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Weekly Summary

  • Switched precise over to Rhythmbox, dropped banshee/gbrainy/totem/Mono from CDs. (pitti),
  • New oneiric language packs hit -proposed, please test. (pitti)
  • More packages got DEP-8 autopkgtest control files now. We now have apport, jockey, upower, postgresql-common; udisks is committed but not uploaded yet (pitti)
  • Update our desktop packages (polkit, accountsservice, etc.) for the adminsudo group migration. This is now the new preferred "administrator" group, but admin should still be recognized for backwards compatibility (for eternity). (pitti)

  • GTK 3 packages are now multi-arched, so you can start multiarching plugins and dependencies. (pitti)
  • Landed client-side crash duplicate checking in Apport, which makes reporting crashes a lot more enjoyable. (pitti)


  • Insert things to discuss at meeting here..

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