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 * xdiagnose 1.7 released. (Bugfixing)  * xdiagnose 1.7 (bugfix) released. (bryce)
 * Refiled bunch of old kernel gpu lockup bugs from X to kernel. (bryce)

Weekly Summary

  • Switched precise over to Rhythmbox, dropped banshee/gbrainy/totem/Mono from CDs. (pitti)
  • New oneiric language packs hit -proposed, please test. (pitti)
  • More packages got DEP-8 autopkgtest control files now. We now have apport, jockey, upower, postgresql-common; udisks is committed but not uploaded yet (pitti)
  • Update our desktop packages (polkit, accountsservice, etc.) for the adminsudo group migration. This is now the new preferred "administrator" group, but admin should still be recognized for backwards compatibility (for eternity). (pitti)

  • GTK 3 packages are now multi-arched, so you can start multiarching plugins and dependencies. (pitti)
  • Landed client-side crash duplicate checking in Apport, which makes reporting crashes a lot more enjoyable. (pitti)

  • Continued on desktop merges (seb128), there is enough work for several people though so extra hands would be welcome
  • Continued reviewing desktop bugs to nominate for the lts (seb128)
  • More more more oneconf tests (logical tests, syncing tests) with changes in the infra. Still some tests to write and oneconf will be fully tested! (didrocks)
  • Started looking into the LightDM KDE greeter: fixed build of the new liblightdm-qt, currently packaging the KDE greeter (agateau)
  • Split empathy-call out into a separate binary to prevent pulling clutter on the CD, still blocked on clutter-gst MIR to get it uploaded (ken-vandine)

  • Followed up with Launchpad about priorities from Ubuntu for their 18-month development roadmap (bryce)
  • Managed to get notify-osd notification bubbles accessible with Orca once again. A branch has been proposed for merging into notify-osd trunk, no response from DX as yet. Once branch is merged, I'll push a patch to Orca upstream to make things work better there too, (TheMuso)

  • Good progress being made on adding extra functionality to dbusmenu to allow the setting of alternate accessible descriptions for menu items. Unfortunately this means I have to re-implement lots of menu item accessibility code from GTK itself, but I have Orca basically reading things properly so far. I should have a branch ready for merging by the end of the week. (TheMuso)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

Partner update

  • DX Systems
    • - Lots of branches getting reviewed, bug fixes should be landing later this week.

      - Bug fix queue


  • Still some QA work to get automated tests and coordination in unity, unity-2d and all related components.
  • Compiz got some work on the testing infrastructure side, closer than what we were to get tests!
  • Some work on the infrastructure side as well. We now have automatic landing of unity components branches (detailed email at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-desktop/2011-November/003492.html). The resulting packages are pushed to https://launchpad.net/~unity-team/+archive/staging

    • After some last minute work on some components to have "make check" passing on headless and chroot builder.
    • Components that works: bamf, bamf-qt, dee, dee-qt, libunity, libunity-misc, nux, unity-2d, unity-asset-pool, unity-lens-applications, unity-lens-files, unity-lens-music.
    • Component still needing some work to have "make check" passing: unity
    • tarmac/jenkins Build result can be seen there: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Precise%20Unity%20Merger/ (new projects appear as soon as there is a new approved merge request to one)

    • The infrastructure is generic enough to be able to deploy it for the desktop team where we are upstream as well if the need is there.
  • Worked with evan to define where the autopilot tests will be run. It will be on post-merge. Will need some hacking on tarmac to put it in "lock mode" in case autopilot found a regression (and then unlocking it).
  • Lot of discussion with various dx team members to ack on the plan of action.
  • All tarmac branches have been pushed upstream and waiting on merge review.
  • Wrote 107 manual tests (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UnityTests), fully functionally covering panel, launcher, dash and alt + tab. Some window management interaction is covered as well.

Software Center



  • libXrandrUtils - Began refactoring code out of xrandr (bryce)
  • xdiagnose 1.7 (bugfix) released. (bryce)
  • Refiled bunch of old kernel gpu lockup bugs from X to kernel. (bryce)

IRC log Western edition

IRC log Eastern edition

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