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Weekly Summary

  • Fixed a couple of bugs in autopkgtest, it's now possible to use for our purposes. (pitti)
  • Converted the first two packages to DEP-8/autopkgtest for continuous QA integration: upower, apport; more to come. (pitti)
  • New udev 175 in precise with some structural changes, please let me know about problems. (pitti)
  • Kept working on installing languages feature in gnome-control-center (rodrigo)
  • Uploaded new gnome-control-center to precise to match it with oneiric (rodrigo)
  • Started discussing Google cloud printing feature (rodrigo)


  • insert meeting agenda items here..

Partner update


  • Work on getting test harness ready to go. Then dx will start working on including tests. All merge requests are blocked right now as there is no test yet.
  • prototype for autolanding in trunk, approved, tested, reshaped branches. Now need IS to give some access to put that in production (bindings from tarmac/jenkins/pbuilder)
  • Some 51 manual test cases for acceptance criterias written as a draft, covering panel and launcher for now. Still investigating on the manual test case tool integration for the online backend.
  • Some compiz components SRUed in oneiric-proposed, please test, test, test!
  • An incoming nux SRU soon fixing "first time, I can't click on the quicklist"

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