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Weekly Summary

  • Package GNOME 3.1.91.
  • Lots of NBS cleanup. The remaining desktopish issue is indicator-applet, which we really just ought to remove. Keeping in archive because Ted wanted to have a stab at it. (pitti)
  • pkgbinarymangler fixed to properly deal with Mallard help files. (pitti)
  • Make http://people.canonical.com/~platform/desktop/versions.html a lot more current by direct launchpadlib queries and checking unpublished packages. (pitti)

  • Made system-config-printer working correctly with cups-pk-helper installed (Recommended by gnome-shell) by now simply disabling PolicyKit support in system-config-printer, agreed with pitti that PolicyKit needs to get improved to support the desired authentication scenarios in P. P. (LP: #847896, tkamppeter)

  • Fixed dependencies of Déjà Dup to actually pull in U1 packages by default (so go test!)
  • New release of Quickly, fixing some issues in Oneiric
  • LibreOffice 3.4.3-1ubuntu1 uploaded, 3.4.3-1ubuntu2 with i386 theme packaging fix (bjoern-michaelsen)

  • clarified ooo-build-extensions removal (bjoern-michaelsen)
  • clarified launchpad bug 835773 (writer2latex ftbfs) with debian upstream (bjoern-michaelsen)

Partner update

  • New indicator-sound to fix some tracklist issue.
  • New overlay-scrollbar to update the blacklist.
  • New gtk patch pushed, need a new IDO building for fixing the infamous "clicking on the volume slider closes the SoundMenu" bug #804009.


  • New Unity release last week (was expectionnaly pushed on Friday due to an uncompatible issue with unity-2d). Latest to hopefully have a nux and unity ABI break.
    • Got a lot of bug fixes. Hilights from the week:
      • now works on netbook screensize
      • bring back Super + A/F/M shortcuts
      • some behavior and rendering fixes
      • some changes in the dash (UIFe)
      • some speedup improvment (lazy load again of lenses) and bug fixes
    • Got an libunity ABI break as well, making rebuilding a bunch of rdepends (API change from the lens part only).
    • Also, the way lightdm and the session detect the session to launch changed (done while the user is typing his password), this brings some speedup improvment, take into account the autologin case where /tmp can't be written. Seems no cry found on this one, so should be good!
    • This week is seeing a new unity with an UIFe (continuing the dash reshape work), and another one on the switcher.
  • Compiz:
    • New compiz uploaded on Monday with an ABI break, so rebuilding of libcompizconfig, all plugins, pythoncompizconfig and unity.
    • This new release brings some fixes (like the orange color on the grid one). This is normally a preventive ABI break before an incoming stacking issue fix which shouldn't break the ABI.
    • UIFe for centering the workspace swicher to take into account the launcher size as well.
  • Unity-2d releases. Despite some unsynced with unity and delaying the release, we got a lot of fixes there as well: https://launchpad.net/unity-2d/+milestone/4.6. The majority is to bring unity-2d closer to unity-3d for look and feel.

  • We got Qt 4.7.4 this week as well. Lot of bug fixes for QML (and so Unity-2d) and some nice new features which will enables the unity-2d guys to experiment for the future.

Software Center

  • Ubuntu-catalog server-side deployment (for OneConf) in progress, debugging in progress with isd for some credential issue. Sync is now very closed to be for real Smile :)

  • Software Center version 4.1.22 released, includes more than 40 bug fixes (including many crashers)
    • Many thanks to kiwinote, Matthew McGowan, Robert Roth, didrocks, Andrea Cimitan, and Gabor Kelemen for their great work!

  • The team continues to focus on stability and refinement of the new UI with many more bug fixes coming soon



IRC log Western edition

17:32:37         *      pitti will try to make this quick
17:32:40        tremolux        hey all
17:32:48        rodrigo_        hi
17:32:58        pitti   weekly summary is a little thin, did so few people do anything interesting last week? :-)
17:33:01        pitti   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Meeting/2011-09-13
17:33:59        pitti   partner/unity/s-c updates are all on the wiki, thanks didrocks/tremolux!
17:34:08        mterry  hi
17:34:10         *      Sweetshark sneakily tries to add some stuff to the summary
17:34:10        didrocks        yw :)
17:34:20        pitti   tremolux, didrocks: do we need to discuss anything there?
17:34:22        tremolux        welcome
17:34:32        pitti   Sweetshark: right, like LibO 3.4.3 :)
17:34:36        didrocks        not for me, all what is important should be on the wiki
17:34:40        tremolux        I don't think so, we are just fixing bugs  :)
17:34:49        pitti   tremolux: and you are doing well on that! :)
17:34:52        mterry  yay for volume slider fix!
17:35:06        pitti   now we just need a compiz that doesn't drive you mad, and all is well
17:35:20        didrocks        "life is beautiful" :-)
17:35:26        tremolux        pitti: thx! the team has been amazing
17:35:27        didrocks        pitti: hoping this week, but need serious testing before
17:35:28        rodrigo_        yeah, bug fixing all week
17:35:46        pitti   as I announced yesterday, I'll hunt down individuals for leftover work items, as it didn't change much since last week, and we still have ~ 50 left
17:35:53        pitti   but that can happen off-meeting
17:36:05        chrisccoulson   hi :)
17:36:19        didrocks        hunting people? seems a nice game :-)
17:36:36        pitti   so, does anyone have something to discuss?
17:37:06        didrocks        I had a question, are we going to bring back the "configure on close the lid" option?
17:37:07        pitti   blockers, you have too many assigned RC bugs and need help, you need help with WIs, something that you observed in oneiric, etc.
17:37:28        pitti   didrocks: eek, I thought we had
17:37:38        didrocks        rodrigo_: did we? ^
17:37:44        pitti   but apparently it's gone
17:37:45        chrisccoulson   no, not yet, AFAICT
17:37:51        pitti   I'm happy to work on that, is there a bug for it already?
17:37:59        rodrigo_        didrocks, not for this cycle, afaik
17:38:00        jbicha  the Power panel is amazingly empty, especially on desktops
17:38:18        didrocks        pitti: yeah, bug #792636
17:38:19        ubot2`  Launchpad bug 792636 in gnome-control-center "[Regression] Power section no longer allows configuration of "when the lid is closed" action in Oneiric" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/792636
17:38:29        pitti   and the "on critical charge" combo is even empty
17:38:35        didrocks        pitti: I could as well, but I think you are closer to those power management :)
17:38:42        pitti   ok, I'll grab that; anyone opposed to bringing it back?
17:38:57        chrisccoulson   i don't mind taking bugs like this too. it's nice sometimes to do non-thunderbird and non-firefox work ;)
17:39:05        didrocks        (I think it's all a +1 :-))
17:39:10        didrocks        chrisccoulson: you have the nautilus bug, isn't it? :-)
17:39:11        chrisccoulson   heh
17:39:19        jbicha  pitti: no objections here, I think it'll be a nice PR win to bring back some things like that :-)
17:39:20        chrisccoulson   didrocks, yeah, that one's a pain to track down ;)
17:39:23        rodrigo_        didrocks, upstream advocates for always suspending
17:39:40        chrisccoulson   i already changed mine to not suspend when on AC
17:39:45        didrocks        rodrigo_: yeah, I followed the discussion on planet GNOME. Seems to bring a lot of troubles for a lot of our users
17:39:53        didrocks        (for instance, it's flaming on the french forum :))
17:39:57        chrisccoulson   it's very common for me to shut the lid in the evening when building something, and i don't want it to suspend then
17:39:58        rodrigo_        :)
17:40:05        pitti   ok, anythign else? if not, let's all go back to bug fixing :)
17:40:18        jbicha  chrisccoulson: were you going to package gnome-screensaver?
17:40:27        chrisccoulson   jbicha, i already did it, didn't i?
17:40:29        didrocks        isn't it uploaded already?
17:40:33        chrisccoulson   at least, i think i uploaded it
17:40:39        didrocks        chrisccoulson: I think I saw it
17:40:49        jbicha  oh, just now, never mind :-)
17:40:57        rodrigo_        yes, saw it also
17:42:57        pitti   ok, then thanks everyone! adjourned

IRC log Eastern edition

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