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Weekly Summary

  • Prepared langpack-o-matic to not install Firefox translations into langpacks any more, so that Firefox can ship its own. (pitti)
  • Move all our pygi applications to GTK3. (pitti)
  • First Oneiric daily CD builds were 30 MB oversized; started addressing this by seed cleanup and dropping aptdaemon's lintian recommends (will be replaced with install on demand when user activates third-party repo). (pitti)
  • NetworkManager 0.9 started landing in Oneiric. Some apps may need minor porting to the new API. (cyphermox)

  • Evolution 3.0.0/3.0.2 uploaded. (cyphermox)
  • atspi2 stack in main now (MIR reviewed)
  • telepathy-indicator rewritten in C, should have an initial upload to Oneiric today. (kenvandine)
  • appmenu-gtk3 uploaded for oneiric, no depends added yet and it is a new binary, we should wait until after A1 to transition from the gtk2 build. (kenvandine)

Partner update


Software Center

  • Released Software Center 4.1.4, includes:
    • Nice enhancements to the search suggestions feature, thanks to Robert Roth
    • Misc bug fixes
  • Released Software Center 4.0.2 SRU for Natty, includes important bug fixes
  • Continued backend refactor work
  • Coming soon: ability to edit/delete your own review, thanks to Aaron Peachey



  • Mesa update
    • llvm mir awaits tests that it doesn't regress openjdk
    • Next upload will be multiarched (thanks, slangasek!)
    • Will pull in ~6MiB worth of libllvm onto the CD, post A1

IRC log Western edition

17:31:36        pitti   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-05-31
17:31:39        pitti   what a hectic day..
17:31:42        tremolux        howdy everyone
17:31:54        didrocks        hey
17:32:17        seb128  hi
17:32:17        pitti   so, let's start with the regular stuff
17:32:34        pitti   kenvandine: anything noteworthy wrt. partners/indicators/etc?
17:32:40        pitti   how's the GTK 3 port coming along?
17:33:08        chrisccoulson   hi!
17:33:12        kenvandine      nothing for partner report, we need to work on getting our meetings rescheduled and getting back to a normal rhythm
17:33:18         *      rodrigo_ waves
17:33:26        kenvandine      mterry has been rocking the gtk3 ports of the indicators
17:33:35        mterry  yay
17:33:42        kenvandine      i am about to upload appmenu-gtk with gtk3 support
17:33:43         *      pitti yays to mterry
17:33:51        mterry  (I'm stuck on an issue with that -- pitti I'll ping you after this meeting maybe)
17:33:52        pitti   oh, btw
17:34:01        pitti   please avoid new transitions until Thursday
17:34:02        kenvandine      i'll also have an upload of telepathy-indicator today
17:34:09        pitti   i. e. breaking the desktop/CDs
17:34:14        pitti   Alpha-1 is on Thursday
17:34:32        pitti   we'll pretty much pick any daily that works, but as we haven't had one in three days, we need to get one again first
17:34:46        kenvandine      should i hold off appmenu-gtk3 then?
17:34:54        pitti   and the indicator transition will be fairly large, right?
17:34:59        kenvandine      actually it'll land in NEW anyway
17:35:14        kenvandine      pitti, yeah... but that won't happen before thursday
17:35:16        pitti   kenvandine: maybe stash it in bzr for now, and perhaps in the ubuntu-desktop PPA for people to try?
17:35:30        pitti   kenvandine: if it just adds a new binary, it's no problem
17:35:42        kenvandine      new binary, that won't hurt
17:35:48        pitti   right
17:35:50        kenvandine      all the indicators are still waiting for DX to review
17:36:46        kenvandine      that is all i have right now
17:36:50        pitti   thanks!
17:37:15        pitti   kenvandine: would you mind adding a summary to the wiki, for posterity?
17:37:23        pitti   (and people interested in the weekly progress)
17:37:43        pitti   didrocks: thanks for the unity report on the wiki; anything we need to discuss?
17:38:00        kenvandine      sure
17:38:06        didrocks        well, just to hilight if people on natty can confirm the bugs for unity in -proposed
17:38:27        didrocks        if you are on oneiric, you should already have the latest fixes goodness :)
17:38:55        didrocks        and unity-2d is there by default but seems to have issue on kvm as you discussed previously
17:39:09        didrocks        that's it for the unity side :)
17:39:18        Kaleo   pitti: I'm blocked by meetings but did you try other Qt apps?
17:39:38        pitti   Kaleo: no
17:41:03        pitti   tremolux: anythign to discuss for software-center?
17:41:40        tremolux        I think the wiki has it, oh, I should add that we released the 4.0.2 SRU for Natty also
17:42:19        tremolux        and, we have gotten word that there will be some additional UI changes coming in from UX
17:42:35        pitti   ok, thanks
17:42:49        tremolux        we only know general scope currently, details to come  ;)
17:42:52        tremolux        thanks
17:42:53        pitti   no Kubuntu representative, so let's skip that part
17:43:45        pitti   I'd like to go over http://people.canonical.com/~platform/workitems/oneiric/canonical-desktop-team-oneiric-alpha-1.html quickly to see what's left
17:44:26        fta     mterry, gasp, even encrypted, all the filenames are visible on the destination without entering the key, so it's possible to guess the content :P
17:44:27        pitti   desktop-o-default-email-client obviously wins here
17:44:48        mterry  fta, hold up, meeting going on
17:45:00        fta     oops
17:45:21        pitti   chrisccoulson: nothing there seems to be a real blocker right now, so sohuld we move it to a2 wholesale, or did some of the things already happen? (like "meet with"...)
17:46:15        chrisccoulson   pitti - not yet. i'm a bit concerned that i'm currently spending a lot of my time on non-WI stuff, which is eating a lot of my time atm
17:46:27        chrisccoulson   (eg, firefox 5 for lucid, maverick and natty)
17:47:04        pitti   ok, let's just move them over for now
17:47:39        pitti   https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/desktop-dx-o-bugs-triage-and-workflow is rather undrafted and unapproved, and not strictly our team, so let's ignore that one
17:48:07        pitti   kenvandine: gwibber changes can easily move, I think? I guess alpha-1 was more or less for your personal planning, not a strict deadline?
17:48:09        didrocks        well, just to keep you in touch, I'll finish my wi on it
17:48:15        didrocks        (this evening)
17:48:24        kenvandine      pitti, yeah
17:48:46        kenvandine      pitti, but i will likely have them finished by thursday
17:49:31        pitti   kenvandine: ah, great
17:49:35        pitti   kenvandine: so, want to keep them?
17:50:02        pitti   the remaining ones seem to be a lot of "determine...", "figure out...", "talk to..." stuff, so not really bound by a1 image building etc.
17:50:15        pitti   so let's see how much more we can squeeze out, and I'll move the rest wholesale on Thursday
17:50:34        pitti   anything we shoudl discuss here? blockers? transitions? testing?
17:50:48        kenvandine      pitti, i'll keep them and move what i don't get
17:52:50        pitti   AOB?
17:52:54        cyphermox       o/     ~ubuntu-desktop membership ;)
17:53:08        pitti   oh, still waiting for +1es?
17:53:16        cyphermox       not sure, there are two
17:53:54        cyphermox       ah, yes, missing one
17:53:57        Sweetshark      I could use some more too ...
17:53:59        pitti   anyone else sponsored stuff for cyphermox?
17:56:20        seb128  some but not a lot
17:56:36        pitti   Sweetshark: for PPU?
17:56:43        cyphermox       ok, let's just wait then
17:56:44        pitti   Sweetshark: isn't one +1 enough there?
17:57:01        seb128  cyphermox, some of the recent errors you did on versioning on not updating build-depends make me unsure about the +1 to behonest
17:57:12        cyphermox       seb128: understandable
17:57:27        seb128  but I'm happy if other who did enough sponsoring give their +1
17:57:34        Sweetshark      pitti: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BjoernMichaelsen/DeveloperApplication AFAIK I need 3 sponsors. But IIRC only you sponsored my stuff anyway.
17:57:55        pitti   Sweetshark: maybe you should apply anyway, and point that out
17:58:01        pitti   Sweetshark: doko didn't sponsor stuff for you?
17:58:08        Sweetshark      pitti: nope
18:00:46        pitti   ok, I think we should adjourn the meeting
18:00:48        pitti   thanks everyone!

IRC log Eastern edition

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