on the wiki, we need to focus on crashes
pitti   didrocks: I'll have a look
didrocks        (and the other FFe already covered by kenvandine touching unity as well)
didrocks        thanks!
pitti   kenvandine: about the urgency API addition, why does this come up so late?
pitti   this seems to be quite intrusive (involving many packages), and even changing the design and behaviour
@kenvandine     realization about the service being able to change the icon on the launcher
@kenvandine     no
@kenvandine     just one package
pitti   I thought we did a lot of effort to remove blinking status bar things and replace them with indicators and popping up windows?
didrocks        kenvandine: ? libunity and unity have branch proposal
@kenvandine     oh... i thought that was just the external API
didrocks        no, it's not and the change is big
@kenvandine     ugh... ok...
didrocks        I fought dx so that they don't merge it before the FFe is accepted
@kenvandine     we discussed it in the context of libunity
@kenvandine     and how it affected apps that use it, just U1
seb128  well it's a libunity thing isn't it?
seb128  it's just the unity api for those
seb128  like the launcher will still react to the hint set the old way
@kenvandine     seb128, that was my understanding as well
seb128  like dialog not getting the focus or pings
didrocks        seb128: you need to wiring it up
didrocks        https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/unity.remote-urgent/+merge/56004
seb128  didrocks, but that's just adding an extra way to solve the u1 case
seb128  right?
seb128  none of that concern what is working now like bfb turning blue on xchat pings
didrocks        seb128: you need to add some cases for a daemon without any window in addition to that
seb128  right
seb128  still the u1 usecase
rodrigo ugh, xchat crash
Sweetshark      pitti: sorry, did ignore other channels ..
@kenvandine     didrocks, right... but other apps don't need to change?
seb128  no
seb128  so yeah the changes are not trivial on unity itself
seb128  but they don't impact anything out of u1
@kenvandine     right
didrocks        kenvandine: no
seb128  didrocks, that's a correct summary?
didrocks        seb128: right
seb128  ok, so seem we are still on the same line then
seb128  pitti, so dropping what u1 was using is a sabdfl decision
seb128  pitti, to reply to your question
@kenvandine     pitti, does that help?
pitti   ok, I'll have a look at the FFE, but be aware that at this point I don't lightly accept such things
seb128  pitti, the non trivial diff comes as a way to give back a solution to u1
pitti   sabdfl overrides are much faster ehre
pitti   here
seb128  pitti, it's a sabdfl override
seb128  pitti, you can ask for him to say it clearly in the bug if you want
pitti   ok, will do that
seb128  but he made it clear on #dx with kamstrup yesterday
didrocks        (clear is a small word in that case :))
pitti   I'll answer in the FFEs after meeting
didrocks        that + API removal
pitti   but why on earth do we need to remove an API now?
pitti   (the emblems)
pitti   that doesn't seem to block any feature?
pitti   just potentially causes new breakage?
didrocks        pitti: design doesn't want people to use it
@kenvandine     apparently it should have never gone in, the design was never approved
pitti   https://bugs.launchpad.net/ayatana-design/+bug/747311 I mean
didrocks        and it was pretty clear yesterday on #dx that it should be removed
pitti   is that already removed in U1?
seb128  pitti, because they say they don't want a way to set emblem
seb128  strict design decisions
seb128  they being sabdfl
@kenvandine     pitti, yeah, i think it is in review now
pitti   if we remove the API in unity without removing the usage in U1 first, then bad things will happen, no?
seb128  he says it's better to never have it shipped that to ship and drop it later
@kenvandine     pitti, we made sure U1 was working on it
@kenvandine     and on board with the change
@kenvandine     the urgency API solves their use case much better
didrocks        pitti: not sure about libunity, in unity no, it doesn't matter, in libunity I would say yeah, it's important to be coordonated
didrocks        coordinated*
@kenvandine     pitti, so yes, we made sure U1 and DX discussed this
pitti   ok, thanks
pitti   tremolux: anything to discuss on software-center? seems in full bug fixing mode now?
tremolux        pitti: yes, not really much more to say than that  :)
pitti   tremolux: "no news is good news" at this point, really :)
tremolux        pitti: heh, indeed!
pitti   Riddell: what's the state of the art in Kubuntu?
pitti   (... in the meantime: I pinged bryceh about the libcairo bug in #u-desktop)
Riddell hi
Riddell  * beta 1 successful, no killer bugs
Riddell  * KDE SC 4.6.2 packaging in full swing, expected to be released tomorrow
Riddell  * bug fix updates for rekonq, akonadi, kdepim in or going in today
Riddell  * 7 bugs marked for beta 2 http://goo.gl/HbXHe
Riddell  * docs update expected before documentation freeze
Riddell  * ARM build failures should be sorted with 4.6.2 upload
pitti   the bug list looks reasonable; anything blocked there?
pitti   https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/436936 is ages old, that doesn't really look like a beta-2 or even natty blocker to me?
pitti   ah, it isn't -- it's mediaum
Riddell I was only alerted to bug 741862 today, I haven't been able to recreate it yet
seb128  pitti, check with jhunt or foundation I guess
Riddell "Default interface font is too bold in all Qt4 applications"
pitti   Riddell: will mvo work on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/update-manager/+bug/746431, or you?
pitti   it's not targetted to natty (probalby should be?), but then it should have an assignee
Riddell pitti: whoever gets there first, I'm happy to do it
pitti   targetted to natty now
pitti   ok, thanks
pitti   final topic that I have is the meeting time
pitti   we have DST now, and since we have the split meeting now, it might be better for everyone to move it back an hour again, to match the local time we had in winter? (on northern hemisphere, anyway)
rodrigo yeah, sounds better
Riddell moving back would be my preference
pitti   quick strawpoll, who would be in favor of moving it an hour early?
pitti   +1
rodrigo o/
Sweetshark      all for it
didrocks        +1
ChrisCoulson    yeah, that's fine with me
tremolux        fine for me too
seb128  \o/
pitti   as it's in the morning for jason, we'll need to clear with him as well
pitti   ok, I'll propose that and ask him whether it's ok for him
pitti   watch out for the meeting reminder next week then :)
@kenvandine     +1
pitti   and then we can make it official on the wiki page (i. e. 1530 UTC during summer)
pitti   AOB?

IRC log Eastern edition

(08:39:02) jasoncwarner: TheMuso bryceh RAOF robert_ancell
(08:39:05) jasoncwarner: back...ready for https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-04-05
(08:39:06) jasoncwarner: ?
(08:39:08) jasoncwarner: :)
(08:39:12) RAOF: Wooo!  My long, long delayed patch to make dh_clideps error out when it can't resolve dependencies has landed!
(08:39:16) bryceh: ayup
(08:39:29) TheMuso: RAOF: nice.
(08:40:03) RAOF: TheMuso: Yeah.  Now things will fail to build rather than fail to run on systems without the appropriate -dev packages installed :)
(08:40:03) jasoncwarner: RAOF: nice :) (not that I know what that is, but I'm happy you're happy)
(08:40:15) TheMuso: Its mono related.
(08:40:48) jasoncwarner: anyway...jumping into meeting
(08:40:49) jasoncwarner: [TOPIC] X.org
(08:41:22) bryceh: bugs consuming most of the time these days
(08:41:25) RAOF: Bugs, bugs, bugs, bugs…
(08:41:40) bryceh: I've been focusing heavily on -intel gpu lockup bugs since they're still coming in at a high rate
(08:42:10) bryceh: mostly been trying to push them upstream quickly, so we can get patches to give to the kernel team
(08:42:22) RAOF: I'm testing libdrm 2.4.24; it's got a bunch of intel bugfixes which resolve some bugs.
(08:42:45) bryceh: RAOF, for the one bug we know about, I cherrypicked and uploaded the patch
(08:43:02) bryceh: 2.4.24 has some other fixes but they look to me less relevant for natty
(08:43:13) TheMuso: I really should hammer my recently acquired intel GPU more...
(08:43:21) bryceh: and there were some instances of fixes-for-the-fixes ;-)
(08:43:24) TheMuso: But when at home and working, I tend to prefer my desktop...
(08:44:04) bryceh: RAOF, anyway so I'm wondering if maybe we should just hold off on updating libdrm and just pull in specific fixes if/when needed?  but I don't have strong feelings
(08:44:26) RAOF: bryceh: Yeah.  Some of the 2.4.24 fixes are for new userspace on old kernels, which we don't much care about.
(08:44:56) bryceh: today I also went through all of the -ati bugs and pushed about half upstream, and made a pass through -fglrx but most bugs there are invalid things from weird self-installs or whatnot
(08:45:06) TheMuso: I thought things had to be rather tightly in sync for intel...
(08:45:16) bryceh: TheMuso, sometimes
(08:45:30) RAOF: If you want it to *work* :)
(08:45:31) bryceh: TheMuso, libdrm 2.4.24 is mainly just a small handful of bug fixes
(08:45:37) TheMuso: Ah ok.
(08:46:41) jasoncwarner: hey bryceh, is the new fglrx driver included for those systems? I have a system running radeon and would like to try latest binary driver
(08:47:03) bryceh: jasoncwarner, yes you should be able to update to latest and then use jockey to install fglrx
broder Brumle bryceh 
(08:47:26) bryceh: since fglrx arrived with so little time before beta1 we were able to get it in, but not update jockey
(08:47:29) jasoncwarner: bryceh: awesome!
(08:47:30) jasoncwarner: thanks
(08:47:37) bryceh: so you need to update past beta1 and then can install it normally
(08:48:15) jasoncwarner: cool...I'm upto date as of this morning so I should be fine...computer is media center upstrairs so I'll give that a go when we are done here
(08:48:15) bryceh: anyway, the rate of incoming bugs is starting to exceed my capacity to keep up with them
(08:48:25) bryceh: http://www.bryceharrington.org/Arsenal/Reports/ubuntu-x-swat/totals-natty-workqueue.svg
(08:48:53) bryceh: help would be appreciated.  I figure by beta2 the rate will just be too high to be able to stay on top of the bugs any further
(08:50:35) RAOF: I'll do some more bug work, then.
(08:50:49) jasoncwarner: Yikes! Ok...anyone that can give bryceh a hand, that would be awesome...seems that trend line is going crazy
(08:50:58) RAOF: That's a terribly impressive graph, though.
(08:51:15) bryceh: RAOF, thanks; in particular I haven't kept up with mesa, nouveau, or input drivers.
(08:51:42) bryceh: although numbers for those are small
(08:52:05) bryceh: I figure once we shut off the apport gpu and crash hooks that'll ease a little bit of pressure
(08:52:30) bryceh: but probably should wait until post-beta2 to do that
(08:52:34) TheMuso: Actually interesting you should mention that, for natty beta there hasn't been the super influx of audio bugs like usual, so thats good news. :)
(08:52:49) bryceh: jasoncwarner, anyway I'm rambling now.  I'm done :-)
(08:53:17) jasoncwarner: :)
(08:53:19) jasoncwarner: cool
(08:53:25) jasoncwarner: next topic [TOPIC] AOB
(08:53:31) jasoncwarner: anythign else anyone wants to talk about?
(08:54:22) micahg: o/
(08:55:13) RAOF: Have other people noticed moderately high CPU usage in Banshee?  ~10% when playing with the window open?
(08:55:27) jasoncwarner: RAOF: ;) you know I did yesterday :)
(08:55:42) ***TheMuso doesn't use banshee, there are still a11y issues with that, I really ort to dig into that a bit deeper.
(08:55:57) TheMuso: But I was personally happy with rhythmbox.
(08:56:00) TheMuso: s/was/am/
(08:56:39) RAOF: There's no smoking gun in the profile, but since it doesn't seem to occur when the window is closed there are some good leads.
(08:57:09) jasoncwarner: thanks, RAOF....keep digging..seems weird that it would jump to that much CPU just to play music...weird...
(08:57:10) jasoncwarner: thanks!
(08:57:19) jasoncwarner: Sounds like we are about done...Anything else before we call the meeting? 
(08:57:25) micahg: o/
(08:57:30) TheMuso: Its mono. What else do you expect? :)
(08:57:31) jasoncwarner: micahg: ?
(08:57:31) ***TheMuso ducks.
(08:57:39) micahg: I wanted to ask about webkit 1.4
mchro mclasen 
(08:57:56) jasoncwarner: micahg: go ahead
(08:58:13) micahg: is robert_ancell planning on working on that?
(08:58:33) robert_ancell: micahg, yes, there's a problem with the documentation build, working on that today
(08:58:45) micahg: robert_ancell: ok, great thanks
(08:58:52) robert_ancell: 1.3.13 that is, still waiting for 1.4.0...
(08:59:17) ***micahg thought 1.4.0 would come with GNOME3 this week
(08:59:29) TheMuso: Do I read the release schedule incorrectlyk, or is there no beta freeze for beta 2?
(08:59:31) micahg: jasoncwarner: that's it, thanks :)
(08:59:50) micahg: TheMuso: apr 11
(09:00:03) TheMuso: Ah makes sense.
(09:00:32) TheMuso: Thats kinda cool, because it means I have some, if not all of Monday to do work. :)
(09:00:56) micahg: actually, I think almost everyone has all of monday
(09:00:57) RAOF: :)
(09:01:05) TheMuso: ah ok.
(09:01:09) TheMuso: So its EOD Monday.
(09:01:16) ***micahg thought freeze was 23:00 UTC monday
(09:01:23) TheMuso: Could very well be.
(09:01:44) RAOF: Oh, so I'll have time to work on my birthday, too. :)
(09:01:59) TheMuso: lol
(09:02:36) micahg: robert_ancell: I'm assuming there haven't been any unplanned ABI breaks for webkit?
(09:02:54) robert_ancell: micahg, in 1.3.13?
(09:02:55) jasoncwarner: RAOF: nice...now none of us have excuses for not remember your bday ;)
(09:02:59) micahg: robert_ancell: yes
(09:03:08) robert_ancell: micahg, I didn't see any
(09:03:14) jasoncwarner: ( RAOF : not saying we will...we just don't have excuses)
(09:03:14) TheMuso: jasoncwarner: My thoughts exactly.
(09:03:24) RAOF: jasoncwarner: It's a cunning ploy!
(09:03:32) micahg: robert_ancell: also, could 1.2 be installed alongside 1.4?
(09:03:51) jasoncwarner: Ok...going to call the official meeting...[END MEETING] 

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